4 Things You Want To Know In CS:GO

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We have had a lot of people coming here to buy CS:GO Keys lately so we thought we would share some need to know tips about CS:GO to make sure you guys are going to be awesome as you make sure your team comes out on top.

4 Things You Want To Know In CS:GO

Bomb Planting Done Right!

Planting a bomb takes four seconds, so many matches can be lost by people who do not know who long bomb planting takes. They do not plant it properly and then before you know it the match is lost! Practice makes perfect here and you will get the hang of it.



Chickens are annoying as hell in CS:GO as they can get in the way, but more seasoned pros will know that if a chicken is running away that there is an enemy there as the chicken is scared. So while your gamer instinct may tell you to shoot at or swipe at the chicken, do not as it can give away your position. On the flip side, you can use this knowledge to your advantage!


Look For Magazines/Clips

When you reload, your magazine will stay on the ground for as much as 15 seconds. This can give away your position or let a player know that you must be close by. You can also use this to your advantage for example if you are chasing someone and you see a magazine, you know what way they went.


Use Smoke With Bombs

Not enough people make use of the smoke grenades in CS:GO, but when it comes to bombs it can be very useful. Before you try and plant a bomb, use smoke to hide you. The enemy may know you are there, but you have a better chance of them not shooting you if you are concealed by smoke. When you have to get the bomb, once again thrown a smoke grenade before you do and use that to your advantage. 


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