Top 10 Starter Builds for POE 3.3 Incursion League

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Welcome to join the revelry of Incursion league, and R4PG is going to share 10 POE 3.3 Starter Builds, which will bring more bring more advantages when you are getting in Incursion league, these builds could be perfectly used in new season. And you guys can visit our POE Builds Collection Page to find more Path of Exile 3.3 builds.


Top 10 Starter Builds for POE 3.3 Incursion League


Table of Contents

1. [POE 3.3] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | 1H Sword'n'Board | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder

2. [POE 3.3]FJTHEBEAST| DW Nebuloch Chieftain Molten Strike |90% Dmg Mitigation|4M Shaper DPS| All content

3. [POE 3.3] Windz's GC Miner Sabo (Life/MoM & LL variation. Uber Elder viable + all content)

4. [POE 3.3] SSF HC/SC build - RF Trickster. 8k+ life, fast mapper. League starter.

5. [POE 3.3] For Slayer / Champion - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Uber Lab Runner, End Game Viable)

6. [POE 3.3] Demi's FlyingPurplePeople Lacerate, The ULTIMATE 2H RT Melee Slayer Guide

7. [POE 3.3] Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist

8. (NEW 3.3 Standard) Inquisitor - Immortal GG Endgame Autohealer POWER SIPHON/KB-Wander (Expensive)

9. [POE 3.3] Kinetic Blast Deadeye [Magic Find Speed Mapper]

10. [POE 3.3] The Blinding Blizzard - Whispering Ice CI Elequisitor - Viable For Everything


1. [3.3] UNDENIABLE-JUGG | 1H Sword'n'Board | FARM ALL CONTENT - incl. Uber-Elder


So far as I've come across the build doesn't get any actual nerfs, such as the anticipated alternation in a real projectile count for Molten Strike.


The only real "nerf" is losing "Part of the Spider" that was only at the stopped Bestiary League. This, however, is going to be substituted for Herald of Ash, which virtually provides the equivalent Damage.


There's also some optimizations visiting the Gems and Links section. Should you formerly performed this build, you need to certainly consider this. I additionally addressed the Vaal Impurity of fireside that we also put into the Gems and Links.




- Really Tanky (8-9k HP. 17k Armor. 80Marex. 56% Block)

- Good Single Target Damage (~1.7m)

- Quite Fast clearing

- Lightning Fast movement/attacks

- All Content farmable

- Eats Uber-Lab and Izaro for Breakfast

- Great Gear-Curve from Beginner to Endgame

- Endgame Gear not super-expensive

- Hardcore-Viable

- Run EVERY map mod (even elemental reflect)

- Run the most extreme combinations of mods even on T16




- Requires careful reading of the Guide!

- Endgame Amulet still kinda expensive (5-7ex)

- Rings can be a bit tricky to craft/find/buy


Bandits: Kill all - No Oak, make the two points lead to %5 Life nodes later. Only if you wish to exceed level 95.


Ascendency: Indisputable > UNSTOPPABLE > UNFLINCHING > UNBREAKABLE - This really is to greatly improve your leveling speed. Fast attack for leap-slam and movement speed etc.


Pantheons: Each one is kinda viable, however, I recommend "Soul of Arakaali" as Major. Jugg doesn't require more Phys protection and degen effects would be the only really threat to all of us. As Minor Pantheon I suggest


Ralakesh for Mapping and Uber Atziri - Random Bleeds are annoying, this can help.

Shakari for Hall of Grandmasters - All I only say is "DANZIG"

Soul of Yugol for Uber-Elder - The extra cold helps a little


Level 94 Passive Tree:


Check full build:



2. [3.3]FJTHEBEAST| DW Nebuloch Chieftain Molten Strike |90% Dmg Mitigation|4M Shaper DPS| All content

Thanks for visiting my guide. I'm not a local British speaker. Therefore, any advice, remark, question or correction is extremely welcome:).Also, I wish to thank Engineering Eternity when I used certainly one of his build guides like a template to create that one.


I needed to construct a good tanky boss killer and map clearer round the unique one-handed mace Nebuloch to complete all finish game content. The build is fairly affordable when compared with what it's able to when I spent around 250c for those my current gear.



