r4pg:PoE 3.12 Flashback Starter Builds | Fast, Cheap, Endgame

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Flashback is the last league event of Path of Exile in 2020. Players will randomly encounter monsters and themes from previous league on the map. In the Flashbach event, the higher the level, the better the chance of getting official prizes. Poe4orbs recommends some popular starter builds to you, if you haven't joined flashback, you might as well take a look

r4pg:PoE 3.12 Flashback Starter Builds | Fast, Cheap, Endgame


[3.12] PoE Flashback Necromancer Raise Spectre Witch Starter Build - Endgame, Easy, Fast

This build is designed as a league starter and SSF build.

This summoner build uses spectres as the main damage dealers. Spectres are 'ghosts' of monsters that you kill. You can find hard hitting melee spectres, fast map clearing spectres and everything in between. This gives a spectre summoner a lot of flexibility depending on what you want to focus on

It will take you from a fresh league start all the way to endgame bossing on cheap or self-crafted gear.

It is focused on tankiness while still having good DPS.

Levelling Guide: ACT 1 + ACT 2 + ACT 3 + ACT 4 + ACT 5

Gems Setup

For Syndicate Operative:

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Vicious Projectiles + Volley + Minion Damage 

For Slave Drivers:

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Controlled Destruction + Deathmark

Solar Guard: 

Raise Spectre + Spell Echo + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Deathmark + Concentrated Effect / Greater Multiple Projectiles

(swap GMP/Conc for map/bossing)

Redemption Sentry:

Raise Spectre + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Elemental Focus + Minion Damage + Deathmark + Vicious Projectiles / Greater Multiple Projectiles

(swap GMP/VP for map/bossing)

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/d3HbpXJp


[3.12] PoE Flashback Shadow Trickster Toxic Rain Starter Build - Fast Mapping, Cheap

  • + Can run every map mod
  • + Survivable with 7k+ EHP, 45k Ev, 50/75 Spell Dodge
  • + Great Damage
  • + Entry gear is very cheap
  • - DOT build, so a slight ramp up for max DPS
  • Some people don't enjoy hybrid

Build Mechanics

Toxic Rain: Toxic Rain shoots out a base 5 arrows (pods). Pods can stack, so area of effect is somewhat important. Attack speed is massively important in terms of DPS and enjoyment.


With flasks up, we sit at a comfortable 45k Evasion to cap our QOTF, and 50/75 dodge/spell dodge. This means we rarely get hit, and when we do, we proc Ghost Shroud.


Main Link

Toxic Rain - Mirage Archer - Void Manipulation - Vicious Projectiles - Swift Afflictions/Efficacy - Empower Level 4 - Efficacy

For your offhand:

Caustic Arrow - Mirage Archer - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Swift Afflictions - Vicious Projectile - Void Manipulations


Flesh and Stone - Malevolence - Discipline - Enlighten

You can grab reduced mana reservation off the tree if you want to force Blood and Sand, but I'd recommend just not bothering until you get a strong enough enlighten. You can consider running Dread Banner if you have a low enough mana cost on Toxic Rain/Caustic Arrow, but don't have Enlighten. You may also want to use a level 1 Clarity somewhere else in your gear. This will give you access to Clarity mod Watcher's Eye, and Vaal Clarity which can help with early bossing.

Wither Totem

Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Faster Casting - Wither

We already have quite a bit of duration, so faster casting helps us build quicker.

IC + Blink Arrow

CWDT - Steelskin, Clarity - Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike

I've been trying out CWDT Steelskin, and I think I like it so far. Play around with it and see how it feels. We also put Frenzy and Blink Arrow here linked with Faster Attacks and Cull. 


Dash - Second Wind - Curse On Hit - Despair - Withering Step


30 points -> 50 points -> 70 points -> 90 points -> Full

Path of Building Link

Entry Setup (NO CLUSTER JEWELS): https://pastebin.com/npZEsFmp

1 Cluster Setup: https://pastebin.com/ZP5tw3LX

2 Clusters + Thread of Hope: https://pastebin.com/wPhukT5Z

More Details: poeurl.com/cxI3


[3.12] PoE Flashback Shadow Assassin Blade Vortex League Start Build - Extreme DPS, Fast Mapping

  • + Great league starter
  • + Extreme DPS
  • + Access to life leech
  • + zoom zoom
  • + Great health pool that can reach over 6k
  • + Consistent 10 blades
  • + Massive Explosions with clusters
  • + Can do Hall of Grandmasters with a single gem swap (Inspiration/Controlled Destruction => Block Chance Reduction support, having a white socket makes it easier)
  • + Extremely versatile with equipment, most gear can be swapped for IIQ gear (but DPS/resists/life will suffer, can use bismuth flask with resist suffix and duration as countermeasure to the resist problem), also can use another physical spell like Eternal Knives with Aurabots for encounters like Simulacrums with no gear swap, only jewel and support swaps to compliment EK.
  • + Can counter reflect with a ring swap (or 2 for both) and pantheon change (look at "Possible Questions" for more details)
  • - no base Physical Damage Reduction, read Flasks section for countermeasures
  • - No Leech and Reduced Recovery map mods can be deadly and should be avoided.
  • - Not viable for Hardcore
  • - Slow life regen

This guide is a build that uses Blade Vortex, with the use of multiple buffs, debuffs, aura effect, crits, conversion, penetration and decrease to enemy resistances, this build gets very deadly as you upgrade.

