Path of Exile 3.3 Assassin Shadow Builds

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These are Top 5 Assassin Shadow builds for Path of Exile 3.3 Incursion league, if you are new to this game or you are just getting into the Incursion season, these builds would be a great help, and you can find more build on this page


Path of Exile 3.3 Assassin Shadow Builds


1. [PoE 3.3] Assassin Frost Blades League Starter | SSFHC Friendly

2. [PoE 3.3] Pure Fire BV Discharge Assassin Build Guide

3. [PoE 3.3] Arc Miner Assassin High-Crit SSF Friendly Endgame Viable

4. [PoE 3.3] Rain of Arrows - Cold conversion Assasin


5. [PoE 3.3] Fate Of The Elements(Elemental Hit) | 2mil+ Dmg | 1.5mil Shaper Dmg | Fast map clearing!


1. [PoE 3.3] Assassin Frost Blades League Starter | SSFHC Friendly


This build utilizes Assassin being an easy way of damage and demanding strike reliability to create Frost Blades feel happy, shattering screen after screen of monsters. Molten Strike creates a good way to obvious annoying rares and bosses. Because the build mainly concentrates on the projectile and elemental damage, Molten Strike advantages of 90% from the tree.


I have planned the tree and equipment around things simple to obtain within an SFF atmosphere that being stated, it will be quite simple to acquire these items in trade league. You would not need to grind Prisoner's Gate for that Wolverine divination card for corrupted claws hoping for a little Anguish, or craft your rare or scour the floor for any functional claw.



-Fast clear


-Corpse Removal

-Aesthetically pleasing

-Easy to reach a comfortable mapping state

-Requires just Merc Lab to start shattering everything

-Uber Lab not required for the build to feel amazing



-Takes a bit of time to setup

-Levels faster as Sunder

-Single target requires a unique or elder helmet to shine(Doable without one, though)

-Can't push late game bosses without significant investment

-Requires levels and decent rares(or Kaom's Roots) to push life to a comfortable level



Major- Lunaris(Helps evade projectiles if improved, and good for physical damage reduction)

Minor- Shakari(Chaos mitigation. Improved is slightly difficult to obtain (T13 Map)



Unstable Infusion - Ambush and Assassinate - Deadly Infusion


Opportunistic is not exceptional for that build, however, if you simply get Uber it's the best choice. It grants you additional damage versus most bosses and rares while mapping. I favour to consider Deadly AFTER Ambush and Assassinate since the MORE crit chance is overall better feeling compared to base crit chance you receive from Deadly. That being stated, it is just Cruel and Merc lab we are speaking about here. You will have both relatively soon making this mostly just preferenced anyways.


In general, Assassin offers us easy crit scaling by means of base crit, and much more crit chance versus dudes on full existence, as well as on low existence around the skill tree, I attempt to scale crit chanceless and set more points into existence and attack speed to benefit from this. You will see within the Pastebin using the final tree that it's not hard to achieve 95% crit chance, but it is only 85% effective. Which means our precision is holding us back, not our crit chance. Don't destroy yourself attempting to push for precision, but it's nice to get if you're able to think it is.


For Bandits, I take Alira. It's difficult to cap resistances on league start, and in SSF especially; plus, the crit multi is killer!


115 points tree:


Full build:



2. [PoE 3.3] Pure Fire BV Discharge Assassin Build Guide



-Stable clear speed

-Good single target

-Most map mods can be done




-You wouldn't have 5k+ life until late game unless you wear belly of the beast

-Can't-do ele reflect


Build Concept 


We use blade vortex for casual map clearing while utilizing discharge (which is +4 with frostferno) to kill tougher rare/unique monsters.




Assassin, take anything except that poison-related line.



Alira or kill all


PoB link:


Full build:



3. [PoE 3.3] Arc Miner Assassin High-Crit SSF Friendly Endgame Viable

Hey, after watching footage from the previous variant of Arc Miners, I made the decision to give it a try the very first time this league. There have been many struggles that I needed to cope with that slowed me lower (excluding RL), and that I came here to try and provide you with a guide if you are getting a challenge with the build. I am speaking about lots of problems. In addition, I have a method in which I could get this to viable for racing, but with time I would attempt to attend these races, and so I may not explain it yet.


Incidentally, I altered the build on many occasions, and I believe another gem altered on 3.3. too. I discovered this set-up is the most optimal setup so far. Hopefully, I'm able to look for a better setup, one without Tabula Rasa either.




