Path of Exile Guide

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You should already be aware of what Path of Exile is at this point, considering the game’s been out since 2013; but on the off-chance that you aren’t already aware – Path of Exile is an isometric ARPG, developed by Grinding Gear Games. Basically, try to imagine a spiritual successor to the game Diablo 2, and you’ve effectively got this game in a nutshell. 

Path of Exile Guide

As far as ARPG’s go, Path of Exile is one of the best around at the moment and part of that is down to its free to play nature that doesn’t support any form of pay-to-win and uses micro transactions solely for cosmetic purposes. Thanks to this very design choice, it’s completely down to you as the player to level-up, improve your character and skills, and acquire the necessary funds/orbs to make you the wealthiest man or woman in the game! 


Path of Exile employs a bartering-based system, one where every item you trade into a vendor will be repaid in kind with the Path of Exile currency: orbs. These orbs can do a number of things for your character, such as improving a rare piece of equipment, adding new sockets to an item or a number of other affects that can occur depending on the orb in question. Now, whilst these orbs can be used for personal reasons, they are much more effective when used for bartering with in-game vendors and other players for equipment.


Since these orbs are a major part of the game; regardless for how you decide to use them, either way they are a necessity for every player in this game. To save yourself grinding for hours on end every time you feel the need to upgrade your Path of Exile orb storage, then be sure to keep some of these tips in mind for the next time you play.


First of all, be sure to ignore the trash mobs – the mobs that are weak and easy to kill - whether you’re level 1 or 100; trash mobs a lot of the time will not have any equipment that are worth picking up in the slightest, so it’s best just to avoid them. Unless these low-tier mobs are a champion of some kind, a small sub-section of mobs that aren’t as difficult or irritating as bosses, but do take some more time than trash mobs. Defeating these guys and girls is going to distribute a series of loot that has a much higher chance of being worth some serious funds once you’ve taken them down a peg or two.


This one in particular is aimed more towards the experienced Path of Exile players out there, but it appears to be a tip that players often overlook that they really shouldn’t when it comes to making “money”. 


In the Path of Exile online community, this method is called “The Chaos Recipe” and it requires you to collect: chest armour, boots, a helmet, two rings, an amulet, a belt, a pair of gloves, and a two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapons. Every single item must be over level 60 and they must all be traded into the same vendor at the same time; after doing all of this it will result in you receiving two Chaos Orbs – easily one of the most high-value orbs out. Unfortunately, the items can’t be identified yet, so you can’t check and evaluate them in comparison to your current gear, but the likelihood of them being absolutely terrible is highly likely, so you’re really not missing out on much at all. 


These are only a quick couple of ways to set you up with farming in the game from both a low and high level, and while no one truly enjoys farming in the long run; just remember that the more times you end up doing it, the quicker and more efficient you’re going to get at it all. Giving it a little bit of time and I can assure you that you will be raking in some serious Path of Exile orbs!

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