4 Necromancer Witch Builds to Start the Abyss League

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4 Necromancer Witch Builds to Start the Abyss League

The Necromancer is really a class that mainly concentrates on calling in minions. She will buff their defenses, attacks, or her very own auras to get the best from her minions. However, Necromancers aren't limited simply to summoning builds. Her mastery of dying through Mistress of Sacrifice, Spirit Eater, and Beacon of Corruption gives her wide utility overusing and consuming corpses and all sorts great stuff grants the Necromancer herself, large personal boosts. The brand new Scion Builds can be obtained until January 29, and they look to be a lot of fun! Also make sure you know that you can buy poe chaos orbs/exalted orbs cheap here, safely and quickly!

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[Path of Exile 3.1]Corpse Queen | | Lots of deeps and lots of tanks [HCA]

Tier 7 lich fight with DD

Tier10 Cremation showcase


The concept:

Hello everybody, this is something of a work in progress guide which I plan to keep on updating as the character progresses. I am presently level 91 in HC Abyss league. This build utilizes natural tankiness from the necro using bone offering combined with the Spirit Eater passive to dish out huge damage. You should use Cremation, Detonate Dead, or Volatile dead with this particular build as they work nicely, however, I'll be going through the benefits and drawbacks of every combined with the jewel links and equipment priorities.


Pros and Cons Necromancer Witch Builds:


+ Very high single target damage and decent AoE. Scales very well in higher tier maps because of mob HP.

+ Basically, they are molten strike totems. The AoE they shoot out overlaps and deals a sizable AoE damage. Lengthy duration creates a totem style action that enables you to pay attention to boss fight mechanics which makes it a really safe option for boss killing. Considering the variety of AoE it may also obvious fairly fast. Has got the least harm to the three skills but nonetheless very formidable and my preferred skill for doing hard bosses.

+ Decent single target damage and the opportunity to pre-cast orbs on bosses. Tracks opponents so that your desecrate positioning isn't as important and it has decent AoE that may overlap. Has better obvious speed than DD but does less damage.



- High mana cost along with a more active playstyle. You might also need to become more precise with desecrate locations and moving bosses.

- Volcanos appear to possess around a .25 second delay, therefore, the damage is not upfront such as the previous 2 skills.

- Iffy UI, the orbs act much like SRS and more often than not they don't prioritize rares and uniques, this will make many boss fights with adds annoying.


Find this builds here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2045432


[Path of Exile3.1] Viable Skeleton Mage Summoner (8.4k+ Life, High Minion Damage Mod) Guardian, Shaper Kill


Prioritize getting at least 3 Jewel slots first in order to use x2 Dead Reckoning and From Dust Jewel, at Level 100 this is what it will look like

Click on the Necromancer Witch Builds Passive Skill Tree image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! or Check this skill tree: https://goo.gl/5jWvBN

The concept:

Skeletons had a huge damage buff (80%). Your Minion's Job would be to kill, your Role would be to Live! Therefore, the GOAL would be to increase minion base damage whenever possible and let them do all of the damage while you tend to them and keep an eye on your HP.


Pros and Cons Necromancer Witch Builds:


+ For individuals still finding the mechanics, or individuals who like to experiment hanging around and boss fights. The build poses high existence and support auras for example Haste and Arctic Armor. This gives an area for mistakes, learning from mistakes, even throughout the actual fight so there is room for error when playing as this build.

+ Minion Damage Modifier rises to 362% which is a superb base damage upgrade. Although minions have low existence, Skeletons are very easy to summon

+ Easy build, centered on Character Existence and Minion Damage

+ Double curse to provide method for greater damage

+ Good survivability because of high existence

+ Fast obvious of mobs

+ Skeletons are simple to summon, and that can be done anywhere in your range. They may also become your shields for ranged mobs who don't utilize pierce abilities.

+ Skeleton Mage quantity of projectiles may also be adjusted with respect to the situation, e.g. Lesser or Greater Multiple Projectile for mob obvious then Faster Projectile for Boss fights. In either case, you should use which projectile jewel suits a particular map or boss. This makes the build very versatile.

+ Safe action, you don't need to get too close to the boss, you are able to spawn skeleton mage to do their job to kill while yours would be to re-summon and survive. Your high existence gives you a backup if you need it.



- To be able to gain high existence, you have to sacrifice your chest links for Kaom's Heart. However, during clearing, you may still use 6L armors for Zombie Gems which you'll see on my small Gear below

- This can be a flat existence build, so armor and evasion are lower.

- It does not have lots of auras available with no mana reserved nodes. However, you may still use Animate Protector for further auras.

- The jewels needed within this build might be costly but could be crafted. (i.e. 7% Max Existence and 16% Minion Damage). However, you may still find good jewels as a substitute.

- Not a beginners build, a few of the products that you'll require with this build requires that you should bet at least level 72.


Find this builds here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2020796


[Path of Exile 3.1] Skeletal Confetti Solo-Support - Vaal Summon Skeleton FPS Destroyer 51 Skeles


The concept:

You actually have no need for uberlab. Commander of Darkness -> Spirit Eater -> Beacon Of Corruption -> Mistress of Sacrifice. Lab is fairly painless until uberlab where things can get more tricky and you have to make sure you know what you are doing. I did not try uberlab in mayhem but I would think that it isn't very pretty unless of course you are fully geared, that is fine because mistress of sacrifice only adds 30% more duration for your skeletons and honestly, you cast quick enough with spell echo than you will ever actually need it.


Pros and Cons Necromancer Witch Builds:


+ Spice up any party with undead confetti explosions

+ Relatively Affordable and simple to experience SSF

+ Good for those who like a lot of action on screen 

+ Can obvious most content solo

+ Is not an auramancer or mana protector, therefore, it gains more benefits by partying together



- No movement skill unless of course, you drop something for leap slam/faster attacks.

- And not the fastest leveling experience if you are unfamiliar with skeles

- Struggles without jewel levels in T6 maps

- Could cause carpal tunnel syndrome!

- Super easy to get lose track of your character when there is a lot happening on screen

- Lots of buttons to press


Find this builds here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2035168


[Path of Exile 3.1] [Orichalcum Spirit Necromancer] Lab/Shaper/Elder/Uber Atziri/Chayula Viable


The concept:

With Tornado Shot, Unearth spreads wider when targeting far distance. Since Unearth cannot find non-grounds, (like walls or holes) we ought to make certain you land all of the Unearth projectiles that you are dishing out. So make sure you pay attention during Abyss. Unearth cannot find the Abyss hole which can cause you problems if you are not prepared. So make sure you concentrate on what you are doing, you do this and you will be fine.


Pros and Cons Necromancer Witch Builds:


+ Huge eHP pool. Presently I've 11k eHP.

+ Recover 8k ES per second. You are able to (maybe) even facetank Shaper Golden Laser!

+ Great single target damage. 2 seconds for every stage of T10 map Kitava.

+ Weak against stuns without Existence of Chayula. You need to use Brine King pantheon to prevent stun-locks.



- Weak against chaos damage without Existence of Chayula. You'll have 6k existence and capped chaos res with complete gears.

- "Meh" obvious speed. However, I think it's enough and it should not cause you problems. Use Unearth Volatile Poets for leveling.

- Graphically untidy as there is a lot going on.

- Cost. 7exa for Existence of Chayula, 4exa for Kaom's Heart, 70c for dual-Poets', 20c for Elder helm so not the cheapest.


Find this builds here: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2058345


You can get Scion Builds next Monday. By next Monday, all of our builds have been updated. Which poe builds do you prefer? You can buy poe chaos and exalted orbs first.

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