Path of Exile Legion Top Ranger Builds

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Dear players, are you still worried about choosing what kind of Build to start your legion journey? Come take a look at the Ranger starter builds for legions! If you are going to use ranger to start poe 3.7, then these cheap, easy, and powerful endgames build will be your best choice! R4PG will continuously update the content of this page to make sure that players can learn the latest and most interesting poe 3.7 ranger build.

Path of Exile Legion Top Ranger Builds



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Legion Ranger Deadeye

[3.7] Voidfletcher Deadeye (all core content cleared, budget options available, 600+ depth)

[3.7] Mai Cedere's MF windripper money maker: 187% IIQ 218% IIR speed mapper (ALL Content EASILY)


[3.7] Voidfletcher Deadeye (all core content cleared, budget options available, 600+ depth)

In particular, the build is designed around using Void Shot. Void Shot is a triggered skill that fires an arrow to the targeted point, which will then explode after a short delay... it's kinda a reskinned version of the exploding shot those crossbow enemies in act 5 fire at you.

Gems Setup

Tornado Shot - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Cold Penetration - Added Cold - Hypothermia - (choice 6th)

Ice Shot - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Pierce - Added Cold - Mirage Archer - (choice 6th)

These are the main damage setups, Tshot mostly for focused damage and ice shot for clearing and mirage archer supporting dps.

For the 6th links, i use Faster Attacks for both Tshot and ice shot. There's other supports that could result in better dps, but all in all with the relatively low attack speed in the build and the plentiful dps already, i've elected to go with faster attacks to keep things smoother and allow me to attack-and-move more ably (which is important vs uber elder in particular)

As for the other setups:

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Grace

Frenzy - Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike

Herald of Ice - Hatred

cwdt-ic for defense, vaal grace-inc duration for defense (especially in incursions), HoI and Hatred for base cold damage and HoI explosions, blink arrow for movement, frenzy to build up charges for tougher boss fight (i don't need to use it that often, most stuff dies pretty easy even with my budget setup)

if you used my bestiary version, I've dropped ice golem (and the accompanying helm enchantment). Sadly, golems make entering incursions pretty dangerous, as they draw enemies and attacks to your vicinity before you've even broken the grace period. As such, I replaced it, and frankly i haven't really felt much of a difference for it (except my incursions have been much smoother). And it's given me space to add culling strike into my setup.


Path of Building Link links:

More Details:



[3.7] Mai Cedere's MF windripper money maker: 187% IIQ 218% IIR speed mapper (ALL Content EASILY)

This guide is not a general MF guide, there are hundreds of those posted on the forums. The goal of this guide is to provide people who want the strongest possible magic find character a blueprint to follow. This is not a T6 burial farming bot but a character capable of cutting through T16 maps quickly, safely and with as much loot as possible. It is damn expensive but well worth it! 


Gems Setup

6L Tornado Shot - General Clear:

Tornado Shot-> Greater Multiple Projectiles-> Elemental Damage With Attacks-> Chain-> Mirage Archer-> Item Quantity

Our main skill, this will be used 99% of the time, with our incredible number of chain and fork projectiles a single shot can clear as much as 3 screens, with mirage archer we can fly through maps ridiculously quickly.

6L Barrage - Single Target:

(This isn't 100% necessary but it gives your build the power to do any content, even uber elder!

Barrage-> Elemental Damage with Attacks-> Elemental Focus-> Damage on Full Life-> Slower Projectiles-> Lightning Penetration

Our bread and butter single target skill, can melt throw any boss with or without headhunter buffs, allowing us to clear maps safer and quicker.

Blink Arrow - Movement Enhancement:

Blink Arrow-> Faster Projectiles-> Faster Attacks -> Enhance

Blink Arrow is invaluable in maps when we have obstacles in our way or are out low flasks, with faster proj and faster attacks blink arrow moves us extremely quickly.
If 4th socket available use enhance, I personally don't have room for enhance and that is totally fine!

