Top Five PoE 3.3 Pathfinder Ranger Builds

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In this article, I will share 5 most popular Pathfinder Ranger builds for Path of Exile 3.3 Incursion league, which is better than Bestiary league, in my opinion. You can find more PoE 3.3 builds on this page, by the way, if you want to buy PoE Currency in Incursion, just visit, where all PoE players can get what they want in the game.  


Top Five PoE 3.3 Pathfinder Ranger Builds


1. [PoE 3.3] Greased Lightning MF | Inpulsa/Vinktar's Autobomber

2. [PoE 3.3] Queen of Fire FreyaValkyries [Fireball & Volatile dead] - [FaceTank All Content]

3. [PoE 3.3] The New SignalShot - CI Ele Conversion TS/LA/Barrage/Anything

4. [PoE 3.3] Zerphi Poet VD - Easiest Uber Elder build - Twinned kill - 30000+ life recovery per sec


5. [PoE 3.3] updated budget league start viable crit bv lab farming build (U lab, with PoB and Video guide)


1. [PoE 3.3] Greased Lightning MF | Inpulsa/Vinktar's Autobomber


This build utilizes Pathfinder's Flask upkeep for Vinktar's   Inpulsa's to spread electric blue explosions! The majority of the damage originates from scaling plenty of flat lightning harm to spells for Abberath's Hooves like a trigger for that "auto bombing." Now, this does not self-perpetuate in addition to letting us say a Cospri's Autobomber that scales crit. It will, however, have a similar feeling when it comes to shielding charging through maps and watching things explode. Abberath's will consistently pop packs in lower tier maps, that will trigger Inpulsa's explosions because of Vinktar's keeping the opponents shocked.


Esh's Mirror, along with the keystone Elemental Overload, can help scale the harm of Impulse, Herald of Thunder, and Abbearth's. For single target, Vaal Breach makes stacking for Esh's Mirror easy.



-Fast Clear

-Swanky Explosions

-No MTX required to look cool

-No expensive crit multi jewels

-No 6L required(works off a 4L)

-Not too expensive

-Can level as Abberath's(since you'll use them later anyway)



-Unique heavy(especially if you want to MF)

-Balancing resistances slightly painful

-Not the best more boss

-Pushes lower tier maps mostly(might do higher maps but it'd be painful)

-Desired abyss jewels are specific and hard to come by(self-craftable, though)



Honestly, an order of the is preference. Apply for Nature's Adrenaline for faster movement speed for levelling with Abberath's. You can check out Nature's Boon for flask upkeep, then hurry Master Alchemist so it's not necessary to be worried about your flasks. Honestly, just get whatever sounds good and roll by using it. You will have all of your ascendancy points eventually anyway.



Lunaris: Reduced Physical Damage is nice, plus with improved with dodge more projectiles. Amazing for Incursions. 


Sharkari: Reduced Chaos Damage and immunity to poison; also amazing for Incursions. 


108 Points(my current tree):


PoB link:


Whole build details:



2. [PoE 3.3] Queen of Fire FreyaValkyries [Fireball & Volatile dead] - [FaceTank All Content]



Life ( 8300K )

Fire Resistance ( 80%)

Cold Resistance ( 92% )

Lightning Resistance ( 80% )

Frenzy Charges ( 5 )



+ Fire Damage 

+ Face Tanky

+ Do Any map mod

+ All Content


- If u Forget to use any Flask u will Die



1. Veteran Bowyer

2. Nature's Boon

3. Nature's Adrenaline

4. Master Alchemist



Kill All



Helmet Volatile Dead destroys up to 1 additional Corpses

Boot +1 to Maximum Frenzy Charges


Path of Building:


CHeck whole build:



3. [PoE 3.3] The New SignalShot - CI Ele Conversion TS/LA/Barrage/Anything


The build was initially supposed to have been combined with the abilities Barrage and Tornado Shot, but it may be utilized with virtually any bow skill. I've made some pretty substantial changes towards the build to help keep it functional, however it still remains an Elemental Conversion CI Pathfinder.


Before I begin, please be aware that this form of the build is ideal in the standard league due to the accessibility to legacy ES gear,  2 barrage helmets, and % energy shield rings. Additionally, this isn't a financial budget build and can likely perform poorly if you don't invest a large amount of currency.




Initially, the build ended purely with Pathfinder, but due to the buffs to both Raider and Deadeye, additionally towards the nerf towards the Alchemist node around the tree, the 3 from the Ranger's ascendancy choices viable choices for the build.


I prefer Pathfinder for the build, but I will still be including trees for all three Ascendancies if you decide otherwise.


Due to the buff to the passive flask generation (from 1 charge every 3 sec to at least one per second), Pathfinder presently has near permanent uptime on its quicksilver flask, and consistency on the many other flasks since the build no more utilizes Vessel of Viktor. Additionally to getting the greatest movement speed from the three ascendancies, Pathfinder also elemental status effect immunity, a lot of free damage, much greater max elemental resistances, an, for me, the smoothest game play experience overall.


