PoE 3.3 Incursion New Players Guide

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With the releasing of Incursion league, more and more players would like to have a try with this new league of Path of Exile 3.3 patch, so R4PG will share some basic/newcomer guides with you, you will start your Incursion trip smoothly! And most importantly, if you have any demand for Poe Orbs, just purchase from R4PG, we have adequate stocking now.

PoE 3.3 Incursion New Players Guide

Defeat an Architect

Super Easy. You'll encounter them frequently and it is part current league auto technician.

Use these currency items

Very Easy. Require no RNG to get these orbs.

Enter the Temple of Atzoatl

Once you completed 11 temporal incursions, you can connect to the complete form of it that is known as The Temple of Atzoatl.

Easy. You'll encounter Alva Valai often(once per every map) as she'll open temporal incursions for you personally, this concern can complete within couple of days.

Vaal Gems

Easy. Using the 3.3.0 update, it buffs the Vaal vessel chests from corrupted side zones now drop much more rewards, making individuals side zones more vital farming.

Complete these Act Bosses I

Very Easy. Require no RNG to do this, will encounter as you progress the story quest.

Items from Vendor Recipes

Chromatic Orb From vendoring item which contains 3 different colour socket-linked together

Orb of Augmentation From vendoring item that six affixes OR item with 3 different rarities(normal, magic, rare) with similar base

Orb of risk From vendoring 2 identified rare products with same name Or perhaps a full set rare item using their item level 59 below

Orb of Alchemy From vendoring 3 identified rare products with same name OR 2/3 unique item because it combines the alchemy shard in the vendor

Jeweller's Orb From vendoring item which contains 6 sockets

Chaos Orb From vendoring a complete set of rare item using their item level between 60 to 74

Vaal Orb From vendoring 7 Vaal gems along with a sacrifice fragment map

Easy. Is a great summary of vendor recipe to newbies.

Fully clear an Incursion

Normal. This involves a good obvious speed build so that you can accomplish this, Or simply wait until your build is well outfitted go find Alva Valai within the lower level zone then it will be simpler to accomplish this.

Kill these unique monsters

Easy. Those are acted zone 4 onward mini bosses, easy to kill and guarantee spawn in the relative zone.

Cato, Defiler of Light - Act5 The Torched Courts

Raihara, Tukohama's Loyal - Act6 The Coast

Defiled Proclamation - Act6 The Western Forest(spawn from clicking the stone rubble "Proclamation" in the centre of the stone circle)

The Encephelophage - Act6 The Southern Forest(spawn after killed Hollowskull, the Willing Host)

Brinecrack - Act6 The Cavern of Anger

Bundle of Woe - Act7 Fellshrine Ruins

The Great White Bones - Act7 The Den

The Rotten Matriarch - Act10 The Ravaged Square

Easy. All of these are mini-bosses in act zones and are easy to kill.

Defeat the Vaal Omnitect.

Easy. Is the final boss of the Temple of Atzoatl, is easy to beat unless you buff it with room upgrades for better drops.

10. Defeat these Act Bosses II

Easy. You'll encounter them as you progressing your journey/quest if can't kill just get a party to help.

Kill these Vaal Bosses

Mother from the Hive - The Cavern of Wrath, The Cavern of Anger (Act 1), The Coast (Act 6), The Tidal Island (Act 6), The Karui Fortress, The Cavern of Anger (Act 6)

Perquil overall game - The Ship Graveyard, The Dirt Flats (Act 6), The Beacon, The Brine King's Reef

Sheaq, Maker of Floods - Prisoner's Gate (Act 1), The Ship Graveyard, The Coast (Act 6), Prisoner's Gate (Act 6), The Beacon

Thornrunner - That Old Fields, The Crossroads (Act 2), The Damaged Bridge (Act 2), The Damaged Bridge (Act 7), The Crossroads (Act 7), The Ashen Fields, The Imperial Fields

Curator Miem - The Crematorium

Rima, Deep Temptress - Industry, The Battlefront, The Black Barracks, The Hedge Maze, The Grain Gate, The Imperial Fields, The Lunaris Concourse, The Solaris Concourse

Commander of Flesh - The Dried Lake

Inti from the Bloodstream Moon - The Imperial Gardens

Easy. Have they are spawned from act side zones(corrupted) along with the 3.3.0 buff from the Vaal vessel drops is actually worth farming them now. You can use Hidden Vaal Pathways prediction to pressure corrupt place to spawn in the region you desired to help ease this concern.