Herald of Ice - DPS Buff & Charge Generator

Herald of Ice-> Curse on Hit-> Assassin's Mark-> Ice Bite OR Item Quantity

Assassins mark allows us to get another damage multiplier and provides us power charges. I personally use ice bite to generate frenzy charges, due to item quantity diminishing returns the occasional mod not having an extra 44% iiq makes less than a percent difference in loot, I would much rather than extra 14% DPS from frenzies

Cast when Damage Taken - Damage Mitigation

CWDT (Level 1!)-> Immortal Call (Level 1!)-> Increased Duration-> Vaal Haste (Levelled)

CWDT immortal call reduces physical spike damage a significant amount, this helps us survive any dangerous situations related to lots of physical damage hits. We also socket Vaal haste here to get the effect of increased duration, we do NOT run the haste aura! The vaal haste has no cast time, allowing us a free movement speed buff and attack speed to make mirage archer even smoother.


Path of Building Link links:

Garbage Pastebin:

More Details:



Legion Ranger Pathfinder

[3.7] TOXIC RAIN + HERALD OF AGONY Pathfinder Build (6-8K life) (UBER ELDER done!) +VIDEO GUIDE!


[3.7] TOXIC RAIN + HERALD OF AGONY Pathfinder Build (6-8K life) (UBER ELDER done!) +VIDEO GUIDE!

  • + decent AOE
  • + great single target damage without Barrage or Elemental Hit
  • + great clear speed with usual high Pathfinder mobility
  • + permanent flask uptime
  • + no need to PIERCE heavily, like in CA setup
  • + REFLECT IMMUNE (all reflect!)
  • + 45-65% dodge
  • - Still pretty squishy as relies mostly on acrobatics and Evasion.
  • - stacking Virulence is harder with slow bow
  • - 111 INT required for proper gearing


Leveling Gems Setup 

Start with Caustic Arrow + Pierce and use it till level 12 when you get Toxic Rain. 

  • Toxic Rain 3L: Toxic Rain-Mirage Archer-Void Manipulation
  • Toxic Rain 4L: Toxic Rain-Mirage Archer-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles

In act 2 you will get Herald of Agony after doing Sharp and Cruel. Just buy minion damage gem and you are set.

Herald of Agony 4L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Faster Attacks/Withering Touch/Damage on Full Life

At Level 24 get Despair and at level 31 start using it with Blasphemy. You will drop it later when you get Witchfire Brew.


Endgame Gems Setup

For Uber Lab enchant

40% Toxic Rain damage if not running 6L Herald or using Coming Calamity. 30% Reduced Herald of Agony if running 6L Herald on Belly of the Beast and everything else. 
Link setup here is a balance between dot, poison and pod explosions!

  • Toxic Rain 5L: Toxic Rain-Damage on Full Life-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-Mirage Archer
  • Toxic Rain 6L: Toxic Rain-Damage on Full Life-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-mirage Archer-Added Chaos

For maximum DoT stacking

Toxic Rain 6L: Toxic Rain-Void Manipulation-Vicious Projectiles-Swift Affliction-Increased Duration-Efficacy

  • Herald of Agony 5L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Withering Touch-Damage on Full Life
  • Herald of Agony 6L: Herald of Agony-Vicious Projectiles-Minion Damage-Withering Touch-Damage on Full Life-Maim.


Path of Building Link

Quill Rain (LEGACY version now!):

Lioneye's Glare / Elder bow:

More Details:



Legion Ranger Raider

[3.7] Demi's Fastest Lemon: 190% Quantity Legacy MF Windripper Raider (ALL SKILLS + ALL CONTENT)

[3.7] [HC] Caustic Arrow Raider, DoT Focused | MFing | 6k+ Health | All Content | In-depth


[3.7] Demi's Fastest Lemon: 190% Quantity Legacy MF Windripper Raider (ALL SKILLS + ALL CONTENT)

What is MF? Why do it? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

MF, or Magic Find, is an old term from Diablo-days. It basically means stacking Quantity and Rarity to find more and better items.

In Path of Exile, it means you get more currency per map, per hour, per anything you kill. I pushed myself up to 190% Quantity and 41% Rarity.

Player Quantity affects: Currency drops, Divination Card Drops, or White/Magic/Rare/Unique drops.

It does not affect: Silver Coins, Map Drops, or Divine Vessels.

Player Rarity affects: The chance for a white item to become magic to become rare to become unique.

It does not affect: Currency dropping as a higher tier or div cards dropping as more rare cards.

