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    15 K AO Silver
    wow this was pretty good Jul/22/2017 00:03:32
  • @ Fastest and cheapest site around
    70 K AO Silver
    Great customer service and fast delivery. Trust worthy site and check out their reviews 100% all around. Jul/21/2017 00:19:55
  • @ Custorm
    100 K AO Silver
    I recently purchased gold and I got it within 1 hour awsome website will be buying again :D. Jul/20/2017 00:05:28
  • @ Leafie
    600 K AO Silver
    These guys were pretty awesome. My friend recommended it to me, I ordered, freaked out a bit waiting, then the guy whispered me and we went to trade. I put up items in shop for a lower tax on mesos. At first he was very business-like and only said a few probably pre-set lines of english, but I spoke some chinese to him (having studied it for a few years) and we ended up talking for a good 5 minutes before he told me he had to go help another customer. Really nice getting to actually interact with the person behind the shady deals :P Great stuff, definitely not nervous about it any more. Jul/19/2017 00:03:25
  • @ Isabel
    3500 K AO Silver
    I have been using this site gor my ffxiv needs for awhile now, I always go to chat when things dont go as fast as i want or somethings else comes up, They are always nice and very helpful, I feel like I talk to Real people when using them. Jul/18/2017 00:34:50
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  • Quick and easy transaction and fast delivery of my morrowind Path Of Exile expansion.
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • Really good. Bought there 5 times, max wait time was 20 mins. Really good!
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • good customer service. Good deal! Very good price!!
    Jul/18/2017 @ Customer
  • Awesome quick reliable poe currency, quick, convenient and secure
    Jul/10/2017 @ Customer
  • Very fast! Great competitive prices on sale products!
    Jul/10/2017 @ Customer
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