Path of Exile Blight Top Ranger Builds

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Blight League brings many skill changes and new tower defense themes, r4pg also prepared PoE 3.8 Ranger Builds for players, including Deadeye, Pathfinder, Raider. Players can choose some as league starter builds. When you get some poe currency, you can also challenge powerful builds worth investing in.

Path of Exile Blight Top Ranger Builds


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Ranger Deadeye

[3.8] PoE Magic Find Deadeye 40 Second Map Clear Budget

[3.8] PoE Voidfletcher Tornado Shot Deadeye


[3.8] PoE Magic Find Deadeye 40 Second Map Clear Budget 

This is not the most beginner friendly TS MF build. It will also not feel great damage wise until you have well leveled gems, a well rolled Windripper, a couple decent abyss jewels, a +2 TS helmet and a 6L. Until you have these pieces I suggest using a more standard Windripper TS build. (Focus on damage and life nodes in the tree, use damage + resist rings such as the taming) Tabula can work as a substitute until you can afford a Queen of the Forest.

Build Introduction

Before we get started

- No "legacy" gear was used as this was done in the synthesis league. All those builds you see with 150%+ item quantity are no longer possible for league play because they use items or item rolls that no longer drop in the current game.

- This build doesn't use headhunter or inspired learning (although you can use it if you want) making it a fairly good introductory MF build while also being a great option for veterans who want to Min/Max their farm game.

- This build is intended for the best possible clear speed while running full MF gear, as a result it is not ideal for atlas completion, hard bosses, deep delving, uber lab, carrying 6 man T16's without an aurabot, etc. Although you can probably do these things very well with the right gear swap.

- You can run this as a league starter, most of the items are optional and can be added over time. Focus on clear speed first and transition into magic find gear as you can afford it.

- This is obviously not hardcore viable, you will die sometimes. I suggest leveling to 90 or 95 properly (with gear that has some life rolls) before transitioning into this build.

Path of Building Link links:

More Details:



[3.8] PoE Voidfletcher Tornado Shot Deadeye

In particular, the build is designed around using Void Shot. Void Shot is a triggered skill that fires an arrow to the targeted point, which will then explode after a short delay... it's kinda a reskinned version of the exploding shot those crossbow enemies in act 5 fire at you.

Gems Setup

Tornado Shot - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Cold Penetration - Added Cold - Hypothermia - (choice 6th)

Ice Shot - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Pierce - Added Cold - Mirage Archer - (choice 6th)

These are the main damage setups, Tshot mostly for focused damage and ice shot for clearing and mirage archer supporting dps.

For the 6th links, i use Faster Attacks for both Tshot and ice shot. There's other supports that could result in better dps, but all in all with the relatively low attack speed in the build and the plentiful dps already, i've elected to go with faster attacks to keep things smoother and allow me to attack-and-move more ably (which is important vs uber elder in particular)

As for the other setups:

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Grace

Frenzy - Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike

Herald of Ice - Hatred

cwdt-ic for defense, vaal grace-inc duration for defense (especially in incursions), HoI and Hatred for base cold damage and HoI explosions, blink arrow for movement, frenzy to build up charges for tougher boss fight (i don't need to use it that often, most stuff dies pretty easy even with my budget setup)

if you used my bestiary version, I've dropped ice golem (and the accompanying helm enchantment). Sadly, golems make entering incursions pretty dangerous, as they draw enemies and attacks to your vicinity before you've even broken the grace period. As such, I replaced it, and frankly i haven't really felt much of a difference for it (except my incursions have been much smoother). And it's given me space to add culling strike into my setup.

Path of Building Link links:

More Details:


Ranger Pathfinder

[3.8]Family Man's Ultimate Dex Stacking PoE Ranger Tornado Shot

[3.8] Toxic Rain Agony Ranger Pathfinder Fast Build


Family Man's Ultimate Dex Stacking PoE Ranger Tornado Shot

  • + Swifter attacks than other bow characters
  • + Hits like a truck
  • + Doesn't cost nearly as much as a phys conversion bow character
  • + Zooms zooms around the map
  • + Fastest clear in the game
  • + High evasion & dodge means better survivability compared to other bow builds
  • + No investment required to hit 100% accuracy
  • - Sometimes it's hard to find rare rings/boots
  • - Low life combined with being a bow character means you'll be squishy
  • - High investment cost
  • - For more experienced players, as there is a lot of balancing components to your gear
  • - The build is getting more popular so you won't find 3 exalt magic bow with 3/5 cold and double damage anymore


The core of this build is to shift how you look at dexterity. Instead of seeing it as some negligible buff to accuracy or evasion, or meeting requirements for your equipment, we are going to convert the attributes found on our gear to flat damage. So when you see a 55 dex roll on your boots, instead of seeing it as a wasted stat, you should see it as 45 to 50 flat cold added to your attacks, which is pretty huge considering you can get dex rolls on every item. 

There is a lot of variability in our gear selection, so some level of mastery is required when making gear choices. Going hybrid is perfectly viable, and will be included in the guide at a later date. This build will work well with almost any bow skill and any Ranger Ascendancy.


