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PoE 3.13 Ritual is the first expansion in 2021, and the endgame content of the game once again ushered in a major update. Many of the builds in this PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Builds guide are good for starter that are popular with many players. For the three ascendancy classes of Elementalist, Occultist and Necromancer, the focus of each build is also different. Hope it helps you.

r4pg:Best PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Starter Builds


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Witch Necromancer

PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Necromancer Raise Spectre League Starter Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Necromancer Summon Carrion Tank Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Necromancer Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres Starter Build


PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Necromancer Raise Spectre League Starter Build

About this build

League Starter / SSF

This build is designed as a league starter and SSF build.

It will take you from a fresh league start all the way to endgame bossing on cheap or self-crafted gear.

It is focused on having high survivability while still having good DPS.

Required Uniques: none.

Gems Setup

Body Armour

For Syndicate Operative:

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Vicious Projectiles + Volley + Minion Damage 

For Slave Drivers:

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Controlled Destruction + Deathmark

Solar Guard: 

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Deathmark + Concentrated Effect / Greater Multiple Projectiles

(swap GMP/Conc for map/bossing)

Redemption Sentry:

Raise Spectre + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Deathmark + Vicious Projectiles / Greater Multiple Projectiles

(swap GMP/VP for map/bossing)

Helmet, Boots & Gloves

Helmet: 1 red & 3 blue

Raise Zombie+ Summon Stone Golem + Feeding Frenzy + Elemental Army + 

1. Stone Golem gives life regen.

2. Golem and Zombies can proc Feeding Frenzy buff that give spectres more damage and attack/cast speed.

3. Golem and Zombies can proc exposure from Elemental Army for -10% lightning res.

Boots: 1 blue, 2 red, 1 blue or green

Summon Skitterbots + Dread Banner + Generosity

1. Skitterbots chill and shock enemies.

2. Dread banner reduce nearby enemy accuracy (less hit chance).

3. Choose Aura for your spectre: Fire = Zealotry, Cold = Hatred, Lightning = Wrath.

Gloves: 4 blue

Armageddon Brand / Storm Band + Curse On Hit + Elemental Weakness + Flame Dash

1. Brand reduces enemy ele res (Elemental Equilibrium -50% and Elemental Weakness curse -44%)

2. Flame Dash is get out of danger movement skill.

3. Choose brand that is opposite of spectre damage. Arma for lightning spectre, Storm for cold and fire spectre.

Weapon & Shield

Weapon: 1 green, 2 blue

Desecrate + Bone Offering + Summon Skeletons

1. Desecrate spawns corpses.

2. Bone Offering consumes corpses to increase block chance for minions and necro, as well as some life recovery.

3. Skeletons add extra minions for pulling agro (and taunt if you have it on a cluster or ghastly jewel).

NOTE: You can use Vaal Skeletons to body block bosses with a mass of skeletons!

Shield: 2 red, 1 blue

Steelskin + Increased Duration + Convocation

1. Convocation teleport spectres to you.

2. Steelskin gives extra '2200 life'.

NOTE: You can set Steelskin to left mouse button. Also set 'always attack without moving'. It will autocast on cooldown.


Pantheon: Lunaris for mapping, Solaris for bossing, Arakaali for Sirus*

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link

League Starter & SSF: https://pastebin.com/d3HbpXJp

Pure Spectre: https://pastebin.com/L6RdAvJ4

Spectre & Spiders: https://pastebin.com/dMyWdJ2p

Pure Spectre(Physical & Impale): https://pastebin.com/hJ3aVuhc

More Detailspoeurl.com/cCta


PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Necromancer Summon Carrion Tank Build


Gems Setup


Summon Carrion Golem - Minion Damage - Awakened Brutality - Awakened Melee Physical Damage - Awakened Multistrike - Impale

Carrion Golem with pure damage gems. Eventually will replace more of these with awakened versions. If you have rotten claws from a cluster jewel impale can be swapped for Damage on Full Life or Ruthless