Further reading:


6 Link Tornado Shot

Tornado Shot > Mirage Archer > Greater Multiple Projectiles > Elemental Damage With Attacks > Damage on Full Life > Item Quantity/Rarity  show
Our Jack-Of-All-Trades skill. HUGE AOE clear and good single target. Just be sure to shoot slightly behind the enemy for the most damage, don't name lock bosses. Use Item Rarity if you don't have access to the Quant gem. If your damage is garbage, I'd recommend Added Cold/Increased Crits instead of your Quantity/Rarity gem, whichever gives more damage.
I don't recommend trying to use Tornado Shot without some investment into jewels/helm enchant as it feels like complete crap on single target otherwise. Use the alternate skill setups in the POB pastebin until you have the currency to upgrade into TS, or just skip bosses and spam farm low tier maps with TS. Scourge Arrow/Blast Rain/Rain of Arrows/Elemental Hit are all good options for early on without OP jewels. Remember, the Path of Building has alternate skill setups for your main skills. Test and see which ones feel good to you.


Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Summon Ice Golem > Increased Duration show
Defensive/Offensive Setup. Headhunter gives Endurances fairly often so feel free to level this up as high as you want.

6 Link Herald Setup (Lol)

Herald of Ice > Curse on Hit > Assassin's Mark > Innervate > Onslaught > Item Quantity/Rarity show
When we shatter an enemy, the explosion from Herald of Ice hits enemies and curses with Assassin's. This provides Power Charges and damage. Innervate gives us a flat lightning damage buff for 8 seconds. Onslaught gives us 20% attack/cast/movement speed buff for 3-8 seconds. Use Item Rarity if you don't have access to the Quant gem.

4 Link Movement Setup

Blink Arrow > Faster Projectiles > Phase Run > Enhance show
Let's us jump over ledges and run faster between packs if need be. If you can't afford Enhance, use Faster Attacks or Increased Duration.

Support Skills

Haste, War Banner, Enlighten, Portal show
Haste cause gotta go fast, Banner gives ridiculous accuracy bonuses AND Champion's Adrenaline Buff (maximum of 2.5 seconds of 100% increased damage, 25% attack and cast speed, and 10% phys mitigation) when we drop it on bosses/tough rares. Portal means less inventory clicking to get out of maps. Yeet.


Path of Building Link:

More Details:



[3.7] [HC] Caustic Arrow Raider, DoT Focused | MFing | 6k+ Health | All Content | In-depth

  • + Cheap starting cost, great league starter
  • + Very easy to play
  • + Tanky end game, over 6000 life and very high evasion + dodge
  • + Fast without flasks (over 90% ms, high AS)
  • + Flexible build, adjust how much you want to go MF / damage / tanky
  • + Can run any map mod, including "No regen"
  • + Capable of clearing all end game content
  • + Permanent flask uptime while mapping (except bosses)
  • - Mediocre single target damage
  • - Slightly expensive end game gear
  • - Weak against spells


Starting with the most important question: "Why Raider of all classes?"
For powerful defensive abilities, QoL features and speed. When damage is not a problem, these are more valuable qualities than slightly higher dps number. That's why i believe this is the best ascendancy choice for life based CA.

This build features over 6000 life, very high evasion with up to 95% evade chance cap, 46/40% dodge/spell dodge. It's also immune to all ailments and can run absolutely any map mod. Any incoming damage can be easily solved with two instant life flasks healing you back to full life. Capable of clearing all content in the game. Everything with possiblity to use some magic find gear.


Main Skill (GGGGBR):

Caustic Arrow - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Vicious Projectiles - Concentrated Effect

6th Link: Damage on Full Life OR Empower lvl 3/4

Wither Totem (BRRR):

Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Increased Duration

Nearly doubles damage against bosses. Place the totem and let it do the work. It also slows their movement speed, so keep that in mind against some bosses.

Cursed Frenzy Setup (GGBB):

Frenzy - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Curse on Hit - Despair

CWDT Immortal Call (RRR):

Cast when Damage Taken lvl 3 - Immortal Call lvl 5 - Increased Duration lvl 20

Aura: Malevolence OR Grace

Temporary Aura: Vaal Grace

Banner: Dread Banner - Increased AoE (optional)

Bonus Mana Regen: Clarity lvl 10

Movement Skill: Blink Arrow


Path of Building Link:

More Details:

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