Complete these Encounters I

Defeat an uncommon monster with Inner Treasure RNG rate: rare, require a couple of days of grinding.

Defeat any Monster possessed with a Tormented Embezzler RNG rate: rare, require a couple of days of grinding.

Open an Arcanist's Strongbox RNG rate: normal, require a couple of times of grinding.

Complete any map having a Tempest active RNG rate: normal, you will need prediction that contributes tempest on the map to do this challenge.

Normal. require a few days to complete this.

Open Doors in Incursions

Normal. Require few weeks of grindings through temporal incursion just to open a couple of doors.

Fulfil Prophecy Chains

Normal, using the QOL improvement of three.3. update on the prediction that is "Targets for that Pale Council Prediction chains now be visible on the minimap." is going to be slightly better on carrying this out prediction chains, just junk e-mail seek prediction from Navali you found them eventually. Simply need to complete 3 from 6 only which means this challenge is simple-peasy, very little RNG needed.

Corrupt Gear

Normal. This concern isn't that hard but much more INTERESTING, particularly with the three.three. the update did improve and added more possible results of using Vaal orbs, although effectively corrupting a gear with the implicit outcome may not that simple so .... this concern cost a few Vaal orbs.

Complete these Encounters II

Penitentiary Incarcerator - Tier1 Dungeon Map, he just uses his "hook" skill whenever you a long way away from him, so to avert this you need to kill him in melee-range combat.

Herald of Thunder - Tier3 Arcade Map, so essentially kills thunder first while ashes convey more than 50% existence than only kill ashes. Killing one causes another to interact and obtain a new skill, which fits the same as Gorge Map's bosses except they were simpler.

Executioner Bloodwing - Tier3 Cage Map, he summons his "Bloodstream Ravens" quite fast, 100 quite a bit of figure, however, these wild birds aren't deal a lot of damage so don't worry about this especially continue to be in low tier map. Just wait a little for this to cast his mass ravens then kill him.

Rek'tar's Goatmen minibosses - Tier4 Gorge Map, when u approach close to the hearth within the boss room, Six goatmen will jump lower around it so try DPS these lower As soon as possible. You have ten seconds to kill his minibosses before they boss crash them lower themselves, and ya the task require your kill and not the boss friendly-kill his minions.

Stone from the Currents - Tier6 Wharf Map, ??? unsure how this boss works yet, will prove to add more information here when known more ...

Lady Stormflay - Tier 6 Ancient City Map, Demonic Martyrs would be the miscreations-variant monster that utilizes Lightning Warp on the top individuals then explode themselves, just try DPS in charge lower As soon as possible before she will even summon her minions, continues to be considered a minimal tier map same with simple to kill her extremely fast.

Riftwalker - Tier8 Laboratory Map, Riftwalk may be the skill he makes use of to teleport to a different platform, he'll cast it when his existence reaches 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%(4 occasions as a whole).

The Damaged Prince, The Hollow Lady and also the Fallen Queen - Tier8 Vaal Pyramid Map, the bosses appear from the portal on the ground sequentially with 8-ten seconds between your spawns, the spawn order may be the Fallen Queen, then your Hollow Lady, then your Damaged Prince. Towards the challenge, you need to hold back until the final one finally emerges the prince then only can perform the kill challenge so as Prince>Lady>Queen.

Normal. These challenges are pretty straightforward but a lot of it kinda tricky, simply make in charge fight much harder to challenge. If can't do that just attempt to ask experienced players for help, they must be simple to complete this.

Identify 100 Unique Items

Normal. This involves couple days of grinding, could ask the aid of experienced players donate some unknown trash unique item with this challenge.

Defeat the following Architects

Normal. each one of the architects is bosses of every upgradable variant rooms, not one of them is difficult to come across as long as possible connect to the room it'll spawn them.

