Why Legion And Other Expansions Are Not Needed In Warmane

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Here at R4PG.com thanks to our Hot Sale, we have noticed a lot of people coming here to buy Warmane Gold and that is awesome. But it has also gotten us back into the game and we were lurking on the Warmane forums recently and encountered a debate as to if the Legion expansion could be on its way to Warmane in 2018!


While it is not at the heights it was many years ago, Warcraft did get a shot in the arm with Legion, so we can see why some people may think that the Warmane team would want to bring it over. It was fun, really story driven and on paper, it sounds like the kind of thing that would be perfect for Warmane.

Why Legion And Other Expansions Are Not Needed In Warmane

However, we really do not think that this is happening and actually we do not think that there are any immediate plans to bring anything majorly new to Warmane. First of all, it would be all over the forums that they are working on it. But mainly, the Warmane team really do have a lot on their plate right now trying to make what we already have as functional as possible.


As great as the Warmane team is, they are not a huge studio like Blizzard with a huge team that can work endlessly on each aspect of the game. They have to resource their time very wisely and bringing in a whole new expansion is a monster of an undertaking and one that as Warmane is running so well at the moment is not really needed.


Do you guys think that Legion could come to Warmane and would you like to see some kind of large expansion or update in the future? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to hit up our Hot Sale where you can buy Warmane Outland Gold for a very cheap price!

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