What To Expect From Path Of Exile On Console

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Here at R4PG.com, we have been big fans of Path Of Exile since the game launched back in 2013. We specialize in offering POE currency for players who need that extra bit of gear, awesome weapons, items, but do not have the time to grind away to make the currency in the game themselves. It is honestly something that we love to do, we love to help fellow players get as far in the game as they can and we also love to talk to them about different aspects of online gaming. One thing that has got the Path Of Exile community, as well as many of our users on R4PG interested, is Path Of Exile On Xbox One.


In case you did not know, Path Of Exile is an online RPG that was one of the big crowdfunding successes when it comes to gaming. Path Of Exile is a free to play game that is supported by micro-transactions, which we know is not to everyone's taste, but we feel Grinding Gear Games handle it pretty fairly and, you can still see a lot of the game without having to spend real money on Path Of Exile currency. To say it has been a huge hit on PC is a major understatement and it has actually won many games of the year awards.

What To Expect From Path Of Exile On Console

But later in 2017, Path Of Exile is going to be released on Xbox One and us folks here at R4PG, find that very, very interesting. We have dabbled a little bit in the world of console MMO's. DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy XIV and even with the console versions of Smite. While fun, they just seem to be lacking that IT factor that you get on PC. Still, these types of games have made many consoles only gamers at the very least aware of MMO's and we think that Path Of Exile could be the game to really make the world of MMO gaming explode on consoles.


So what to expect when Path Of Exile comes on Xbox One? Well to start with, the controls are going to be majorly reworked.so that they fit in with the Xbox One controller. A few people were not too happy with the way Smite controlled on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But for people who have never played Path Of Exile on PC, we are sure that they will not have any control issues that someone coming from PC will. Still, we must admit that controls are always a challenge when you take something that was designed for a mouse and keyboard and try to get it to work on a controller with eight buttons. But the developers have said that they do actually like the "twitchy" way the controls are on the Xbox One version as it allows you to move quickly during battle, how they mix this in with things like using flasks and other items will be very interesting.


One thing we have heard is that there is no local co-op. That is a bit of a downer and it is something that they have said they will look into. But when Path Of Exile is released on Xbox One it will not have local co-op. We think playing Path Of Exile on the couch with a buddy sitting next to you as you just grind through the game would have been a lot of fun.

Path Of Exile is a very nice looking (well nice in a gothic, evil and messed up kind of way) and the folks are Grinding Gear Games have said they want to hit 60 fps at 1080p so there is bound to be some changes that need to be made to the game's graphics in order for this to happen. So if you have a high end PC then going to the Xbox One version may be a huge downgrade for you. But for the regular joe who just plays consoles, us here at R4PG.com do not actually think they will have a problem with the way the game looks.


How Grinding Gear Games will handle POE orbs is something that we, of course, are very interested in. Will console gamers be as willing to spend a few bucks here and a few bucks there as PC gamers have done for years? We think that Grinding Gear Games will not have a problem with this as many console gamers have been used to this kind of thing for a while now. Still, we are very interested to see just overall how the console community takes to Path Of Exile in this regard.


One last thing we want to talk about and it is, of course, the big question many people are asking, why is this not on PlayStation 4? PlayStation 4 has a far larger user base so it would make sense to release it on that platform too you would think. But just remember Smite started on Xbox One before making its way to the PlayStation 4 so hopefully, Grinding Gear Games have gone for Xbox One first as it is kind of like a PC so making the game on there might be easier than doing it on the PlayStation 4.


While there is a lot of uncertainty around Path Of Exile on Xbox One. We are very, very excited to see how it turns out. It is going to bring the game to a whole new audience and if Xbox One gamers really embrace it then the sky is the limit for Path Of Exile. If you are as huge Path Of Exile fan, please have a look at our site, R4PG.com which is the best place to buy POE currency online!

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