Raise Zombie - Feeding Frenzy - Minion Life - Maim

Support zombies. Provides Maim and feeding frenzy buffs along with keeping 'nearby' golems for their innate damage requirement. Maim can be replaced with lvl 21 Animate Guardian if you have bought the good items to deck it out


Raise Spectre - Clarity - Blood Magic - Vitality

Support Spectres that need blood magic to spam their charge spell. Blood magic also supporting clarity and vitality to give us enough room for everything

Clarity is just here for another "commander of darkness" aura giving 9% attack speed, in endgame you can swap it with empower for +1 Spectre or minion life support if you worry about keeping them alive

Base build uses 2x Host Chieften and 1x Carnage Chieften. Check FAQ for other options


Dread Banner - Generosity - Precision - Vulnerability

Dread banner and precision get a nice boost from generosity but more important is giving them +40% increased AOE so it has more coverage. Also spot for our curse. I used Temp chains for most of my playthrough until I hit a white socket to swap back and forth.

Keep precision at level 10 so we have enough mana to curse and shield charge


Shield Charge - Fortify, Purity of Lightning

Shield Charge with fortify, good movement skill and the 3rd purity gem


Purity of Ice - Pride - Haste

Prism Guardian gives us more auras then normally possible. Corrupting to level 21 haste gives +3% movement speed. Corrupted lvl 21 purity of ice for +3% max cold resistance


Purity of Fire, Discipline

Vivisect rings give +5 to level of aura, this is very good on discipline for extra ES. Purity of fire gives us +3% fire resistance and we don't need to buy a lvl 21 version for the aura in this ring


Path of Building Link

Base Carrion Build


Endgame Carrions

This is what I got my character up to. Still some upgrades to be made but better dps and swapped into Chayula Amulet

Now have 20 Mil combined DPS & 8,600 ES

Dom Blow Variant (Endgame)


The tree is very similar I just cut Unnatural calm & Golem Commander to pick up Insightfulness & Aligned Spirits so I have enough mana to attack constantly

Swapped Curse into Stone golem

Precision now cannot be supported by generosity as we need good accuracy too and needs a few more levels

After making the vids I got some gloves with "Strike skills target 1 additional target" which has made things smoother

More Detailspoeurl.com/c593



PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Necromancer Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres Starter Build

  • + The Greatest Summoner Build in the History of POE
  • + Fast clear
  • + Fast farming
  • + Easy Sirus
  • + Easy Shaper
  • + Easy Uber Elder
  • + Easy all content
  • + 90 minions doing everything for you
  • + Minimal buttons
  • + Can play POE while watching Netflix
  • + Can play POE with one hand (mouse only)
  • + Feels as smooth as butter
  • + Versatile, can go more offensive or defensive with easy gem/gear swap to suit any playstyle
  • + All map mods (except Phys reflect)
  • + Cheap (can do T15 on a few chaos... simply upgrade your gear as you progress)
  • + Extremely high damage (Fastest Uber Elder kill in the history of POE)
  • + Tanky (15000+ life, overcapped resistances, physical mitigation, leech, defensive minions, fortify, meat shield, and more.. and of course, extremely fast)... just watch me absorb a Shaper Beam in the Uber Elder gif at the top.
  • + With late game setup you will reach over 15,000 eHP!!
  • + Never die
  • People will get jealous of how you can farm three times as much currency as them and take down all content so easily on such a cheap starting build without pressing buttons


There are various options of setups (did I mention that this is one of the most versatile builds?). Use these as a starting point and then as you learn the build and how it all works, flex it to suit your own style!:


POB Link: https://pastebin.com/Xx3EAYWC

Ignore gem levels in the setup. You do NOT need level 21 gems etc.. just get a level 1 gem and start leveling it up as you go. Same with Enlighten, just start leveling one and get it to level 3. If you can't run all auras (which you won't be able to initially), simply drop Flesh and Stone.


