POE Synthesis Ranger Barrage Raider Build - Easy, High DPS, Endgame

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After a short preparation time, you attack repeatedly with a ranged weapon. These attacks have a small randomised spread. Only works with Bows and Wands.

Barrage is a ranged attack skill that fires your bow or wand repeatedly. This build has great map clear with TS and huge barrage dps - amazing at killing bosses. You can kill all the content in PoE very, very fast without spending a lot. 

POE Synthesis Ranger Barrage Raider Build - Easy, High DPS, Endgame



Quick Jump


Pros & Cons


  • + No legacy Gear
  • + No Abyssus
  • + No weapon swap
  • + No Mirrored items
  • + 7+ mil dps
  • + 160%+ move speed
  • + Clears all content


  • - not for every player 


Skill Tree 


First: Avatar of the Slaughter then eithier Avatar of the Veil or Avatar of The Chase. Chase is more damage and is faster overall, veil is more defensive with aliment immunity and extra dodge. Both are good it's up to you if you want to have a slightly more offensive or defensive character.


help Alira


The Pantheon List

Lunaris & Gruthkul

Passive Tree

Vitality Void (by Vaal Pact) is very useful to pick if you're starting out in a new league or are new to the game. It's going to make your life easier and you can always respec out of it when you feel you have enough leech.

PoE 3.6 Barrage Passive Skill Tree


Gems Setup



Tornado Shot


Mana Reserved skills

I'm always using HATRED without any links (optional Enlighten ). Beyond that you can use:

HERALD OF FIRE - Gives you flat +15% extra elemental damage and some burning splash damage, only requires 1 gem slot.

HERALD OF ICE + CURSE ON HIT + ASSASIN'S MARK - Gives you Power Charges when mapping (doesn't work vs bosses). In general has better damage when mapping and killing packs of mobs, worse damage vs bosses. Takes 3 gem slots

PROJECTILE WEAKNESS + BLASPHEMY (+ENLIGHTEN) - if you're not running out of mana you can use this. The best option when mapping or when you're too lazy to manual curse bosses.

Other Gems

IMMORTAL CALL + INCREASED DURATION + CAST WHEN DAMAGE TAKEN - gives you 0.7 invulnerability when you take a hit, very helpful.

VAAL GRACE + VAAL HASTE + INCREASED DURATION - I love these Vaal gems and use them always. Vaal grace gives you 75%/75% chance to dodge everything and

Vaal Haste gives you 30%+ more attack speed. Often you can just activate it, go yolo and kill stuff before anything even hits you


If you're not using blashpemy you should use Projectile Weakness (+ Faster Casting) and obviously put Blink Arrow (+ Faster Attacks) somewhere.


Gear Choices

Move the mouse on the bold poe equipment to see needed mod

Lioneye's Glare has up to 360pdps which in reality is closer to 400pdps if you consider that it always hits. 24% increased elemental damage is great too. After buff Far shot is amazing. Very underrated bow. 

Shroud of the Lightless is currently the best/cheapest Armour for this build. It has elemental penetration (penetrates all elements), a lot of life/shield and a jewel slot. It's also very cheap around 2ex for a 6link (!!).

The Signal fire is needed to convert phys damage to elemental. Also it gives a ton dps with ias and extra fire damage. If you can get +1 arrow mod that's really good too.

Fluted Bascinet, Lightpoacher

For helmet you want something with +1 barrage projectiles enchant.There is a lot of options here: a rare helmet (like the one above), Rat's nest, Starkonja's Head, the best would be probably Lightpoacher - new abyss helmet - with 2 GG abyssal jewels. The rare helmet is the cheapest option. 2 jewel Lighpoacher (without an enchant) is also a good, balanced option.

Tombfist, Ambush Mitts

2 soc Tombfists are baisically the best option for this due to incredible 10% MORE, damage from intimidate, attack speed, life and 2 whole abyss jewels. Seriously these gloves are pretty stacked. If you can't get them you can use 1 soc version or rare ones with phys damage, attack speed, life and resists.

Hydrascale Boots, Darkray Vectors, Bubonic Trail

On boots you want: life, movement speed, resistances. 10% penetration enchant is very good if you plan to do boss farming. Darkray Vectors are a good option for this build to. Of course Bubonic trail with 2 sockets is OP, if you can afford it get that.

Diamond Ring, Steel Ring, Gold Amulet, Stygian Vise

You want to get resists, life, Elemental damage with attack skills, phys damage and crit on rings, belt, and amulet. For damage prioritize Elemental damage with attack skills on everything. Our belt is obviously Abyss belt with a good jewel. Unless you have Headhunter of course.

Atziri's Promise, Dying Sun, Taste of Hate, Chemist's Diamond Flask of Adrenaline, Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask of Staunching

Dying sun is very important for this build as it gives a huge boost to barrage DPS. Atziri's promise gives really good leech and great damage. Taste of Hate is the least important of those 3 but still very nice: giving good damage and mitigation. Other flasks you should get are: crit flask and Quicksliver / Onslaught flask. Get bleed&curse removal on them. 


POB Link: https://pastebin.com/pDMacLxr

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