How to trade POE Currency and items in NPC?

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Today we present to you an overview of the trading system. I'll show you how to trade in NPC. If you want to get currency to trade with NPC more quickly, you can buy currency from our  Store Online, then we hope that this article will help you in your efforts to earn in-game currency and ways to spend it better.


How to trade  POE Currency and items in NPC?




You can buy lots of useful items not only from other players but from various NPCs. There are so many opportunities for such transactions, that we are only going to cover in short the ways to browse items on offer.


It has over two dozens various factions, each of those offering their own goods and rewards to all characters in good standing with that particular faction. Open the character window (C key) and select the Factions tab to browse the list. In it, you can find both the NPCs from those factions and the goods and quests they have available. That tab also features the automatic path button, that will take you right to the faction merchant or trainer, should you not be able to find them.


In the character window, you will be able to find the Honor tab, that contains info on the Work Certificates, Ausgyth Points, and some other types of Favor your character has earned.


How to change clothes/armor for NPC?




Method 1

First-  Open the console with ~ key


Second- click on NPC and type "inv" without quotes. This shows you the codes for the armor that they have on.


Third- Locate the pieces(and their code) that you want to remove and type "remove the item (codehere) 1" It should look something like this- removeitem 4d3f5 1


You must leave at least one original piece of armor on them in order for the clothes to not reset back to what they were originally wearing. I like to leave boots or gloves as they don't have as much impact on the overall appearance of the chest piece and helmet.


Fourth- exit console and give them the armor in the game normally. You can then remove and swap clothes anytime you want. If you don't have the armor you want to give them and don't want to buy/look for it just follow the normal NPC instructions below. To give them new armor look up the code for what armor you want to give them either from a list or by typing "help keyword 4" To look for a white run's guard armor type help whiterun 4. You can use the page up and down keys to navigate.


Fifth- Once you find the code open the console, click on the NPC, type "additem (codehere) 1". Example: additem 4d3dd 1


Method 2

1. go to the outfit section. the right click creates new.


2. In the outfit box that pops up add something unique and easy to find like 00LydiaGear.


3. Go to the LeveledItem section and create new. (Level lists because Outfits will not allow you to remove something if you accidentally add the wrong one)


4. In the ID of the new LeveledItem add something easy to find and remember like 00LydiaOutfitBoots.


5. repeat steps 3 and 4 for each part of the clothes or armor.


6. Drag and drop those level lists into the Outfit you created earlier.


7. Open the NPC you want to be wearing the outfit.


8. go to the Inventory tab and change the Default outfit to the new outfit with the new level lists.


9. add the armor or clothing items to the new level lists.


10. Save and exit the CK.



Outfits must contain only items from the Armor section, do not add weapons or anything else lol. Level lists because if you later decide that your NPC needs a fresh set of clothes or you put the wrong ring in the outfit, just delete the part inside the level list and drag and drop a new one. NPC's that you already met may not use the new outfit if they are a follower remove anything you gave them and use the console command "resurrect" without quotes on them. if they are a generic NPC just use the same command on them.


How to change NPC's Equipment?




You can only change NPC equipment by clearing the Crimson Orochi mission with only that NPC as an ally.  Once you do, you will be able to change their equipment to Reinforced versions of whatever equipment types you cleared the mission with (ie, the weapons you are normally able to forge using the material gained from that mission).  You do not need to forge equipment for them; they will already have it.


You can also clear it in multiplayer, but make sure to save the last slot for the NPC. I think only Rindou and Infected Rindou are unable to change their weapons.


I hope this article can help you. I wish you a good time to enjoy the game. If you feel that this article makes sense, I hope you can share it with others.

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