POB Link: https://pastebin.com/ByZBVHFj

This is a solid all-round choice that most people transition to after starting with the Budget Setup. It doesn't have the Speed or DPS of the SPEED FARMING or RANGED SPECTRES versions, but it's the safest way to level to 100 if that's what you want to do.

For Thread of Hope, allocate Ravenous Horde and Cruel Preparation.


POB: https://pastebin.com/SxwQ9y4H

Ok guys so you wanna just run around without cycloning and just watch everything die around you?

You wanna run with two wands? Why? Because your a WITCH and that's what witches use.

And you wanna run with not one, but TWO OFFERINGS (or THREE if you REALLY want)?

I got your back! Just grab yourself this baby: Leash of Oblation. And also a trigger wand:

Convoking Wand

Can roll Minion Modifiers
+1 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems
+1 to Level of all Minion Skill Gems
Minions deal 35% increased Damage
Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers
Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill
Minions have 14% increased Attack Speed
Minions have 15% increased Cast Speed

and then just watch your offerings get auto-triggered as you just run through and around packs while things melt around you. And YES, we take Mistress of Sacrifice with this setup so YOU also get the benefit of the offerings. YES, you CAN run all three offerings at the same time.


POB: https://pastebin.com/SZmdnv4A

So you like clearing maps faster than those Ranger guys with bows?

And you still like having the fastest boss killing capability in the game?

And you like farming Conquerors and Sirus faster than any other build in the game while making shitloads of $$$?

Then this setup is for you!


POB: https://pastebin.com/YHXmyzR4

So you wanna shoot massive beams or balls or missiles out at enemies?

And you like clearing fast and wide and demolishing all content?

And you still like killing Conquerors in 2 seconds?

Well then this setup is for you!

More Detailspoeurl.com/cCTF



Witch Occultist

PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Occultist Vortex Cold Leveling Build

PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Occultist Bane Starter Build - SSF Viable, All Content


PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Occultist Vortex Cold Leveling Build


Tree progression: In general: prioritize %spell damage nodes to progress through the acts quicker. You can grab the life nodes that branch off the normal tree to avoid dying until you have higher ES gear, but I don't think its worth the respec. Grab CI at the end of act 7 / beginning of act 8 to avoid wiping the sewer floors with your face.

Gear Progression: Use any wands with high flat damage (Physical, Cold, Lightning, or Fire). Spellslinger uses the wands base damage and adds it to the spells damage. Having a decent, flat damage wand will help while leveling. For armor, prioritize flat life/flat ES.

Act 1

  1. Grab Freezing Pulse + Arcane Surge + Added Lightning Damage + Added Cold Damage until you can get Arc. Buy another Arcane Surge, this will be used in the Vortex setup in Act 3.
  2. Buy Power Siphon to be used later on with the Spellslinger setup. Frenzy is better if you have that instead to be used in Act 3.
  3. Buy Lesser Multiple Projectiles to be used in the Frostbolt setup later on. Don't use it (put it in alternate weapons or open gem slots to level as you progress).
  4. Buy Vitality and use it immediately. The amount of regen this provides early on is amazing.
  5. Grab Creeping Frost but don't use it (put it in alternate weapons or open gem slots to level as you progress). This is very important to do, or else your Creeping Frost will be way under-leveled by the time you can use it.
  6. Grab Flame dash and link it to Arcane Surge for more damage. Keep Arcane Surge at level 4 or lower. Swap Arcane Surge in your damage setup for another gem since you'll be using it in Flame Dash instead.
  7. Once you can get Arc, use the following links in priority: Arc + Added Lightning Damage + Added Cold Damage + Elemental Focus + Controlled Destruction + Faster Casting.

Act 2

  1. Continue using Arc.
  2. Make sure to grab 2x Controlled Destruction + 2x Elemental Focus when available and link one of each into Arc if you haven't already. The other Control Destruction/Elemental Focus will be used in the Creeping Frost Spellslinger setup later.
  3. Grab Wave of Conviction but don't use it (put it in alternate weapons or gem slots to level as you progress).

