Path of Exile Legion Top Scion Builds

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The Scion is a very special class in Path of Exile. She is able to use the ascendancy point of all other classes, so that she is not limited by the skill tree and can combine the advantages of multiple classes. R4pg will lead players to find the best poe 3.7 scion starter build for themselves.

Path of Exile Legion Top Scion Builds


Legion Scion Ascendant

[3.7] DoomHerald | All Content | Millions+ DPS MirageArcher | 7k+ Life | 600+ Delves | 5-Link only

[3.7] Elemental Hit Ascendant [Deathless Uber Elder Video]

[3.7] Winter Orb CWC Ice Spears. 8.6k hp ,slayer leech, 9.8-10.7 mil dps ,Depth 749, easy Uber Elder


[3.7] DoomHerald | All Content | Millions+ DPS MirageArcher | 7k+ Life | 600+ Delves | 5-Link only

This is the DoomHerald! At it's core this is an(other) Mirage Archer supported Scourge Arrow/Rain of Arrows Build - but with some interesting twists on it. :)

It is a versatile Bow-Character base that can basically run any and all bow skills.

The first big thing about it is that it is cheap to start out and scales really well into the endgame with more investment - It is fully Endgame and UberElder viable on 5-links alone. It does some really funky stuff with the conversion mechanics and utelizes the second Scion Ascendancy we pick - Elementalist - to an degree that is not often found in other Builds.

Its other Scion-Ascendency pick is Slayer for its super strong overleech mechanic fuelled by Vaal Pact which almost feels mandatory for Life based builds that want to tackle the EndGame. Between those two Ascendencies the build is also totally immune to both physical and elemental reflect. Making this a true 'all content' build.

In short: A 7k+ Life, Vaal Pact, Overleeching, Immune to all Reflect Types, Bow-Build with 3-Mio+ ShaperDPS while having Mirage-Archer linked up. Also no 'shocked' state checked or other shifty things enabled when it is questionably if they are appropiate.


Gems Setup

Weapon: Herald of Purity + Herald of Ice + Herald of Thunder + Herald of Ash + Enlighten.

Deactivate one of the Elemental Heralds of your choice while leveling/not having an Enlighten. You can 6link eventually and socket a Blind Support in it if you want. Or get blind somewhere else (abyssal jewels, shaped/elder mod on quiver etc) and use the last socket for something like Blink Arrow.

Chest: Elemental Damage with Attacks + Mirage Archer + Increased Critical Strikes + Damage on Full Life + [BowSkill of your Choice] -> Scourge Arrow or Rain of Arrows

You can swap in Elemental Focus for even more Damage - but it will disable the ability to freeze, shock and burn enemies. This is a valid thing to do against bosses! If you want to do that swap out Increased Critical Strikes. (Since crits apply Elemental Ailments this support gets devalued by Elemental Focus)
Note: Damage on Full-Life works really well due to Slayer Overleech. If you have Blood Rage active it might look like you are not at full life - but you actually are. You can check that via tooltip. Its a known bug/curiosity with the interaction of those two gems.

Boots - Gloves - Helmet:

The following links can be interchangably used in the last three gearslots:

Lv 3 Immortal Call + Lv 1 Cast When Damage Taken. The gemlevel is of note here - normally you would want it as high as possible. Here it is best used like this.

Summon Lightning Golem:

Summon Ice Golem:

-> we can summon two Golems as ScionElementalist, so we make use of it. If you dont want to manually resummon them get an Abyssal Gear-Piece with just one Abyssal socket and link them up with an Cast When Damage Taken support-gem. Level that one up though till you can support the golems (which you should level up as well).

Blood Rage:

Gives Frenzy Charges and AttackSpeed - is outhealed easily by the Slayer Overleech and SpiritBursts.

Phase Run:

Gotta go fast! And since Mirage Archer does most of the work anyhow we can can just zoom through the maps with this active while the MirageArcher does the work. Its also neat in delves if you are afraid of getting stuck in mobs.