+ Very strong boss and single target killer

+ Very tanky

+ Low entry cost

+ Good clear speed

+ All content has done



- Can't do maps with no leech and no regen combined.


Attack : 


Adds 5 to 8 Physical Damage per Endurance Charge

Gain 40% of Physical Attack Damage as Extra Fire Damage




+4% to Chaos Resistance per Endurance Charge

1% reduced Elemental Damage taken when Hit per Endurance Charge

+500 to Armour per Endurance Charge


These stats make the item very powerful when you increase your maximum number of endurance charges. However, this power comes at a cost:


Downside :


400 Fire Damage taken per second per Endurance Charge if you've been Hit Recently

What does that mean is that whenever you are hit, the mace applies a 400 fire damage degen to your character PER ENDURENCE CHARGE. 


PoB link: (lvl 95, current gear, Uber elder down, about 12 exalts, leveling trees included)


Example build:



3. [3.3] Windz's GC Miner Sabo (Life/MoM & LL variation. Uber Elder viable + all content)


Nothing has changed so the build is good to go. 


Bandits: Alira


Ascendancy: Born in the shadows --> Bomb Specialist --> Demolitions Specialist --> Pyromaniac

(you can get the mine 4 pointer first if in sc and don't feel you need the defense)


Some 3.3 brainstorm ideas:


- Beartrap and VLT can be used if you need more damage (best on stationary target like Atziri/Shaper)


- Arc mine on helmet and gc on chest can work nicely for mapping


I understand that the guide is not organized and can be hard to navigate. The new PoB for both variation should help, but I will try to clean the guide more.


The previous updates and the original information are still relevant so please take a look at those if the PoBs are not enough.


PoB Link: 






Full build here:



4. [3.3] SSF HC/SC build - RF Trickster. 8k+ life, fast mapper. League starter.


I am a classic gamer gone casual because of three youthful kids along with a full-time job. I really like creating builds and testing them in SSF HC. This is my third SSF HC build guide.


I produced this build after trying Aila's build many occasions and failing on numerous occasions. This plays exactly the same but sustains regen and may use life containers. This isn't a boss killing build, however, a fast mapping build along with a great choice if you wish to try level 100.


Leveling and tree's


Level with Frost Blades until you get Ancestral Warchief. Look for high physical dps 2H weapon. Level masters, you will need it for resists and craft a weapon. Get your gems and level them in extra gem slots.


Prioritise life nodes after that. Ride AW up to Blood Aquaduct. When you get there do Normal and Cruel Lab. After that respec 5 points and equip your RF gems.


Level to 72 in Blood Aquaduct. From there getting to maps should be a breeze.


PoB pastebin link:


For more details:



5. [3.3] For Slayer / Champion - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Uber Lab Runner, End Game Viable)



This is pretty much another Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone build.


I have never played a Slayer before so I decided to give a shot at it and created this build in patch 3.3 based on Slayer's impressive 2H AOE skill set.


The following information should be enough for people who want to farm Uber lab all day long.



- Endless Hunger from Slayer tree provide leech effect similar to Atziri's Acuity Gloves

- You will be able to clear Uber Lab by level 75

- You are immune to bleed and stun during fights

- You have 20% culling strike, effectively lowering boss health by 20%

- Very fast clearing speed due to high AOE radius

- High life regen making it easy to handle traps in Uber lab



- Leveling to level 55 could be a chore but from there onward it is a breeze

- Elemental reflect can still be an issue (use ruby flask when you run into elemental reflect and you should be fine)

- Can't do no life no mana leech map


Lab Enchantments


Priority listed is top (best) down (worse). 



- 15% increased Cyclone Attack Speed

- 40% increased Cyclone Damage (Preferred. Attack speed can be obtained from other slots)

- Blood Rage grants additional 12% increased attack speed

- 30% Increased Flammability Curse Effect (thanks to @khoi14021993 for the highlight)

- 15% reduced Anger Mana Reservation

- 30% reduced Herald of Ash Mana Reservation



- Attack with Commandment of Fury on Hit


WARNING: Gloves enchantment on Spike Gloves will lose the melee damage 



- Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently

- 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently

- 0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently

- Adds 45 to 68 Fire Damage if you've Killed Recently

- 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently (only for Elemental Overload skill tree)


PoB level 95:


More detail about this build:



6. [3.3] Demi's FlyingPurplePeople Lacerate, The ULTIMATE 2H RT Melee Slayer Guide


For those who have any queries concerning the build, look into the guide or read a couple of pages of questions and solutions. Probably it's recently been clarified on my own or another person. Should you still not able to find it, join my Discord and get within the Help-desk funnel or visit me on stream?


