Does Warmane Need A New Wrath Of The Lich King Realm?

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Today we are talking about Warmane! Warmane is awesome and for many people, it is the best private server ever created for any MMO! The people behind Warmane as cool as they are do not seem to like to talk to the community about ideas for new realms to have in the game. Over on Reddit, there was some great conversation going about having a new Wrath Of The Lich King realm added to the game.


Of course the chances of getting any new realm, let alone one based off Wrath Of The Lich King is very slim. But it is still fun to talk about. We always felt that in terms of style, Wrath Of the Lich King is one of the best expansions Blizzard did and that it was just ripe for the picking to be made into something truly epic in Warmane. There is actually a poll going right now over on Strawpolls where the question was asked about Warmane making a new Wrath Of The Lich King server and over 100 people have said yes, so there is clearly some interest there.


Does Warmane Need A New Wrath Of The Lich King Realm?


We like to keep an eye on Warmane and make sure that we are offering fellow Warmane players the best and safe Warmane Gold! If you like this kind of things then be sure to check out the Official Warmane Redditwhere you can see all the info. Of course, many people are set in their ways and the last thing they want is to start a whole new server. But we think that adding a new one would be kind of cool and perhaps even attract some new players to the game. What about you guys, would you be interested in a Warmane making a new Wrath Of The Lich King realm?

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