Soul of Lunaris (1% Phys for Each Nearby Enemy)

Soul of Garukhan (+5% chance to Evade if taken a Savage Hit recently)


Ascendancy order


I went the following:


Unstable Infusion

Deadly Infusion

Ambush and Assassinate



I do not think Unstable Infusion works, though. It was my first playthrough of the build. I still had a lot of damage early, but in the looks, from it, this order may be better:


Ambush and Assassinate

Unstable Infusion

Deadly Infusion



Or maybe a respec midway in order to gain the DPS needed for the second playthrough.


Ambush and Assassinate


Re-spec: Opportunistic -> Unstable Infusion

Deadly Infusion



PoB link:


Find the full build:



4. [PoE 3.3] Rain of Arrows - Cold conversion Assasin


+ Nice clearspeed 

+ The sound of shatter 

+ Up to 50-60% dodge

+ Good Movement speed 

+ Good boss Killer

+ High life% from passives for a bow build (218% from a tree)

+ Very budget friendly to get it started

+ Smooth levelling



- Cannot do Elemental Reflect Maps

- Not Beginner Friendly on Hardcore


Ascendancy Points: Ambush and Assasinate -> Opportunistic -> Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion


Bandits : 

Help Alira (recommended for hardcore) or kill all


Pantheon :

Minor gods-> Soul of Garukhan / Soul of Shakari

Major gods-> Soul of Solaris / Soul of Lunaris


Stat prio on accessories: Life - Elemental damage with attack skills - cold damage to attacks - Resists - str/int (if u can drop resists u wanna get crit chance/multi)


Passive tree:


Check full build:



5. [PoE 3.3] Fate Of The Elements(Elemental Hit) | 2mil+ Dmg | 1.5mil Shaper Dmg | Fast map clearing!

Within this build, I concentrate on three important elements that hand out nasty damage the brand new Elemental Hit, the incursion unique Fate from the Vaal, and demanding hits. The synergy between Elemental Hit and Fate from the Vaal is incredible and therefore are a match produced in paradise. Together they create a deadly combo that slices packs as well as puts up a battle again big bosses, for example, Elder and Shaper. Presently, this build continues to be in testing, so bear beside me. A lot of the kinks are laboured out, but I am still scaling the information and much more updates are going to be published when I compliment.


Build Mechanics


The build is not complicated at all but is very costly. The all-inclusive costs from the build will go upwards to 400 chaos orb. Setting that aside, it's very fun and simple to use. In order I mentioned, this build uses two important elements, Elemental Hit



+ This build has great defensive measures such as enfeeble, modest life pool, and dodge chance to survive in end game maps. 

+ We're reflect resistant from the assassin ascendancy from crit hits not being able to be reflected and since we crit 80+% of the time(90% when using flask), that's almost always. 

+ Map clear speed is insane due to 2mil+ damage numbers!

+ Super easy to level with.



- The build is still under construction at the moment. I know I don't usually publish builds that haven't made it to T15 maps, but this one is an exception! ;)

- It's friggin' pricey. 

- Chaos res is needed on rolling gear so that we don't get destroyed by incursion mobs.



Kill all or help Alira.

The selection can be you. My recommendation is always to kill all. You may choose to assist Alira if you would like more damage, however, Personally, I think we all do lots of damage and we'd need to lose a jewel socket up close to the shadow tree when we would go the alternate route and therefore lose a little bit of existence from your jewel.




Soul of Arakawa(Major) - This can benefit us from taking reduced damage all Us dot sources, in addition to staying away from lighting damage in a small rate. This may also help us take less damage from shock as well as in hopes, maintain it us from in some places. However the kicker, the 25% chaos resistance from DoTs.

This means and caustic clouds, poisons, asshole exiles that one shot me with essence drain, won't hurt as much!! ^.^


Soul of Shakari(Minor) - 5% reduced chaos damage helps out greater than you realize. Because we don't gain resists from the sources but gear, we want just as much chaos res as you possibly can. But the good thing about all this may be the immunity to poison. Exactly what a gift.


Bear in mind that my choices purely personal and there is no wrong or right ones. If you think you have to transition to other Pantheons, then, go ahead and, achieve this.


I have had a lot of fun with this particular build to date, and that I haven't even gone to Shaper quite yet, however, I am confident that he'll meet a really short finish. ) I'll frequently update the build guide when I move all things in maps. Alongside come is a video guide explaining the build in addition to a levelling help guide to help demonstrate the quickness and easy making the right path to mapping. I think you'll all enjoy and for those who have questions, please leave them within the comment section. I'll react to comments and concerns when I'm able to. So that as always exiles, stay safe available!


PoB link:


Find the full build:


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