MU Legend: Warmage vs Whisperer

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Just like you, we are patiently waiting for the full release of MU Legend. We have been impressed with the amount of people coming to us looking to buy MU Legend Zen at a low price. In keeping up with the game we have spent a lot of time on the MU Legend social media pages, most notably their Facebook page.


MU Legend: Warmage vs Whisperer


Well, one cool thing the social media team of MU Legend have been doing is trying to figure out which character the fans of the game like the most. As of us writing this right now. On the Official MU Legend Facebook page is a battle, an epic battle that features two of the cooler character classes in the game. It is the magic of The Whisperer going head to head with the dexterity of The Warmage. 


These are two of the more interesting characters, which is saying a lot when you consider just how cool the characters in MU Legend are. The idea is that you either like or heart one of these and which one gets the most votes is the winner. Is there any point to this? Well no not really, but we still think it is cool and a great way to get the community involved.


We would love to know which out of these two characters you prefer. Here at, it was a hard choice. We love the design of The Whisperer, but we do feel that the Warmage is just so badass to play as!


Thanks for reading and if you love the game as much as we do, be sure to look at our low prices on MU Legend Zen. 

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