Shape these Maps

Normal. There's 2 method of gaining shaper's orb that in a position to formed map into  5 tiers, that is from defeating map's boss which are under elder-influenced for that first stage of orbs(No.1~10), and defeating elder's protector on red tier maps for the second stage of orbs(No.11~15).

To get this, you need to start elder's influence which spawns once you shaper's influence in tier 6, the elder will spawn in interrupting shaper. Elder Guardians spawn when u get lots of elder's influence inside your atlas.

Watch this video for better understanding the new atlas mechanic

Complete Unidentified Rare Maps

Normal. Going an unidentified rare map is kinda risky but high reward, do ounce per tier. If your build can't deal most of the map mod then just party

up with other people OR invite experienced players to help your Blind Map.

Upgrade Pantheon Powers

Normal. Many of these are Major Gods which require lots of divine vessel/soul to upgrade them. To change your pantheon you have to place a Divine Vessel using the map the pantheon requires into the spotlight device. When succeed killing the map's boss, a Divine Vessel using the boss soul appear in the mapping device, pass this to Crime around then he'll change your pantheon.

Use these Devices

Normal. Most of these of part of special corruption device which only available on certain tier 3 incursion rooms.

Altar of Sacrifice is from Tier 3 Sacrificial's Incursion Room

Corruption Altar is from Tier 3 Corruption's Incursion Room

Lapidary Lens is from Tier 3 Gemcutter's Incursion Room

Complete these Encounters III

Touch Acceleration Shrines RNG rate: normal, the spawn quite frequently, require a couple of times of grinding.

Defeat Beyond Unique Bosses RNG rate: normal, require a couple of times of grinding. You are able to boost the beyond boss spawn chance by stacking the initial map's mod along with zana's Beyond mod(Lvl6) but BE WARN these bosses are harmful ... especially Abaxoth, the Finish of That's-

Defeat Warband Bosses RNG rate: normal. require a couple of times of grinding. You are able to farm them from Tier4 Lighthouse Map(Fire), Tier3 Iceberg Map(Ice), Tier10 Shipyard Map(Lightning), and Tier14 Acidity Ponds Map(Chaos).

Complete the Abyssal Depths RNG rate: rare, require a couple of days of grinding. This really is kinda RNG dependent but Thankfully is just needed once, phew ....

Open Clasped Hands RNG rate: common, they're from breaches and can spawn more frequent in finish game maps. But here's the issue, breach have a tendency to drop a lot of loots which might hide this loot box, making this concern a little annoying to complete ... and so I highly suggest to utilize a more STRICT form of loot filter.

OVERALL Normal. Require handful of days to complete this for the way fast you level Zana to level8 to achieve access breach mod.

Fully Upgraded your Hideout

Normal. Master with level 7 able to fully upgrade their hideout, which requires more grinding than lvl6 so .. around a month to complete this.

Fully Upgrade Rooms

Normal. Just attempt to upgrade all of them to tier 3 during the temporal incursion, try using Temple Nexus that is a tier 3 speed room that will help upgrade tier  1 to room that linked to it.

Complete these Encounters IV

Breachlord Normal, to get into kill Breachlord, you need to collect a collection of 100 splinters that will instantly become Breakstone. The majority of the boss is kinda difficult to fight, just people for assistance to cope with this.

Abyssal Lich Normal. They merely can spawn from finish game map's abyssal depths, they are simple to fight however their spawn rate quite rare. This concern is extremely RNG dependent.

Pale Council Normal, Pale Council require 4 kinds of keys that just could possibly get from certain prediction chain. Can be a somewhat difficult fight, just ask ppl that will help you kill and u completed with this concern.

Release an Essence RNG Rate: Normal, This requires a couple of days to complete them, make use of Remnant of Corruption corrupt individuals tier 5 crimson-essences(Misery, Dread, Scorn, Envy) which only spawn in Finish Game Maps. This table can help you understand much more about essence tiers.

OVERALL Normal. Require a few days to complete this.

Achieve Ascension

Easy. Labyrinth will get easier when you practice more if you build can't do it, just pay someone to bring you to do it ;).

