4 Tips To Master Lurking in CSGO

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Lurking is a great skill to master in CS:GO and today we have a few tips for you on how you can do this. Also if you need to buy CS:GO keys we can make sure you can get a great deal!

4 Tips To Master Lurking in CSGO

1. Give Your Team Space

One of the first things you need to do is understand your role. You want to let your team move forward, but you need to be close enough so that you can pick off any enemies that are coming their way. If you give them too much space, they will be dead before you can react!


2. Pay Attention To The Map

When an enemy is spotted they will appear on the map, use this to your advantage. While just using your line of sight and your ears may make you feel like a badass. It also leaves you dangerously unprepared for any enemies that are coming your teams way.


3. Watch The Pros!

Playing as a Lurker takes a lot of time and dedication. Watching a pro gamer play as a lurker is a great way to learn tips and also pump yourself up to want to be a better lurker.


4. Talk To Your Team

When lurking more often than not you will be able to see the enemy first. Let your team know where they are, what weapons they have and so on. Make sure you let them know where you are, where the enemy is and do your best to make sure you are only giving the essential information your team needs.


These are just a few ways that you can get better at playing as a lurker. It is a hard role to master, but you can bet every good CS:GO team will have a lurker that knows what they are doing on it. Thanks for reading and let us know what lurker tips you have, also be sure to ask any questions if you are looking to buy CS:GO keys.

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