3.3 Notes: BUFFS Lacerate LOL:


Lacerate is finally as OP as I've wanted since it came out lol. More Damage, no more Atspd Penalty, Massive AOE Buffs! WOO. Also, every other skill that has a Vaal variant can now use that alongside your main skill without losing any extra links. Time for you guys to experiment, I demand Vaal Double Strike Triple Purple People slicing up Shaper videos soon. Enjoy Incursion!


General Mapping Advice:


Don't do cannot leech. You will die.


Less recovery is also annoying, as it reduces your leech rate per second.


Last remarks:


Rebind your "Attack in position" answer to Spacebar (it normally shifts). While doing content, hold Spacebar and Leap Slam/Lacerate or whatever skill in position, rather do the small shuffle toward attack. Help make the build feel MUCH smoother )


Hell yes. Crimson! Also, I am hoping everyone loves this particular build/template. Works very well for all of us may use any skill you want. My top picks are Lacerate and Earthquake.


End game skill tree:


See more:



7. [3.3] Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist


This is actually the Triple Herald Elementalist Blade Vortex build - my attempt to help make the Elementalist great again. A great all-rounder, viable for those content.


3.3 changes


* Blade vortex has been reworked:



Now has 35% increased hit rate for each blade (up from 10%).

Now deals 35% more damage with hits and ailments for each blade (up from 30% for hits and 20% for ailments).

Now has 10% increased critical strike chance for each blade.

Now has a limit of 10 active spinning blades (down from 20).


This change means that Spell Echo is no longer required and can be replaced with a damage support. Huge buff.


* Not only that but there is now a Vaal version of the gem that grants both normal and Vaal skills.



Create an independently-moving vortex of ethereal blades which last for a duration. The vortex moves towards nearby enemies, repeatedly damaging enemies that it passes through.


* Beacon of Ruin ascendancy is slightly buffed and a bit nerfed. Proliferation radius is increased (from 12 to 18) and the guaranteed shock is reduced from 24% to 20% (no longer grants increased shock effectiveness).


* Recommended skill tree now includes both duration clusters for greater quality of life and synergy with the new Vaal skills.



+ Good clear speed  

+ Good single target damage 

+ Pretty tanky - 7-8k eHP

+ Fairly cheap to gear, not gated behind rare/expensive uniques. Good league starter, SSF is possible.

+ Scales exceptionally well in the end-game.



- Blade vortex mechanics may feel clunky to some

- Have to be in melee range to deal damage


Level 92 tree:


Example build:



8. (NEW 3.3 Standard) Inquisitor - Immortal GG Endgame Autohealer POWER SIPHON/KB-Wander (Expensive)

Have a lot Exalts/Mirrors and wish to build GG build without outdated stuffs?


Its very challenging Max block/ 15k  ES / enough DMG without having to sacrifice something, however, I made it happen! It's really BALANCED between ATTACK/DEFENCE!


Tested all sorts of build since 2013 after I began to experience this game, but this is actually the absolute perfect balance for me personally. I love tanky builds but got tired of all type of RF builds and wanted some nice ranged build but without penalty in defenses as well as better when GGG released this latest mod on shields.. 5% recovery on 15-20kES is simply INSANE! when you tested it you won't ever return.



