PoE 3.3 Incursion Gladiator Duelist Builds

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In this article, R4PG will share some cool PoE 3.3 Incursion Gladiator Duelist builds to all players that want to have a good start in the new league, and you can check our PoE builds section to find more Incursion builds. If you have any questions about these builds or you just have a great build, just contact us, we'd like to have a discussion with you.


PoE 3.3 Incursion Gladiator Duelist Builds


1. [PoE 3.3 Updated] MoM`s bloody Gladiator: when bleed actually does the job


2. [PoE 3.3] 770k+ (540k+ Shaper) Sunder Gladiator (Budget friendly!) (Fully updated)


3. [PoE 3.3] HC/SC Draxcon's 82/82 8,5k HP+ Gladiator. Very tanky, good damage on budget. League starter.


4. [PoE 3.3] IcyTank - IceCrash Facebreaker Tank (400k+ DPS) - EndGame viable



1. [PoE 3.3 Updated] MoM`s bloody Gladiator: when bleed actually does the job

[3.3] changes breakdown: As far as I can tell, it seems that new expansion touches mostly elemental and trap builds. Some new uniques may shuffle things around, but on first sight, all stays the same. One interesting thing is a change of ground slam, which can become viable with its significant boost for short range dmg, especially counting in the capacity for an occasional Vaal ground slam. Will need a little bit of testing, but it seems now a viable option for the build. If any other changes occur, I will update appropriate section.


Why choose this build and why not

+ cheap to start 

+ great survivalability (MoM, block+spellblock, fortify, great mobility)

+ good clearspeed

+ can do all content solo-Shaper deathless, Guardians simple, UberLab simple, UberAtziri killed

+ bleed is actually main source of DPS

+ can do ANY COMBINATION of map mods by itself



- not god-tier single target dmg

- does not get much from group auras

- I really try hard to find another minus


Main skill choice - Sunder

This skill has high dmg which means high bleed dmg. Because of its range, you can use it for kiting these types of secondary shockwaves has excellent AoE and quick bleed stacking on groups. Well, I recommend by using this skill as our primary damage source


Weapon choice

Once we opting for sunder, our only option is between axe or mace. We're searching for optimum damage per hit, attack speed is secondary. Within the budget build we are able to take very cheap Callinellus Malleus, presently, this mace with dmg per hit 270 can be purchased for just two chaos. In case your finances are limitless, select the one with greater damage per hit. Axe can provide extra onslaught, that may accelerate the obvious a bit.


Mapping and endgame 

When I mentioned before-practically any map can be done with the proper approach. Some exotic combinations may well be a huge problem and can require slower approach, however in general, you need to simply adjust couple of things:

-Reflect physical damage-Sibyl´s lament (incorrect ring slot) and Yugul minor god

-No regen-mana flask and play less aggressive with lower gear can be solved by enchantment on boots (0.6 % mana and life leech if you killed recently)

-reduced block change-pain in the ass, but thanks to sunder range doable. Probably most problematic map mod

-the elemental weakness-use purity of elements, either on the expense of mana or use essence worm

-he proof reduced physical damage, chance to avoid bleed (or temporal chains)-in general just pain in the ass as everything takes a bit longer, but not game-breaking issue


This is my current skill tree (lvl 94): http://poeurl.com/bJG0


Check my build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1991349



2. [PoE 3.3] 770k+ (540k+ Shaper) Sunder Gladiator (Budget friendly!) (Fully updated)


Nothing changed. We are still awesome ♥


Guide Start

Right now I'm killing T15 maps by which I mostly only die since i respond to slow. I possibly could not test any Guardians, Shaper or Uber Atziri when i never got the maps on their behalf.



1. Fast Attacker

2. Easy to play

3. 60% Block - 70% Spellblock (With MAX ROLL Rumi's Concoction)



1. Can't do physical reflect maps

2. Have to turn off Hatred for elemental reflect maps

3. Can't do no leech maps


How does this build work?


Sunder is really a "Melee" Skill having a range, that makes it a great deal simpler to evade exactly what has been tossed at us. We're using a dual wield. As Sunder just uses the primary hands for attacking, we are able to make use of the offhand for any supporting weapon.


So all we do is: 1. Get in range of the enemy, hold right mouse button and watch stuff die.

If anything is thrown at us, just use whirling blades to evade stuff and keep fortify alive.


What gear is mandatory?

Really mandatory is certainly not. You are able to fully take part in the build with 2 rares to obtain some currency However the build is really affordable that you'll be able to purchase the endgame products that provide you with to t15 for under you'd even imagine.


