Is Alterac Valley In Warmane Any Good?

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Alterac Valley was released on July. Alterac Valley for some is one of the most iconic battlegrounds there is and it goes without question that many people were excited to see just how well it worked with Warmane. Well, we have spent a fair bit of time with it and we wanted to share our thoughts.

Is Alterac Valley In Warmane Any Good?

To be honest, we have been using Outland to wage war in Alterac Valley and we have not had any problems at all. We have heard this is the case for most people using Outland. But it has been said that the quality really can differ from expansion to expansion. And what has been working great for some players is a bit of a mess for others with objectives not working and there just being a lot of bugs. But for every player that seems to have a problem, there is a player who is having a smooth experience.


The mini boss and boss encounters that you will be part of are a ton of fun and a major highlight of Alterac Valley in Warmane. In all honesty, we have had a lot of fun with it and we would say that if when you first try it, it does not work very well. Do not just give up on it. Give it another try with a different expansion.


We would love to know if you guys have had a good experience with Alterac Valley and if you did, what expansion did you use?

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