Path of Building Link:

More Details:



[3.7] Elemental Hit Ascendant [Deathless Uber Elder Video]

  • + All Content Viable.
  • + Tanky. Huge amounts of life, Dodge, Spell Dodge. Slayer "Life Leech is not Removed at Full Life" and massive Leech rate through Pantheon/Passive Tree make this one of the tankiest builds.
  • + Resolute Technique. Gearing becomes simple when you don't care about crit or accuracy.
  • + Unique Items Heavy. This is a major pro for me so I don't have to answer as many questions on gearing decisions! Makes things simple to gear for, no tricky rares to find and hunt on trade websites.
  • - Not a great league starter. On top of the notoriously difficult leveling of Scions this build relies on many uniques. You are at the mercy of the "meta" when it comes to the prices of said uniques and in an SSF environment the build basically cannot function without the Combat Focus threshold jewels.
  • - Have to reroll some map mods. Elemental Reflect is not possible for this build. Even with Sibyl's Lament, Yugul Pantheon, and Primeval Force you do too much damage and will 1-shot yourself against reflect.
  • - Can be high budget. Without giving you a lecture on economics (supply and demand) I'll just mention it for the third time: The build relies on uniques. If GGG suddenly decides that Combat Focus jewels are going to be ultra-rare then the build will be hard to afford. Before getting started with this build take a peek at the gear recommendations and see what the prices of those uniques are and if it's in the range of things you can afford with your level of currency.


Elemental Hit

Single Target: Elemental Hit - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Combustion - Mirage Archer - Fire Penetration - Damage on Full Life

Clearing: Elemental Hit - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Combustion - Mirage Archer - Fire Penetration

NOTES show
NOTE: Cold to Fire is top priority if you aren't using Pyre Ring.
NOTE: Experiment with taking out Mirage Archer for Faster Attacks if it suits your playstyle more!
NOTE: End Gamers using Empower look for the +2 Level of Socketed Support Gems! Check PoB if this is more DPS for you!
Remember to try out different gems to suit your setup and consult Path of Building if you want the best numbers! Elemental Focus will often show up as a huge MORE multiplier for your damage but it removes the ability to Shock and Ignite which would be a huge detriment to your damage! ***NOTE: If you are using a Clearing and a Single Target setup together you can apply ailments with your Clearing and then use Ele Focus on your Single Target setup.


None! This is a Blood Magic build. Before picking up the keystone: Anger/Flammability-Blasphemy/Herald of Ash/Arctic Armor can all be considered.


Cast When Damage Taken – Blood Rage - Immortal Call – Vaal Cold Snap show
Don’t overlevel your gems. You need to keep these gems relatively low level because we want CWDT to proc at a lower life threshold. By keeping it low – it also limits what level of spell it can cast. 
Vaal Cold Snap does double duty here. It will automatically cast the non-vaal version of Cold Snap when you get hit (which applies a chill). Remember applying different ailments allows Elemental Hit and Yoke of Suffering to give you More damage! The Vaal Cold Snap can gives you the chill on demand.

Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks show
Great mobility and gap crossing.

Lightning Golem show
Gives attack and movespeed if you can afford to get the links.
Can be annoying to recast and keep up so try having a high level Cast When Damage Taken. Culling Strike, Blind, and/or Increased Item Rarity are good ways to get more value from your golem.

Decoy Totem show
A great utility totem which helps for bosses.

Other Nice to Haves

Vaal Grace: Some extra survivability for bosses.

Vaal Haste: For all the speed demons.

With any of these Vaal Skills consider linking to Increased Duration!

Quality Priority

Elemental Hit > Damage Supports (All give .5% increase) > Attack Speed Supports (GMP)


Path of Building Link:

More Details:



[3.7] Winter Orb CWC Ice Spears. 8.6k hp ,slayer leech, 9.8-10.7 mil dps ,Depth 749, easy Uber Elder

Skills and Mechanics

We are simultaneously dealing damage with 2 skills here: Winter orb and Ice spears. Winter orb is our trigger skill and ice spears is indirectly cast while we channel winter orb via the use of the support : Cast While Channeling

While channeling winter orb , ice spears is cast every 0.35 seconds. This is a fixed interval that is not affected by cooldown recovery mods.

This build clears pretty fast as expected of a winter orb setup while dealing millions of dps to obliterate bosses and syndicate members with ice spears.. The idea here is to combine the fastest clearing spell build that has built in auto targeting with the highest dps spell in game to create a build that is both fast at clearing and has amazing single target. The scion ascendancy gives us the option to obtain slayer leech as well as reflect immunity on top of the good clear speed and single target we already have

It should be noted that the ice spears projectiles have a 2nd form which is much more powerful than the 1st form (more crit and crit multi) and hence there is a need to position yourself at a suitable distance to maximize your dps. You can check out the gif of my character downing minotaur above where I stand at just the right distance to hit and shotgun the boss with all the 2nd form ice spears projectiles.


Gems Setup

Weapon: Winter Orb - Controlled Destruction - Ice Spear - Hypothermia - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Empower

Gloves: Projectile Weakness - Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Frost Bomb

Helmet: Clarity - Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Vitality

Boots: Herald of Ice - Righteous Fire - Blood Rage - Empower


Path of Building link:

More Details:


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