Your First Exalted Orb Drop In Path Of Exile

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We are having a bit of fun today talking about Exalted Orbs in Path Of Exile. Thanks to the launch of Path Of Exile on Xbox One we have made sure to have all of our Path Of Exile Orbs be part of our hot sale. This goes for both PC and Xbox One. But it has also got us thinking about when you get your first Exalted Orb drop in POE. We asked around the office if people could remember there’s and here are the best.


Your First Exalted Orb Drop In Path Of Exile


Wasting It Back In Act 1


Ok, so this one brought a chuckle to most of the crew (well except the unnamed person who did this) but back when the game was in its closed beta. This person actually came across an Exalted Orb in the first act and they came across it under a rock! You see back then this kind of thing happened to players more often than you would think. Well, he did not realize how rare an Orb he had stumbled across and proceeded to use it on a basic piece of level 20 armor!


Wasting It On A Bow!


Ok, so we have another story of wasting an Exalted Orb drop here! We know some players who have put hundreds of hours into the game and have come across only one or even none Exalted Orb drops so when they hear stories like this one it drives them nuts. Well on the way to Cruel Dominus this player found one and made the decision to use this very rare Orb to improve her low level, very weak and lame low level bow which in the long run did nothing, but waste the Exalted Orb!


How many of you guys have witnessed an Exalted Orb drop and what did you do with it? We would love to hear your stories and be sure to check out our Cheap POE Orbs for PC and POE Orbs for Xbox One as they are in the Hot Sale so you get more Orbs for your money!

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