Complete these Encounters V

Atziri, Queen from the Vaal Normal. This is among the finish game bosses, you will need 4 various areas of sacrifice fragment put in a mapping device then only have access to her domain. Atziri might be a hard fight, however, the fragments are kinda simple and easy, cheap to obtain. In case your build can't handle this boss just ask a skilled player to assist kill it.

Abaxoth, the Finish of That's Hard. This boss only spawns from beyond map's mod. He's hardly spawned however, you can boost the beyond boss spawn chance by stacking the initial map's mod along with Zana's Beyond mod(Lvl6) but BE WARN this boss is freaking harmful, so advice try to spawn him in low tier map.

[Chayula, Who Dreamed] Hard. This is among the breach load variant, a chaos type. To get into kill this Chaos Breachlord, you need to collect a collection of 100 Splinters of Chayula that will instantly become Chayula's Breakstone. This boss would be the hardest one of the other breachlord, just people for assistance to cope with this.

[Ulaman, Sovereign from the Well] Normal. This is among the Abyssal Lich. They merely can spawn from finish game map's abyssal depths, they are simple to fight however their spawn rate quite rare. This concern is extremely RNG dependent.

[Ulaman, Sovereign from the Well] Normal. This is among the Abyssal Lich. They merely can spawn from endgame map's abyssal depths, they are simple to fight however their spawn rate quite rare. This concern is extremely RNG dependent.

OVERALL Normal. You simply need to do 3 from 4 of those, so the only person I'll skip is Chayula not just is really a hard boss to defeat but the price of the admission to his breach domain is very costly but when I am still getting bad RNG to locate Ullman to spawn I then don't have any alternative choice but to select to kill Chayula.

Defeat the Vaal Omnitect

**NEW CONTENT* Not so sure about this ... will add more info when known more on how hard the boss fights in end game maps.

Reach Level 90

Normal. This .... require a decent build to do this, require within a month to reach this level. If bad build that dies a lot then .... maybe then need around a month+

Level up Gem to 20

Normal. This really is simpler than levelling a character to 90, just carry any jewel till around level 90  ur character ur jewel might achieve lvl20 already, only need more grinding. Don't be concerned regarding your character dying since it will not reduce the jewel experience whatsoever, only your character, and not the gems )

Complete Twinned Maps

Tier9 - Moon TempleMap

Tier9 - Temple Map

Tier10 - Cursed Crypt Map

Tier10 - Shipyard Lakes Map

Tier11 - Pit Map

Tier11 - Primordial Pool Map

Tier12 - Racecourse Map

Tier12 - Villa Map

Tier13 - Ghetto Map

Tier14 - Dark Forest Map

Normal. Some map boss is much more challenging do when a couple of these questions small room, you can test roll a magic rarity from the map with "Twin" mod to help make the fight simpler. If still can't, just ask another person to assist kill when u got them.

Complete Maps with Eight Mods

Normal. This really is harder than an unknown rare map, to possess 8 mods on red maps(T11 ), you should utilize Vaal Orb to corrupt a roadmap into 8 mods. And again, just ask ppl assist you to cope with the harmful map that u crafted, or create a rotation party to farm 8mod red tier maps is a bit simpler.

Defeat Shaper Guardians

Guardian of the Phoenix - T16 Forge of the Phoenix Map

Guardian of the Hydra - T16 Lair of the Hydra Map

Guardian of the Minotaur - T16 Maze of the Minotaur Map

Guardian of the Chimera - T16 Pit of the Chimera Map

Normal. These bosses would be the shaper's protector which locate in the centre of the atlas map guarding the shaper's realm, simply click the hyperlinks above to understand their fight mechanics. These bosses need a very finish game build to defeat them, could just try performing these map inside a white-coloured rarity to have a simpler fight, or simply require a party to assist to kill these map while you offering the map on their behalf.

35. Cause Map Influence (36/40)

Hard. Rival previous challenge league that is 3,000 augmented map(1500/3=500), this really is slightly better. This is due to you don't need to have 3 conditions any longer(sextant, influence, Zana mod) to fulfill the three ticks/counts making the task simpler ease toward 500 rather of three,000. However, this Incursion challenge league allow it to be straightforward into 500.