Depending on the starter price, take either Jack, the Axe or Soul Taker as the main weapon.

Soul Taker is preferred because it is stronger than Jack but mostly costs up to 50% more than Jack.


Prismatic Eclipse: This is our Offhand weapon with 3 green sockets to trigger its modifier of "12%

increased attack speed for each green socket" this is the strongest way this weapon can support us with whooping 36% more attack speed.


Kaom's Roots: Stun immunity, freeze immunity, can't be slowed under standard movement speed an lots of life. Nothing else needed.


Please note that boss values only apply to bosses themselves. Their adds will receive Map Clearing DPS. 


If you have ANY questions please post them here, so others with the same questions have their answers listed here too :)



Killed all content except Hall of Grandmasters (impossible), Perandus Manor (too expensive), Uber Atziri (Didn't get a full set yet)


PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/k6QdZje1


See example build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1979204



3. [PoE 3.3] HC/SC Draxcon's 82/82 8,5k HP+ Gladiator. Very tanky, good damage on budget. League starter.



-8500-9000 HP 

This build is 100% designed for HC. However, you can play it in SC if you like tanky builds.


-82/82 block chance 

-High physical damage reduction

-Not expensive, can be used as HC/SC league starter

-All content viable (don't know about Uber Elder, but probably possible without bigger problems)

-About 300k+ realistic Shaper DPS with just Dreadbeak


Bandits: kill all


Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Shakari. Swap Lunaris for Solaris for bosses dealing massive AoE damage.


Levelling, starting map journey and some useful tips (league starter):


I suggest levelling with Cleave   Fortify/Area jewel from quest before you get like lvl 70. Buy 5L Arm/Arm Evasion chest and then try to hit existence/resistances. Next, search for decent rings rich in resistances. Buy Scaeva if you cannot afford Dreadbeak with a decent roll. Obtain a Rare shield with HP/Arm/Block if you cannot afford Lioneye's Remorse. Start your mapping journey. Cut costs. Buy Belly from the Animal, get Jeweller's Touch prediction for simple 5L. You'll be able to focus on more resistances, HP, better gear.


In 3.3 we use Vaal Reave instead of Reave because it grants us both Reave and Vaal Reave skill versions.


This build is made to work on a tight budget. For those who have a fat wallet, you will get good Steel Rings, Kaom's Roots with  1 craze, Amber with  1 craze, Greater pDPS Sword, The Surrender/ Rare shield with Existence Acquired on Block to create your character much more powerful.


Skill tree on lvl 95: https://goo.gl/hmDXBj


Find more build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2133304



4. [PoE 3.3] IcyTank - IceCrash Facebreaker Tank (400k+ DPS) - EndGame viable

Farming :

- Use bloodrage only once, on the first pack

- Use enduring cry only once, on the first pack, to get some charges

- Shield charge into pack

- You will get free Endurance charges when you block thanks to the shaper mod Gain an endurance, frenzy or power charge when you block

- Ice crash

- Repeat


Bosses :

- Refresh bloodrage manually when down if no mobs to kill nearby (or not, but you lose some DPS)

- Refresh enduring charges manually if the boss is not hitting you enough to maintain it

- Refresh fortify with Shield Charge

- Ice crash

- Repeat


Pros :

- Can be viable really fast with cheap items

- 75% block & Spell block with Rumi's concoction while in fight (50/50 in hideout)

- High regen (Mainly 830+ HP / sec, up to 1100+ with glove lab enchant)

- High physical mitigation (4% from node "Soul of Steel" + Arctic armor + 5/6 Enduring charges + 10% reduced from "Outmatch and outlast" in Ascendancy + Pantheon nodes while stationary)

- Can facetank almost everything

- Can do almost every map mod (Except elemental reflects)

- Can AFK in maps without problems (still, don't AFK in front of a boss :D)

- Can do Hall of Grandmaster (well, there's one guy I still can't kill, but 100% of the time I get 3 chests, and 25% of the time this guy doesn't show up so I can clear it)

- Can apply a 20% shock on a block for 4 seconds, works on bosses !


Cons :

- Clear speed is not really good compared to fast builds, but it's okay

- Can't do elemental reflects

- Abyssus (negative effect countered well with all the physical mitigation + block)


PoB link: https://pastebin.com/Kk01ujBH


The full build is here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1980534


Now you can begin your Gladiator trip in Incursion league now, if you want to buy PoE Currency and Orbs, just visit this page, you will find all currency/orbs that you want in Path of Exile, R4PG will always be your strong support and would give you more help as much as possible.

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