So Is Albion Online Worth Getting Into?

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Albion Online is a MMORPG brought to us by Sandbox Interactive and before you rush out buying up a load of Albion Online Gold or even Albion Online Silver. We want to share with you what our first impressions of Albion Online are.

So Is Albion Online Worth Getting Into?

The top down perspective and the rather basic (ok so that may be a little harsh) art style is what you first notice. Some think it looks cool and others may not be impressed, but as this is going to be on so many different platforms the art style actually works pretty well as each version of the game will look very similar.


Albion Online is very easy to get into. You simply create your character and then as you would expect you start to look for materials like wood and stone to make new things that will help you get better items and take down bigger enemies. This is actually something you have to get used to as one of the twists of Albion Online is that everything you use in this game like tools and weapons is made by you! So unless you really want to stock up on the Albion Gold or Albion Silver, you better get good at looking for resources.


Albion Online is not a game that holds your hand. There is no flashing icons above NPC’s, no markers on the screen. Instead you use what is called The Destiny Board which not only tells you what you have to do, but also track your progress and keep you informed what you need to do in order to unlock new perks and abilities. The combat in Albion Online is what you would expect and early on, you should have no trouble taking down the basic enemies.


First impressions of Albion Online are that this is a game that is going to require some serious time put into it. If that is your kind of thing then you will have a lot of fun with this and really enjoy the grind!

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