Act 3

  1. Grab Spellslinger ASAP. As soon as you grab Spellslinger, everything will become a joke. If you don't already have Vortex, temporarily link: Spellslinger + Arc + Added Lightning Damage + Controlled Destruction. Buy another Spellslinger and link it with: Spellslinger + Wave of Conviction (from earlier) + Added Lightning + Elemental Focus. Drop Vitality until you have enough mana reservation to use it (keep it in an alternate weapon or open gem slot to level still). You'll only have enough mana to use two 4L Spellslinger setups, do not try to link more than this. Spellslinger will trigger both spell setups with one attack. These two setups will be used until you have Vortex.
  2. Use the Spell Siphon you got earlier to trigger your Spellslingers. If you have Frenzy, use that instead. Neither have to be linked to Spellslinger to work, link them in a singular socket.
  3. After you complete "Sever the Right Hand", you'll have the option to grab a Vortex, grab it. Now the magic begins.
  4. Link Vortex + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus + Arcane Surge. DO NOT link Vortex with Spellslinger. Put Vortex on your left mouse button, so that it triggers automatically when you move. You can also put it on another button to manually trigger it.
  5. Now it's time to swap around the Spellslinger setups. For the first setup, link: Spellslinger + Frostbolt + Lesser Multiple Projectiles. For the second setup, link: Spellslinger + Creeping Frost + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus.
  6. Add Vitality back in if you have the mana.
  7. Buy Frostbite, but don't use it (put it in alternate weapons or open gem slots to level as you progress).
  8. Buy Discipline, but don't use it since you probably don't have the mana (put it in alternate weapons or open gem slots to level as you progress).
  9. Optionally, you can complete "A Fixture of Fate" to unlock all of the skill gems and follow the gem links section of the guide, but I personally don't think it's worth the time- I'd wait until A6.

Act 4

  1. Grab Hextouch Support and buy a Greater Multiple projectiles (if you have the dex) when possible.
  2. Link Frenzy (or Power Siphon if you don't have Frenzy) + Frostbite (gotten in Act 3) + Hextouch Support + Greater Multiple Projectiles (or Lesser Multiple Projectiles if you don't have the dex).
  3. Buy Bonechill Support when possible, swap out the Arcane Surge in Creeping Frost with Bonechill Support.

Act 5

MAKE SURE YOU GRAB FROZEN TRAIL. THIS IS MANDATORY. Put your Frozen trail gem in the jewel socket by Glancing Blows. One you have this jewel, remove the Lesser Multiple Projectiles from the Frostbolt setup

Act 6

  1. Complete Lily's quest so you can buy any skill gem you want. Buy Inspiration, Efficacy, and Swift Affliction. Swap out the Arcane Surge in the Vortex setup with Inspiration. Swap out the Controlled Destruction with Efficacy. Add in Swift Affliction if you have a 6L/Tabula.
  2. Buy Hypothermia from Lily, swap out Elemental Focus with Hypothermia in the Creeping Frost setup. This is to reduce the mana reservation cost.

Act 7

Nothing of note here. Continue.

Act 8

  1. The chaos degen in Doedre's Sewers is abysmal, by this point you should definitely have enough mana to put Vitality in. Make sure you do, or you'll have a bad time. Or, if you're real zesty, grab Chaos Inoculation (not recommended, at all).
  2. MAKE SURE YOU GRAB CONQUEROR'S EFFICIENCY. Socket it in the available jewel socket near Elemental Equilibrium or the left side of the tree.
  3. Add in Discipline when possible- swap out Vitality if you need to (but only after you pass Doedre's Sewers).

Act 9

Nothing of note here. Continue.

Act 10

Smack Kitava in the face, for your first deathless Kitava kill in a long time.