Tornado Shot:


TS - GMP - Pierce - Increased Crits - Ele Damage With Attacks - Damage On Full Life


Lightning Arrow:


LA - GMP - Pierce - Increased Crits - Ele Damage With Attacks - Damage On Full Life




Barrage - Ele Damage With Attacks - Damage On Full Life - Elemental Focus - PPAD - Mirage Archer

If you can't get your hands on a 5-off regalia, switch Mirage Archer for Increased Crit Damage 




Herald of Ash - Hatred - Discipline - Enlighten 4

If you cannot afford an enlighten 4, you must use a Conqueror's Potency Jewel




Ice Golem - Blink Arrow - Vaal Haste - Increased Duration

You can break these up among your remaining sockets so you don't have to roll for 4 green sockets


Final tree:




Check full build here:



4. [PoE 3.3] Zerphi Poet VD - Easiest Uber Elder build - Twinned kill - 30000+ life recovery per sec

3.3 changes: The existing mechanics/items didn't change, works at least as good as before, can even be better with new incursion temple drops and new corruptions.


About the build

Poet's Pen + Volatile Dead combo is among the most mainstream meta builds because it arrived on the scene, but my build's primary focus is defence. Two broad methods to bossing is damage hurry or steady tanking, using the first you concentrate on greatest DPS finishing the battle as quick as you possibly can, you need to dodge mostly all boss attacks and do mechanics to outlive, along with the second you try to tank the bosses, ignore most mechanics, perform some damage, perform the fight as lengthy because it takes steady but very slow. My build is incorporated in the second category, but Poet VD has excellent baseline damage, despite cheap gear, therefore the fights do not take too long.



Probably the most costly needed gear may be the Zerphi flask, presently, around 17 exalts in Bestiary, other uniques are far cheaper, and you do not need costly rares so that you can allow it to be within 30-40 exalts total, also it does not scale much greater with increased. Watcher's eye is great to possess, although not strictly needed. For any build that you could easily farm Uber Elder and then any other boss hanging around with, it's a good investment.


Pantheon: Arakaali with Arachnoxia and Armala, small for clear speed Garukhan, for tanking Gruthkul


Bandit: I recommend 2 passives for boss killing if you need the damage/hp, but I personally chose Kraityn (6% attack/move speed, 3% attack dodge) for clear speed, which you don't really benefit from on bosses.


Improvement options: Glove supports are only for highest mana cost, mine is only 110% * 110% * 120%, and you can get Poison support too with 135%, which is more ideal. I could get more resistances on helmet, to get more life and damage from rings. On belt recovery and one flask mod is the most important, after that highest life and possibly a second flask mod (duration).


Auras, Watcher's eye:

You should only use Vitality or Anger if you have a Watcher's eye jewel with the matching mod, otherwise, you can use Herald of Ash, Arctic Armour, or Purity.

Useful Watcher's eye mods in order of importance:

(20-30)% increased Life Recovery Rate while affected by Vitality

Damage Penetrates (10-15)% Fire Resistance while affected by Anger

Any purity mod that gives Physical->Elemental conversion

(40-60)% increased Fire Damage while affected by Anger

(6-10)% chance to Dodge Attacks while affected by Grace

+(5-8)% chance to Evade Attacks while affected by Grace

(10-15)% increased Movement Speed while affected by Grace

Do not use (50-70)% increased Life Recovery from Flasks while affected by Vitality, it doesn't work with Zerphi, I testd it myself.


PoB tree:


Full build:



5. [PoE 3.3] updated budget league start viable crit bv lab farming build (U lab, with PoB and Video guide)


Hi everybody it's is a 3.3 form of the great old crit bv lab build. (I will not make this myself in 3.3, I wish to take a rest from the lab for some time but nothing altered in 3.3 so dw the build are the same)

P.s. bear in mind this can be a league starter build there have room to become improved, which I didn't plan to add since it will deviate the guide


gem links and gear 



pretty much all you need, ofc devo is nice too 

enchant: bv dmg or phase run duration 



bread and butter of our build, ideal case is a 6l 5b1g qotf, if you cant get that just use a 6l with 4b2b/ 5b1g or a tabula, the link will be the same for 5b1g, just replace added cold with inc crit dmg 



any rare with the sat you need, life res etc 

enchant: the commandment of flame 



not really much to say 

enchant: move speed leech or lighting dmg 



rare belt with res and life +slot for move speed craft, the flask reduced affix is a nice touch but not necessary 



1 essence worm and a rare ring with a needed stat, life res etc 



rare with whatever you need, if you have space, some dmg mod won't hurt



we have 2 weapons, one for running 1 for killing 

running one really is what it is so not much to say either 

for killing one, you want a dagger with spell dmg on it, can be anything, I pick this for the price and the culling is nice 



same with a weapon we have 2 of them 1 for running 1 for killing running

one you want to get a base with 9% move speed implicit and what you need to cap you res if you have res on your other shield

killing shield you want spell dmg and spell crit, res if you need it. life will be a nice touch too 



can swap in a diamond or atziri for sliver flask if you lack dmg


Link :

check the item , the gem in it Is what I use, check pob if I moved some gem out in the future

the gem in ring and weapon swap need to stay where they are , the rest can be swapped around , some can be dropped too , I just find this gem set up the best for me


Check the full build:


Yes, Pathfinder is not the most powerful ascendancy class in PoE 3.3, but it still a good Ranger class that worth to play, so these builds would be useful if you are a fan of Pathfinder. As for the Path of Exile Currency you need to finish your build, you can get them from our website, we can always help you, after all.

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