Leveling Gems Setup

Gem links and remove by order Add/Remove/Replace [level] (action order) COLOR:

Add [1-18] (1) BGBG: Stormblast Mine => Swift Assembly => Added Lightning Damage => Trap and Mine Damage
Add [4] (2) BBB: FrostBlink => Orb of Storms => Frost Bomb
Remove [8] (3) B: FrostBlink
Add [8-31] (4) BBG: Flame Dash => Arcane Surge Lv.1 => Second Wind
Add [8] (5) G: Smoke Mine
Add [12-31] (6) BGGB: Icicle Mine => Swift Assembly => Pierce => Charged Mines
Add [12] (7) GBGBRG: Blade Vortex/Vaal Blade Vortex => Power Charge on Crit => Hypothermia => Unleash => Inspiration => Cold Penetration (Note: add to empty socket or use weapon set 2, this is only to level the gems as much as possible until we start using them at level 38, same with all the supports even if you dont have access to a 6-link which is a likely situation in leaguestart, preparing them to when you do get it.)
Add [16] (8) BB: Herald of Thunder => Summon Skitterbots
Add [16] (9) G: Herald of Ice (note: add to empty socket or use weapon set 2, this is only to level the gem as much as possible until we start using it at level 38, remove this gem once you allocate Supreme Ego)
Add [24] (10) G: Hatred (note: add to empty socket or use weapon set 2, this is only to level the gem as much as possible until we start using it at level 38.)
Replace [28] (11) B>B: Pyroclaster Mine > Stormblast Mine
Add [34] (12) G: Summon Ice Golem (note: not required and can be removed in maps, however while doing acts the crit chance buff is very helpful.) => Phase Run => Enhance
Remove [38] (13) BGBG: Stormblast Mine entire link.
Replace [38] (14) BB>B: Curse on Hit => Assassin's Mark > Orb of Storms
Replace [38] (15) BGGB > GBGB: Icicle Mine link > Blade Vortex Link
Replace [38] (16) GG > BB: Hatred => Herald of Ice > Summon Skitterbots => Herald of Thunder
Add [whenever possible] (17) BG: Vaal Righteous Fire => Vaal Grace
Replace [after 2nd lab] (18) B>B: Controlled Destruction > Power Charge on Crit

Final gem links after act 10/ maps:

Vaal Blade Vortex => Controlled Destruction => Hypothermia => Unleash => Inspiration => Cold Penetration [Last 2 gems if using tabula or any other 6-link]
Flame Dash => Arcane Surge Lv.7 => Second Wind
Frost Bomb => Assassin's Mark (for boss DPS)
Phase Run => Enhance [Enhance might not be a high priority but im just putting it here as a reminder, perhaps buy level 1 early on for cheap and keep it linked as you're mapping]
Smoke Mine
Vaal Righteous Fire
Vaal Grace
CWDT Lv.14 => Steelskin Lv.18

Endgame Gems Setup

Body Armor - Frost Bomb => Empower => Enhance => Phase Run => Awakened Hextouch => Elemental Weakness

Weapon - Smoke Mine => Awakened Cold Penetration => Vaal Righteous Fire

Weapon 2 - Flame Dash => Second Wind => Arcane Surge Lv.7

Gloves - Herald of Ice => Hatred

Boots - Vaal Grace => Empower

Boots - CWDT => Steelskin

Helmet - Vaal Blade Vortex => Awakened Controlled Destruction => Inspiration => Awakened Unleash

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/9FQrmDpL


[3.12] PoE Flashback Trickster Essence Drain Shadow Cheap Build - Fast Mapping, Tankness

  • + Fast mapper
  • + All endgame bosses viable, including deep delve bosses.
  • + Hardcore viable
  • + Cheap, clear upgrade path. Shaper 3EX, uber elder 8EX.
  • - Single target lacks, you are not oneshoting bosses.
  • - You are a meta slave
  • - Performs really poorly in the timeless domain
  • - Requires heavy swaps for HoGM (but can actually do it)
  • - potentially clunky 1-2 playstyle (altho very fast)

Gems Setup


Essence Drain - Swift Affliction - Void Manipulation- Empower - Controlled Destruction - Efficacy

There is no variation when it comes to essence drain. You should push for a 6l as soon as possible and buy a level 3 empower. If you only have a level 1 or 2 empower but you have a 6l, you should use Decay support instead


Vaal Discipline - Malevolence - Enlighten - Flame Dash

You should put your auras in your helmet because vertex gives +1 level of socketed gems. This means you will only need a level 3 enlighten instead of 4. It will also give a slight damage and ES boost by leveling your auras more.


