Albion Online Galahad Update First Impressions

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Hey guys, we are actually pretty big fans of Albion Online and think that the few updates it has undergone so far have worked out pretty well. We know that a lot of people have been on the hunt for Albion Online Gold and we are sure that will be even more intense when they get to grips with the Galahad update that recently happened. We were quite impressed with the early impressions that Albion Online gave and today we are having a little look at the Albion Online Galahad update and some of the things that impressed us about it.

Albion Online Galahad Update First Impressions

Ok so first thing, Sandbox Interactive have said that this is the final beta…… nope they really mean it this time this is the final beta.


One of the first things that caught our eye was the graphics. There has definitely been a lot of spit and polish added to the games visuals. The world map looks incredible it is much more detailed (thanks to being able to zoom in) this also allows you to see mountains, rivers and other things that will block your passage. But that takes us to another new feature and that is underground passages. These can let you bypass certain areas and we feel that people are going to have a lot of fun looking around the world for these.


Also when you look at the world map you will notice that there are now new black zones! For PVP this is pretty intense as there will be some epic loot to be had here, but if you die, you lose all your stuff so coming here is going to be exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Make sure you are pretty damn powerful before going to the black (and red) part of the map.


Biome cities are pretty cool and each one has its own kind of style and feel. This is something that we really like and feel that it gives the game much more personality and makes you want to actually get out there and explore as you never know what the next city will be like. The graphical update the game has seen really comes into its own here and we give Sandbox Interactive a big thumbs up for it.


Speaking of Biome's each one now has a hulking big boss that is looking out for it (or should we say terrorizing it?) and these things are freaking cool! In our time with the Galahad update, we only saw the Mammoth, but there are many more. These along with random mob camps that you encounter just make the world feel much more alive, real and help give the game a much more epic scope.


The Destiny Board was something that was pretty cool and the Albion Online Galahad Update has made some improvements without changing the things that were good about it. The two big changes are that you can now unlock spells through the Destiny Board and there is a whole new PVE track which will come in pretty handy and make things more fun for those who prefer to play alone. Going back to spells, there have been a great deal of changes made to some of the spells which might be something you want to look into a bit more.


In all, we are happy with this update and feel that Albion Online is going to get a pretty good following. So make sure you have all the Albion Online Silver and maybe even some Albion Online Gold so you are ready for the challenge.

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Albion Online Galahad Update First Impressions

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