How to Survive in ESO As a Beginner [Seriously]

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I was killed 10,000 times when I started to play the Elder Scrolls Online, it's a very hard time for me. but now I am a good ESO player, I can handle everything in this game, and none can kill me anymore. And I'd like to share some important tips for a total newcomer, which will help you to survive at the beginning.


You wanting to learn a couple of master tips before you head out into the world of ESO, to get an edge on all the other socially awkward humans join this game, and players would be able to hang their enemy's head on a pike. Before level one now, I know what I need to do. 


So here you are entering the world of Elder Scrolls online, you made a great looking and you're ready to take on everything at once. There's a couple of things that you need to remember before you get out there.


How to Survive in ESO As a Beginner [Seriously]


It's not a race to the max level, so many people rush out of their door, in order to hit the max level in the fastest way possible, but I think this is not necessary! 


Because they sometimes forget their common sense on the front porch preparing - as your level is much more important than fast leveling plus. There are literally four different phases of leveling to go through level 1 to 50.


You should be focusing on learning the ropes of your character, then you get rewards for leveling up champion level 160, which is the capper armor scaling - once you hit all the gear you acquire will be 160, the overall champion point count this is the highest amount of champion points that you can have:


For example, in the current patch, the CP cap is 720 and finally but most importantly - the uber nerd status who could be the highest level player in the world.  Because that is such a status symbol of great strength, next up, we've got sky shards of lower books and destinations.


First things, if you're on PC, download the add-on sky shards lore books, it'll literally take you to everything you need, and you need to be a very simple person if you see a glowy thing you acquire the glowy thick sky shards, which are incredibly important, especially at higher levels, so grab them!


Always, you see a shiny purple book, read it! Yes I know you don't like reading but this time - you're getting a book that literally levels your mages guilt, just by simply flipping it, open and slamming it shut. These are lore books and it takes a long time to level up the mages guild. 


So read them when you see him on the topic of books opening every single bookshelf. You can randomly level up skill lines just by reading them really quickly, and you thought high school was the end of your reading career, next up discover ways shrines, whenever you can or just random destinations waste. Lines are important because you can hop from one discovered one to another - as a quick way of traveling whereas other destinations will just give you some quick experience. 


Now for the smart way of leveling your trees is water and natural light moving up, I'm such a comedian literally, and do remember these few steps to maximize your ability and skill tree leveling. The more you have of something, the more you level it. In our mistakes, the more light of medium or heavy you have on at the same time, the faster you'll level that tree on top of that quick note for magical players, and you can use light armor for stamina based players, using a medium for players who want more health, and take your builds use heavy armor, or just go naked to try to be the money-making bill for weapons.


You'll get one slot of a weapon until level 15, where you can then have two weapons on at the same time and swap between them.


Remember! For your abilities - the more you have on a single bar, the more levels of them. For example, if you have a bar off to destruction staff abilities and three class abilities, all from the same tree - you'll level those two trees at the same time, if you're killing stuff on that bar, you should try to rotate abilities around 


And if you're lovely in a certain tree, make sure that there are more abilities from that certain tree on one bar, don't focus too much on passives, by the way, they won't help you level at all - because skill points can be hard to come by spending them on actives, which will help you level a lot faster that's just me, though passives are 4 stat increases and won't actually help you level in any way. 


If you messed up your skill points or attribute points, you can respect them later on at shrines or when you hit level 43 you'll receive a scroll to respect both of them up your bank's space.


Do you ever look in the mirror and say I feel empty inside. Well, now you can attempt to fill that with more materialistic possessions - you start off with a very slim pocket, so make sure that. 


As you gain eso gold, you should visit your local Pak merchants to upgrade your inventory by 10 slots, purchase the first couple is not expensive, and with the money, you make from their level rewards, you'll have space in no time on top of that.


Upgrading your account wide bank space is a great idea especially when you have a couple of characters all playing different roles? No, I already told you that you get 10 slots for your tank set-pieces, but that's not enough, you don't understand, waiting he gots 10, you told me I get closed or not the Masters main hero. 



Now, are you someone on the topic of bag space. Yolo mark amount is a level 10 reward and here you can actually upgrade your pack space even more, or make your mouth faster or finally give them more stamina to reduce the cooldown of all that running. 


And the enemies knocking you off easily it only costs 250 gold a day to upgrade your mount. So, in total, you'll need a hundred and eighty days to fully complete your mount training. Now your mounts will be account shared between all your characters, but your upgrades will not get on it - it's never too early to start crafting.


This one is easy to pick up all of the armored pieces and weaponry you find, take it to your local crafting stations, the stuff that you don't want anymore or the stuff that you've outgrown.


I know that we've had lots of memories together, I'm sorry this can all be deconstructed to level up that treat, or if you see that it has a train on it. That you have not researched start doing that process right away, every single piece of armor and weaponry needs to have every specific trait researched on it - the more you do this the longer, it takes to research. So start early and get that out of the way. Finally, acquire friends let me get this straight, you're heading out to literally Massacre molette ball, and you can't ask a guy who's picking his nose in the level 1 zone.


I mean come on growing that friends list can benefit you in many ways, for example, you get more HP when you group up with one another person - they can help you to handle some more difficult content even if you're not grouped up. You can teleport to their location like a creepy stalker - just to travel wherever you are without having to pay, sometimes your friends are better than you, so they can craft your stuff with more friends, you can start running four player dungeons.


So you now have the rights to brag to all of your imaginary friends in real life. About your real life friends in an imaginary life, but most importantly, remember this one thing that no matter where you are, no matter how powerful you become, you will never amount to anything unless you get out!


That's all my tips for the Elder Scrolls Online beginners, with my experience, you guys will not get killed for hundreds of times. Finally, you know I work for the R4PG Internet, so I want to recommend our Elder Scrolls Online Service to all players - any of you want to buy eso gold, just follow me on Facebook before you buy, I will share you a 5% coupon.

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