The Awesomeness Of The Blader In MU Legend

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When Webzen let us play a bit of MU Legend in the first beta, was very impressed. So much so that we decided that we would offer MU Legend Zen, items and magic gems when the game is fully released. Still, as we have had a fair bit of time with the beta, we wanted to share some impressions of it with you. Most specifically The Blader that we created and why we feel it is a fun class to play as.  


What we loved about playing as the Blader is that it makes MU Legend just so much fun to play. We have heard some people in the R4PG office compare playing as Blader to that of a hack and slash character in a game like Dynasty Warriors or even God Of War and that in all honesty is a pretty good comparison. Blader is a class that is all about getting up close and personal with your enemies as you just hack and slash away until they are no longer standing and you have a nice load of loot.

The Awesomeness Of The Blader In MU Legend

Blader is very easy to pick up and play as. If MU Legend is going to be your first MMORPG, Blader is perfect for you as in many ways it controls just like a character in a hack and slash console game. If you have a buddy that you have been trying to get into the world of MMORPG's, playing as the Blader in MU Legend is a great way to go about it. Just show them a video like this one from which showcases just how fast and devastating this class can be.

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