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9000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
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20000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
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30000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
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40000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$47.59 / $47.638
50000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
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60000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$71.39 / $71.461
70000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$83.29 / $83.373
80000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$95.18 / $95.275
90000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$107.08 / $107.187
100000 K TOS Silver On Orsha
$118.86 / $119.098
The Attention and Introduction when Buying Tree Of Savior Silver
new tos silver sell

Some TOS players are afraid of getting reported for buying Tree of Savior silver, and now we offer a new trade method which is 100% safe and fast for those who need silver to buy items in game.


The Advantage of the New Trade Method: 

1.Never get reported. 2. Save the 10%-30% Commission 3.Get the items instantly without waiting 48 hours retrieve time.


How does the New Trade Method work?

1. The item you want to get must be available to buy in the market.

2. Send us the screenshot of the item with its full name and price in the market, see the example below. You can use imgur.com to upload your screenshot:

I want buy Items screenshot

3. We will buy this item by for you.

4. We will tell you a place to meet in the game and then trade that item to you.


Other Warm Tips:

1. The item price you write down should be same as the price in the screenshot .

2. If you want to get the token, it will work as the same way.

3. This method is suited for those who want us to help them buy an item or token in market.

4. You can contact our Livechat if you have any other question.


4.9 out of 5 (from 367 gamers' ratings)

Latest Completed Orders

  • @ Custorm
    70000 K TOS Silver
    Haha well i went from thinking this wasn't a good idea to it being a great one, bought a small order to be safe but there was nothing to worry about. Highly recommend for anyone. Plan on getting more soon. Jul/22/2017 02:03:17
  • @ Zahid
    80000 K TOS Silver
    Very nice, Responsible,,Cheap OMG TY SO MUCH! :D Luv u guys! Jul/21/2017 01:19:40
  • @ Custorm
    90000 K TOS Silver
    This company is trustworthy. I ordered a Firecape and it took less than 4 hours. After that I ordered 110M Gold and they delivered. On top of that, there was already 70M on the account that they didn't touch so you know they can be trusted! Jul/20/2017 00:28:10
  • @ Basil
    100000 K TOS Silver
    Very professional. will use again ^_^ Jul/19/2017 00:11:47
  • @ Really good!
    10000 K TOS Silver
    They took really good care of my transaction. Keep up the good work! Jul/18/2017 01:01:20
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R4PG FeedBack

  • Quick and easy transaction and fast delivery of my morrowind Path Of Exile expansion.
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • Really good. Bought there 5 times, max wait time was 20 mins. Really good!
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • good customer service. Good deal! Very good price!!
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • Awesome quick reliable poe currency, quick, convenient and secure
    Jul/10/2017 @ Customer
  • Very fast! Great competitive prices on sale products!
    Jul/10/2017 @ Customer
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