Path of Exile 3.3 Raider Ranger Builds

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Here are 4 Raider Ranger builds for PoE 3.3 Incursion league, and you can start your Incursion journey with these builds if you would like to play Raider Ranger in the game. And if you have any demand for PoE Currency, just ask R4PG for help, all players can get strong support from us.


Path of Exile 3.3 Raider Ranger Builds


1. [PoE 3.3][ISC] Max Frenzy Charges Lightning Strike Raider

2. [PoE 3.3] TheAmigoShotz! - Lifebased Windripper Raider! Insane Clearspeed + Deathless Shaper!

3. [PoE 3.3] Magic Find Windrippin Boi (Windripper LA/Barrage Raider)


4. [PoE 3.3] ELE LIGHTNING STRIKE - ALL T16s, Shaper, Uber Atziri, HOGM, Chayula, Elder


1. [PoE 3.3][ISC] Max Frenzy Charges Lightning Strike Raider

It's a build that spawned from the thought of using Hyaon's Rage for…something. Anything. Which rapidly switched right into a simple build having a regular weapon, as Hyaon's Rage is really complete shit and it is outclassed by 10c rapier with proper stats.


This is where my concept of using Raider also originates from (for an absurd quantity of craze charges which may synergize better still with Hyaon's), and that I made the decision to stick to it despite another sword when I like getting lots of craze charges.


In almost any situation, I needed to create a build having a niche skill (and a lightning strike is fairly niche, so far as I will tell), which is things I created. It doesn't shine by its boss-killing abilities, but it's a pleasant little build utilizing a fun niche skill that may perfectly obvious most content, and thus is nice like a league starter option.



+ High AoE damage

+ Good on a budget can be pushed further with some investment

+ Good league-starter, the only item you really need is Lycosidae

+ High movement speed thanks to Leap Slam and 8+ frenzy charges

+ Combines dodge, evasion and block for damage mitigation

+ Very high lightning penetration (94% !)

+ Can run phys reflect, curse immune maps easily

+ Can run maps up to T15 without any issues

+ Not the best at uber lab (izaro hits hard) but you can run it with relative ease

+ Excels in open layouts



- Squishy by nature as a Ranger

- Can't run ele reflect

- Can run no leech maps but it requires some care

- T16 and Shaper might prove difficult, this is not a bosskiller build.

- Can sometimes be difficult to use in tight layouts or in the presence of obstacles

- Probably not HC viable



Kill all. If you are having mana issues, you can help Alira, but you'll want to switch to +2 passive points eventually once you have mana leech.




Nothing much really! Just hit the floor together with your sword like Thor (if Thor were built with a gender reassignment surgery and began to actually be into nature and fencing), watching the lightning fly! Thinking about Lightning Strike fires ground projectiles, some obstacles will make it hard-hitting certain targets. For this reason, we've Leap Slam and Craze charges, so that you can reposition very rapidly hitting difficult to achieve targets.


Can say for certain that Lightning Strike has two components, the melee attack and also the projectiles. The melee attack does much more damage compared to projectiles (around 50-60% more if my math is appropriate) it puts you more in danger as you still type of squishy. Adjust your situation accordingly during boss fights, to help keep a great balance between DPS and survival.


Final Tree - 114 points:


Find full details here:



2. [PoE 3.3] TheAmigoShotz! - Lifebased Windripper Raider! Insane Clearspeed + Deathless Shaper!


This Build isn't intended for beginners. A few of the gear could be a little costly, and wish understanding to be aware of what stats you would like in your rares. So I wouldn't recommend this like a complete starter build. If you're a new Player I'd recommend checking the Beginner's Guide by Zizaran. I'd also not play this like a league-starter, as a ranger is presently not too great for leveling with bad gear. But after you have currency within the league this can be an excellent build!



How do you generate power charges? 

-You've three options. You should use Herald of ice, associated with Curse on Hit and Assassins Mark, however, it will only work without having an elemental weakness curse in your corrupted mitts. You may also use Craze associated with Powerchage on crit. You will simply need to use this skill once every ten seconds do refresh charges. You may also make use of the costly, but smartest choice, including nowhere Dream jewel.


What's best? Raider or Inquisitor? 

-I'd recommend Raider, as it is far better to level with, and offers quite a bit greater obvious speed when compared to Inquisitor.


I cannot sustain my mana cost, what do I do? 

-You have to make certain you've grabbed them, 4% hybrid existence/mana leech node between Spirit Void and Vitality Void. While levelling you will probably get many problems, because the leech is dependant on your damage, and also the damage is not sufficient while leveling. So a factor you should do is with the idea to use elreon jewellery while leveling, or obtain a thief's torment ring. It provides lots of mana on hit


Why do you take Raider instead of Inquisitor? 

