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The Attention and Introduction when Buying Riders of Icarus Gold

The Riders of Icarus players create quests for game characters around the world, performing tasks assigned to different NPCs. You can also use the riders Icarus Phnom Pen to play and align elements.  R4PG.com is specializing in selling Riders of Icarus for more than 4 years. We offer high quality and hand-made Riders of Icarus Gold for gamers. R4PG ensure our ROI Gold are legit because all the gold are farmed by our skilled and professional staff.


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The Best Place To Buy Riders of Icarus Gold

R4PG Online Gamer Store is a global trader of online game gold for Riders of Icarus. In addition to ROI Gold, players can also access power levelling and items all at market's lowest price and with the relentless stamp of quality.


Riders of Icarus Open Beta Begins July 6TH

In those future updates, we will add level cap increases, new regions, mass raid bosses, new PVP-only regions and the Familiar Farm.


R4PG.com Selles Cheap and Instant Riders of Icarus Gold

R4PG.com is a website from where players of Riders of Icarus can buy RoI Gold which is the currency that is used to buy upgrades and weapons for the game.

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  • @ Bdrizzy
    8000 G RoI Gold
    this site is so sweet. anytime im low on cash or get hacked i know where to go! also very legit Sep/21/2017 02:02:35
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    love you guys!!! big help on the small things and amazing price for the time put into it. Sep/20/2017 04:22:44
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    Used the site since started playing FFXI in 2003. I would recommend this website and its' over many others. Highly Recommended! Sep/19/2017 00:06:32
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    Great site! This site is fast, safe, and very low costly. I used it to get 200M xp in firemaking and I loved it! Sep/18/2017 03:24:54
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    7000 G RoI Gold
    Used this company 3 times and each delivery was under 5 minutes if that! Really friendly and easy going staff! Will recommend these guys for any gaming service!nf Sep/17/2017 00:10:22
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