Contagion - Increased Area of Effect - Intensify - Faster Casting

If you use an es base gloves, you should put your Contagion setup here for ease of coloring. Intensify and area of effect supports are mandatory to make contagion's aoe massive. Faster casting is a nice quality of life boost.


Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Increased Duration

I recommend placing a 3l wither totem here. Don't use blight totems, it's lower range, worse hinder and takes a jewel slot. It's a noob trap. Wither doubles our damage against anything that stands 2 seconds in the wither circle, it should be used against endgame bosses.

For your 4th socket, if you do not have aspect of the spider on a piece of gear, you should use flesh and stone in sand stance: Flesh and Stone

If you have aspect of the spider, you have a free socket.

You should put a Phase Run inside. In your skills bar, bind phase run to your left click button to trigger it automatically when you start moving.

Body armor

Vaal Blight - Controlled Destruction - Efficacy - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Infused Channelling

Here you have some choice. For more damage, the best option is blight:

A CwdT setup is also viable with the following gems:

CWDT - Summon Stone Golem - Spirit Offering - Enfeeble - Steelskin

If you do not have aspect of the spider on a piece of gear, you should use flesh and stone in sand stance

Weapon Choice

Price scale: Budget - Midrange - Expensive

Cane of Unravelling

+18% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff
+47% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
22% increased Chaos Damage
2% increased Cast Speed per Power Charge
+2 to Level of all Chaos Spell Skill Gems
Gain a Power Charge after Spending a total of 200 Mana
Regenerate 2 Mana per Second per Power Charge

Short Bow

+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers
+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems
+38% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier

Maraketh Bow

10% increased Movement Speed
Item sells for much more to vendors

+1 to Level of Socketed Gems
+34% to Damage over Time Multiplier
18% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill
Can have up to 3 Crafted Modifiers
+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems
+40% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplie

This is the only piece of gear you must invest in for endgame bosses. While the rest of items you wear can be 2 chaos trash, this one is important!

Path of Building Link

t16 viable setup: https://pastebin.com/zz1Rzjf4

2-4Ex - 6500ehp - 520k ED dps + 900k blight dps

All content setup: https://pastebin.com/Mc8bpMwG

10-15Ex - 7500ehp - 1M ED dps + 1.2M blight dps

Endgame setup: https://pastebin.com/kTRvetrj

100Ex - 8600ehp - 3M ED dps + 4M blight dps


[3.12] PoE Flashback Champion Earthshatter Duelist Tank Build - Cheap, Endgame, Safe

  • + Can do all content in the game
  • + Very flexible, can be tanky or go full dps if you need.
  • + Not very hard to play.
  • + Easy to gear.
  • - Takes a while to get used to always War Cry after attacking.
  • - Can not do Phys Reflect maps (unless toy get anti reflect nodes on tree)

Gems Setup

Main Attack

4L (Early Game): Earthshatter - Impale - Fist of War - Melee Phys

5L (Mid Game): Add Brutality

6L (End Game): Add Close Combat or Pulverise depending on your preference/weapon. You can also play with Melee Damage on Full Life if you have manage to get some overleech.



Flesh and Stone - Maim

You can squeeze Vitality here if you want, but I rather have more mana for mobility and War Cry's.

War Cry's

Enduring Cry - Seismic Cry - Intimidating Cry - Second Wind

For last, you can choose your Mobility Skill (Leap Slam, Dash or Flame Dash). If you go for Leap Slam, make sure to get Combat Control on the Skill Tree, and attach Enduring Charge on Melee Stun or Rage for some quality of life improvement.


Molten Shell / Vaal Molten Shell - Increased Duration

Alternate Quality Gems

Anonamlous Fist of War

  • Support Skills have 20% reduced attack speed.
  • Support Skills deals 60% increased damage.
  • According to POB, this gem can boost your damage by about 11%.


  • Supported skills have 10% less attack speed
  • Support skills have 20% more melee area damage.

According to POB, this gem can boost your damage by about 13%.


  • Nearby enemies have -5% Physical Damage Reduction.

Could not check damage with POB, but basically it's free damage compared with the default version.

You can have some more quality of life changes on other gems like your, Second Wind, Molten Shell, but it's not that important, just helps a little bit more.

The Phantasmal version of Seismic Cry and Intimidating Cry seems like a decent boost of damage as well, and I don't think the 10% recovery speed will be missed that much.

Path of Building Link:

Basic Sample: https://pastebin.com/BXyxE83S



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