+ Immortal Autoheal (New Aegis) 1k+ ES per block

+ 75/75 Max block

+ 4k+ Es regen (Ascendy)

+ Max resist

+ 14-18K ES

+ Cat aspect

+ Extremly good in PVP

+ Lazy and safe (chill)

+ 100k+ DMG Tooltip in Hideout Power siphon/Kb/Barrage

+ Chaos Immune

+ Facetank 95% of all game content

+ Ignore enemeys elemental resist (Ascendy)

+ Alot of the added rare Chaos damage

+ Can do T16 solo and with group (feels like T1)

+ Mini Acrobatics T1 on boots

+ Not a RF build



- Expensive 300-1k+ Exalts

- A bit slow (no movement skill)


The passive skill tree will come soon


Full build detail:



9. [3.3] Kinetic Blast Deadeye [Magic Find Speed Mapper]


I’m a brand new player who originated from D3 when 3. got released. I made my first guide in Harbinger League for Glacial Cascade Totems and farmed up some currency to provide Wander a go. I fell deeply in love with Kinetic Blast as well as in Abyss League I needed to acceptability so far as it might go. My Atlas Strategy ended up being to farm Formed Vaults very fast which desire coupled with my passion for Kinetic Blast arrived me about this build.



+ Fast and powerful. One tap packs. Fly through maps. Kinetic Blast clears everything in your screen... and often things around corners or off-screen.

+ Magic Find. Does not take much with this build to become effective. You are able to realistically use KB on less than a 4-link or (most barrage-for-single-target-setups already do that). The combo of speed clearing and stacking Elevated Item Quantity (IIQ) get this to build well suited for chaining maps.

+ Single Target. Once the boss is against a wall or around mobs then KB absolutely shreds.

+ Evasion and Dodge. Without getting an excessive amount of into the nitty gritty this stuff offer a similar experience but different defensive layers. If you would like an in-depth explanation to visit the Questions section. Rapid from the lengthy is the fact that we rarely get hit two times consecutively so when coupled with a higher leech and leech rate we fill up before you take another hit.

+ Far Shot Playstyle. This really is literally the alternative playstyle of Point Blank. Naturally, standing farther away from the harm means you die less.



- A bad "all-around" build. This build isn't made to see all of the content hanging around. I chose to make this build in 3.1 with the aim of being an excellent Formed Vault player.

- Need to reroll some map mods. Reflect isn't feasible and steer clear of Ailments is doable but significantly less satisfying because of Herald of Ice shatters.

- Single Target. When the boss is not against a wall or otherwise around other mobs it's really a discomfort.

- Haven't tested Hardcore. Not likely hardcore viable. I would not wish to roll a dodge based character in Hardcore. You'd most likely wish to go max block or life stacking after which you are missing out on lots of quality of life this build is made for.

- Could be high budget. This will depend on how a lot of content you need to farm. Balancing life pool, defense, and IIQ will dictate how a lot of maps you are able to run. Insane Jewels and Headhunter can min-max this build and you can easily spend over 200 exalts.


Final Skill Tree:


Check all detail:



10. [3.3] The Blinding Blizzard - Whispering Ice CI Elequisitor - Viable For Everything


2018-05-30: Pre-updated for 3.3. Added Heart of Flame to the tree.


This is actually the current form of my Whispering Ice build. The prior Berserker version continues to be nerfed through the rework of this class. The Ascendant version works in an exceedingly similar way.


This build can perform all things in Road to Exile. No boss is simply too challenging for it, the majority are too easy. Watch the videos below to determine the way it performs against all of the hard stuff.


In ordinary mapping, it's flexible and safe enough to obvious any tier maps with the majority of the random mod combinations. I've completed 40/40 challenges by myself merit in the majority of the leagues I have performed with this particular build. It's been my go-to construct to get things done while trying whatever current meta for entertainment.


Build Theory


This build is based on The Whispering Ice. Icestorm damage scales from Int, therefore Int is the main stat.


Key mechanics: Avatar of Fire, Vaal Pact, Chaos Inoculation, Ghost Reaver, Elemental Overload, The Brine King, Tukohama, Herald of Ash, Arctic Armour.


Lv 90 tree:


Note that there is a 14% ele dmg node at the Templar start disconnected from the rest of the tree. It's taken after completing the Uber Lab.


Find example build:


These are the POE 3.3 starter builds that R4PG would like to share, with these Incursion league builds, you can stay one step ahead of the enemy when you get into Incursion league in Path of Exile 3.3 update! And you can buy Poe Orbs and Currency from our website as before if you need more currency when creating your own build.

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