Path of Building Link

More Details:



[3.8] PoE Toxic Rain + Herald of Agony Pathfinder Clearer Build

  • + decent AOE
  • + great single target damage without Barrage or Elemental Hit
  • + great clear speed with usual high Pathfinder mobility
  • + permanent flask uptime
  • + no need to PIERCE heavily, like in CA setup
  • + REFLECT IMMUNE (all reflect!)
  • + 45-65% dodge
  • - Still pretty squishy as relies mostly on acrobatics and Evasion.
  • - stacking Virulence is harder with slow bow
  • - 111 INT required for proper gearing


Leveling Gems Setup 

Start with Caustic Arrow + Pierce and use it till level 12 when you get Toxic Rain. 

  • Toxic Rain 3L: Toxic Rain-Mirage Archer-Void Manipulation
  • Toxic Rain 4L: Toxic Rain-Mirage Archer-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles

In act 2 you will get Herald of Agony after doing Sharp and Cruel. Just buy minion damage gem and you are set.

Herald of Agony 4L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Faster Attacks/Withering Touch/Damage on Full Life

At Level 24 get Despair and at level 31 start using it with Blasphemy. You will drop it later when you get Witchfire Brew.


Endgame Gems Setup

For Uber Lab enchant

40% Toxic Rain damage if not running 6L Herald or using Coming Calamity. 30% Reduced Herald of Agony if running 6L Herald on Belly of the Beast and everything else. 
Link setup here is a balance between dot, poison and pod explosions!

  • Toxic Rain 5L: Toxic Rain-Damage on Full Life-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-Mirage Archer
  • Toxic Rain 6L: Toxic Rain-Damage on Full Life-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-mirage Archer-Added Chaos

For maximum DoT stacking

  • Toxic Rain 6L: Toxic Rain-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-Swift Affliction-Increased Duration-Efficacy
  • Herald of Agony 5L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Withering Touch-Damage on Full Life
  • Herald of Agony 6L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Withering Touch-Damage on Full Life-Maim.


Path of Building Link

Quill Rain (LEGACY version now!):

Lioneye's Glare / Elder bow (CURRENT VERSION!):

More Details:


Ranger Raider

[3.8] PoE Frost Blades Raider Fast Build

[3.8] PoE Cyclone Raider League Starter Build Pure Phys


[3.8] PoE Frost Blades Raider Fast Build

  • + Fast clear speed
  • + Very good dps
  • + Can do all content
  • + Really fun and intensive playstyle
  • - Can't do elemental reflect maps
  • - Not very tankly
  • - Expensive to min/max


This build is a Claw & Shield based Frost Blades build.

It utilizes a fast clear speed, high mobility, high evasion, and high damage to clear all the available content. This isn't a tanky afk build. It requires a certain amount of skill in order to clear the hardest content.


Skill Gems

Frost Blades

Frost Blades | Elemental Damage with Attacks | Hypothermia | Rage Support | Multistrike Support

Ruthless | Ancestral Call Support

When mapping, use Ancestral Call instead of Ruthless. Ancestral call together with Frost Blades is incredibly powerful.


Enlighten Support | Hatred | Herald of Ice | Precision

Keep Herald of Ice and Hatred in your shield, together with Enlighten.

If you get a shield with 15% reduced mana reserved, you can fit in another Herald or Aspect. In this case make sure to use a lvl 1 precision

We will put the Precision elsewhere. See further down.


For Movement & Debuffs there will be 2 different setups depending on if you have "Curse enemies with level # Assassin's Mark on hit" on your rare shaped ring, or not.

Whirling Blades | Fortify Support | Flame Dash

Option 1: This is the setup you use if you don't have an Assassin's Mark ring

Whirling Blades | Fortify Support | Cast On Critical Strike | Frost Bomb

Option 2: This is the setup you use if you have an Assassin's Mark ring.

(In this case Flame Dash will be placed in another item.)

Attack speed & Dmg boost

Ancestral Protector | Berserk | Haste | Ancestral Warchief

Berserk and Vaal Haste provide an incredible burst for bosses and other big mobs. Try to make sure to have these up at the end of maps, and you'll have no problem melting through the boss. (You should obviously try to be at 50 rage, but that isn't usually a problem)

Vaal Ancestral Warchief is also an incredible damage burst, and you can have both Vaal Ancestral Warchief and Ancestral Protector activated even though they are both totems.


Cast when Damage Taken | Immortal Call | Summon Ice Golem | Blood Rage

Keep the gems on low level to make sure it proccs as often as possible. CWDT should be level 1.

Some people try to fit in an enfeeble gem in the CWDT setup. It's up to you, if you can find the space or need.

Curses and debuff

For Movement & Debuffs there will be 2 different setups depending on if you have "Curse enemies with level # Assassin's Mark on hit" on your rare shaped ring, or not.

Frost Bomb | Curse On Hit Support | Assassin's Mark | Precision

Option 1: This is what you use if you don't have an Assassin's Mark ring.

Whirling Blades | Fortify Support | Cast On Critical Strike | Frost Bomb

Option 2: This is the setup you use if you have an Assassin's Mark ring.

(In this case Precision will be placed in another item.)

Path of Building Link:

More Details:



PoE Cyclone Raider League Starter Build Pure Phys

This build is a perfect league starter, you can do it with only about 30 chaos. Kondo's pride is a great place holder until you can afford a starforge. This build also has the capability to scale amazingly well. You can dump 100+ exalts and still see substantial results.

Leveling Skilltrees

  • Around act 3-4ish.
  • Around Act 6-7ish.
  • Late act 9 to early endgame.


Path of Building Link:

More Details:




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