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Dungeon Fighter Online News And Guides

  • dfo temporary maintenance may 19  2015
    DFO Temporary maintenance May 19, 2015 [05/19/2015]

    We will be performing a temporary maintenance, May 19, 2015, starting at 08:00(UTC), 01:00 (PDT). Maintenance is expected to last approximately three hours.

  • dungeon fighter online gameplay and features
    Dungeon Fighter Online Gameplay and Features [05/10/2015]

    The world of DFO is presented with an MORPG structure similar to online games such as Phantasy Star Online, Vindictus and many others titles that rely on towns as quest hubs

  • dungeon fighter online unstoppable glomp
    Dungeon Fighter Online Unstoppable Glomp [05/04/2015]

    This guide was exhaustively created & maintained by SisterSuplex. One of, if not the most OP FGraps I've ever had the pleasure to watch & learn from.

  • dfo jadefrost s crusader introduction
    DFO Jadefrost's Crusader Introduction [04/29/2015]

    Crusader earns its fame as the premier support class of the game. Their buffs are unparalleled in application and uniquely hold the ability to target anyone and everyonein the party.

  • permanent banning punishment on hacking use
    Permanent banning punishment on hacking use [04/26/2015]

    Yesterday, we banned thousands of accounts related to hacking/3rd party tool use activities/gold farming bots, according to our investigation and will keep the game clean to protect the game.

  • dfo male fighter guides
    DFO Male Fighter Guides [04/22/2015]

    The Male Fighter is a fighter who specializes in using his lower torso for attacking enemies, being able to combo, break, and even grab enemies with his legs.

  • dfo chaos knight guides
    DFO Chaos Knight Guides [04/17/2015]

    Welcome to my 2nd guide ever for Chaos Knight made by Yoowy / Zepi. The Chaos Knight sub class is a face-roll fixed poor man class.

  • dungeon fighter online open beta to kick off on march 24th
    Dungeon Fighter Online Open Beta to Kick Off on March 24th [04/13/2015]

    Neople is bringing Dungeon Fighter Online back to life and will kick off the open beta on March 24th. Dungeon Fighter Online will be available through Steam though, as yet, there is no "store page" for the free to play title.

  • dungeon fighter online mobile version in development at neople
    Dungeon Fighter Online Mobile Version In Development At Neople [04/13/2015]

    Neople, the makers of Dungeon Fighter Online, is making a mobile version of their popular beat ‘em up RPG. While there are mobile games like Dungeon Fighter Slayer, Dungeon Fighter Online Mobile is being made by the original developers.


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