Check Out This Cool World of Warcraft Warmane Stream

Many people in the R4PG office have had their love for World Of Warcraft rekindled thanks to the very reliable and smooth running Warmane server. We have gotten so into it that we have made sure our prices on Warmane Gold are as low as they have ever been!


While we have put quite a lot of time back into World of Warcraft thanks to this server. We also have been checking out some of the streams people have been posting on Twitch and YouTube. Of course as good as the Warmane server is, it is not perfect, but for the most part it is regarded as one of, if not the best World of Warcraft server to play on right now.

Well if you want a good indication of what the server is like as well as seeing some pretty cool hunting action happening in The Outlands then you really need to check out this stream by YouTuber, Frostadamus. He has been a popular World of Warcraft player for a while now and we have really enjoyed his videos. In this video, you can see him hunt down some mobs, do a little grinding and even take on quests. It is a very interesting video and he also shares his thoughts on this server.


We know that it is a very, very long video, but it really is worth having a browse through it, you might even get a few tips to help you in your own game!


We would love to hear you guys thoughts on Warmane and also any other World of Warcraft streamers that you feel are worth checking out. Also, make sure to have a look at our low prices and see why we are the best place online to buy Warmane Outland Gold.

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