Pantheon: Lunaris or Solaris, Gruthkul

Bandit: Kill All

Path of Building Link

League Starter: https://pastebin.com/qP1nbBH6

Level 88 LL version: 3m shaper dps (moderately expensive)
Fork POB pastebin: https://pastebin.com/T9d13dmt

Level 96 CI version: 3m shaper dps (extremely expensive)
Fork POB pastebin: https://pastebin.com/ZQsKSUh2

More Detailspoeurl.com/c7Ov


PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Occultist Bane Starter Build - SSF Viable, All Content


+ Beginner and League Starter Friendly. Virtually no gear requirements. Can be done on all rares. 4-link is enough to complete the story and progress into maps. Like all spells, the power comes from the level of the skill gem so progression feels smooth.

+ Never reroll a map. There is no combination of mods this build cannot do. Choosing from a Zana inside your map becomes matter of what layout you prefer.

+ Mind over Matter. Eldritch Battery. This particular combination allows you to get some good value from both health and energy shield on your items and a few specific nodes in the tree become super valuable when scaling both of these stats.

+ Not that many buttons to press. I list this as a pro because I can't be bothered to keep up multiple buffs, golems, and whatnot. This guide is supposed to be new player friendly. You have your Bane, Flame Dash, and... that's it. For newer players this really helps manage flask usage. Advanced players can work in supplemental skills or vaal auras but are not necessary for the build to function.

- Uniques. A couple uniques really "turn on" this build for the endgame. Devouring Diadem and Vixen's Entrapment aren't 100% required to get this build off the ground but I will mention how some of the interactions of these items can make it easier to tackle the endgame.


This is a beginner-friendly, league-starter viable, solo-self-found viable, and comprehensive Bane Occultist guide. The leveling section in this guide is meant to take players with a fresh install or in a fresh league and get them into maps and started on a powerful character. Interested readers can find gear priority, stat suggestions, mechanics explanations, and a whole bunch of links that might be useful for newer players.



Bane - Despair - Swift Affliction - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Void Manipulation*

*NOTE: Consider Empower depending on what Path of Building deems appropriate for your build.

Other Curses

Temporal Chains - Enfeeble

Poacher's Mark


Malevolence. It's a more multiplier for damage.

Aspects/Arctic Armor/Clarity/Vaal Auras 


Cast When Damage Taken – Immortal Call - Desecrate - Spell Cascade

Shield Charge – Fortify – Faster Attacks – Blood Magic – Culling Strike

Flame Dash/Lighting Warp/Illusory Warp/Frostblink

Chaos Golem

Decoy Totem

Other Nice to Haves

Vaal Haste

For all the speed demons.

Vaal Grace

Great all around Defensive buff in sticky situations.

Quality Priority

Bane > Damage Supports (All give .5% increase) > Curses


Pantheon: Lunaris or Solaris, Gruthkul

Bandit: Kill All

Act 1 Passives -> Act 2 Passives -> Act 3 Passives -> Act 4 Passives -> Act 5 Passives -> Act 6 Passives -> Act 7 Passives -> Act 8 Passives -> Act 9 Passives -> Act 10 Passives -> Final Skill Tree

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/PnY9aSa5

More Detailspoeurl.com/cywC



Witch Elementalist

PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Elementalist Summon Stone Golem Tank Build


PoE 3.13 Ritual Witch Elementalist Summon Stone Golem Tank Build


Build mechanics

In short, in this build 4500+ energy shield regen, 90% + all elemental resists, immunity to chaos, 90% + physical damage reduction, immunity to almost all conditions - all this makes this build almost immortal.

What this build can do

  • Easily destroys all endgame content, skip all boss phases
  • Sirus for this build is just a joke, you just stay in his storms
  • T19 + 5 Delirium Orbs
  • AFK Simulacrum
  • Azurite mine 1k +
  • Fast mapping


Path of Building Link

https://pastebin.com/ejTjjHzb (Please note that the 3.13 update)

More Detailspoeurl.com/c7OA


Anyone are welcomed to redistribute, copy, quote, reference or perform content in this site, if and only if he/she attributed the work
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