After you have completed 20 maps as the Elder and it is guardians take prescription your atlas without really defeating them, there's a way for the Elder and it is guardians to vanish and take away the Elder-influence in the maps these were on. This makes it hard to maintain an "Elder Ring", but probably allow players who were not able to defeat the Elder or its guardians to obvious them using their atlas. *- 3.3. patch notes**

This still implies that Permanent-influence methods still work, not DEAD but got nerfed hard. So here is how you're doing so in 3.3. to create this concern a little simpler:

Make elder influence spawn.

Push the elder influence towards the edge such as this

Then start camping the map in the middle range as lengthy the elder will not spread outdoors an excessive amount of, for instance, this picture you farm for this blue zone.

As long you've under 19 elder-influence inside your map then You are FINE. In addition to that, the elder will spawn then will ruin your perma-influence-strategy.

Still ... I'd advise avoiding this if you are not spending 2 several weeks grinding this game, to a person who desires 40/40 challenges.

Grimro and thi3n video described in greater detail how's bubble-shaper/elder-influence strategy works to possess a permanent effect on your favourite map

Complete Unique Maps

Normal. Do 14 from 18, with the aid of The Encroaching Darkness divination card, this concern is going to be slightly simpler to accomplish while you keep grinding finish game maps collecting this cards. Even your RNG is sux collecting these card, you can buy a few of the unique maps at here, the majority of the unique map is very cheap.

Minimal 4 favourite unique map I'd skip is ... Hall Of Grandmaster(hard), The Vinktar Square(costly), Perandus Manor(very costly) and **The Putrid Cloister(costly).

Complete Deadly Encounters (36/40)

Vaal Temple Hard. Could possibly get this through divination card name Lingering Remains or Vaaling T15 maps above only. In charge inside is fairly hard, as well as with random add-on mods on the top of the map allow it to be more harmful ... just purchase the service if you are building unable to get it done. (Slightly Costly)

Red Tier Elder Normal. Using the 3.2 enhancements, don't be surprised getting red tier elder is going to be simpler. Whenever your atlas has enough elder's influence, The Elder along with his guardians will spawn in the centre of the influence. You need to beat the guardians(4) first then only can grapple with The Elder, otherwise, The Elder will not spawn on the map. Additionally, there is a small trick to get this done, you should use shaper's orb into the spotlight that elder spawn to show the map into the yellow or red tier with respect to the original map tier, which means you will not cash trouble with Elder spawn within the white-coloured zone.

The Shaper Normal. This is actually the last boss within the atlas around the globe(finish game maps), the toughest boss hanging around. Similar to the uber atziri, just purchase the service if you are building unable to get it done. (Slightly Costly)

Uber Elder Hard. This is actually the hardest content that PoE(3.2) presently ever endured. In case your build isn't top tier then try to inquire about a skilled player to assist kill it when you are able to spawn Uber Elder. To spawn Uber elder, you ought to get all memory fragments first, then defeat shaper the very first time, then begin to pull elder influence near all of your tier 16 map, then start complete all 4 T16 map as elder start occupying all of them then finish with elder overtaking the large-mix at the center of your atlas, you'll be able to only access uber elder by utilizing shaper's protector fragment map, yes they same manner you access shaper's realm however this time the elder kidnapping shaper into his realm and you have to beat both of them simultaneously in elder's realm.

OVERALL: Hard, just collect the entrance key or make the boss spawn then ask for help to kill the boss.

Defeat Alluring Abyss Trio

Hard. These 3 bosses are available in uber Atziri domain's second phase fight, is really a hard fight. The truth that each one of the trio-boss needs to be the final to kill is kinda challenging do. If you are building not too good, just invite another experienced player to get it done as lengthy you supply them the map entry the mortal fragments. (Costly)

With these new players guide, you will find that it's easy to start Incursion as if you are a total new guy to Path of Exile, and don't forget to check our Top 10 starter builds, then you can enjoy your new travel in PoE 3.3 Incursion league, have fun, guys!

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