-Because we get a lot transmission, Raider may be the optimal choice! -Inquisitor also offers an issue, becasue it is within the left side from the skill tree, whereas ranger is right. Because we concentrate on added elemental damages and want attack speed to obtain high damage, the raider may be the optimal choice!



A little lower clearspeed

Keep your frenzy charges in boss fights!

Free rarity and quantity from the windripper

Uber Lab farmer

Up to 64/40% dodge!

Can reach over 7k life with Kaoms!

Shaper Viable



Can be VERY expensive

Cannot do Reflect Maps

Vaal Pact means No regen



Normal: Way of the Poacher

Cruel: Quartz Infiusion

Merciless: Avatar of the Veil

Endgame: Avatar of the slaughter



Normal: Str/Dex + Passive point

Cruel: Slayer + Dex

Merciless: Passive point + Raider

Endgame: skill point + Ranger start


IMPORTANT: as a Scion, you will have to manually connect the tree and then respect it later once you get the endgame Lab


Passive skill tree:


The full build is here:



3. [PoE 3.3] Magic Find Windrippin Boi (Windripper LA/Barrage Raider)


I began around the journey that's this build after I realized just how much legacy quantity gear on Standard I'd and contains really taken me beyond I ever imagined, especially according to previous knowledge about magic find builds



Can run 100% unique items with relative ease, so the gearing is simple and smooth

Can run maps up to t16 with ease (though the bosses get tricky from t14 and onwards if you don't invest enough)

Only a few of the uniques are "mandatory" (And even then the build functions without them)


Works so beautifully with MTX (Gore Herald gachiGASM)

All the legacy gear I am wearing in my character is just quality of life and makes no dps change



Has a low health pool initially (around lv 70-80), can take a while to ramp that up

Has a substantial (For those who consider 4-5ex a lot) starting cost

Not SSF viable, sure you can farm the wild cards and the vendors gamble cards but the rest are rare-ish and have extremely rare/no divination cards

Has to drop a substantial amount of magic find to be "hardcore viable"

Cant run on toaster PCs

For the build to really feel its best it requires at least 2 5links (or a 5l and a tempest's binding) and a rigwald's quills.


Why Item Quantity/Rarity?

Herald of ice results in a shatter explosion upon killing a frozen enemy, if the explosion will get the kill on another enemy it will raise the quantity/rarity from the products dropped,

essentially, it is simply a little quality of existence bonus and if you think you are missing damage, generally, place culling strike in here to kill some opponents that wouldn't have left otherwise or perhaps a portal jewel to make use of so it's not necessary to take with you scrolls


Level 100 full MF tree: (Lightning Arrow)


Read the full build:



4. [PoE 3.3] ELE LIGHTNING STRIKE - ALL T16s, Shaper, Uber Atziri, HOGM, Chayula, Elder



Special because of everybody who performed my old lightning strike build from 1.2 and 1.3! I've been playing my crit facebreakers develop my Ranger, but now I'm to lightning strike.


This is actually the latest version of my lightning strike that we were attempting to build in different ways - utilizing an elemental dagger (dagger with flat lightning), as opposed to a Phy's dagger.


I didn't get this to build to visit Pork on DPS - you will get much greater DPS on lightning strike with a decent Phys dagger and building for Phys and also the melee hit, or possibly building HaWA or whatever that claw factor is known as.




+ Perma freeze most mobs - ESP BOSSES in 3.1 **

+ High dps


+ Super fast map clear

+ Really good Life leech w/ out Old Vaal pact



- Can be expensive, esp to min max

- glass cannon, You need to learn positioning 100% hit move hit move ect.

- can run into problems with single target (bosses)


Bandits: Kill All


Ascendancy: Raider Slaughter + Chase is the default. If you use VoV you need ele immunity so go Veil instead of Chase.



I've written below a few suggestions. Overall I encourage people to take what they like, and also, it doesn't hurt to be constantly swapping your powerups on the Pantheon depending on the type of map/boss you want to do.



- The regular build is scaling flat elemental damage and projectile damage of LS

- This version scales physical damage and the melee hit of LS, this is the highest way to get DPS on LS because the melee hit of LS has base damage of 176% vs. the projectiles of LS (150% base damage each), and there are more ways to get crazy damage multipliers on melee and physical damage now


Alternative tree for those who want Vaal Pact:


Find the full build:


Now you can get into PoE Incursion league if you want to find more 3.3 Builds, you can check our PoE build page, where you can find a lot of builds for yourself. And we will always provide you with Poe Orbs as before, so just come to the world of PoE.

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