MU Legend Characters

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If a MMORPG is going to suck me in then it has to have some great characters. I can see people looking to buy MU Legend Zen just so they can really make their character look unique and cool. I even found myself having a little look to see if there was a way to get fast MU Legend Zen! Anyway at the moment there is not a whole lot to the character creation, but to be fair the game (as of writing) is in beta so hopefully more choices will be added. I just wanted to give you a little info on each of the character classes.

MU Legend Characters

Before I start, I just wanted to say that this game looks great. The production values are awesome and they have done a fantastic job making each character look unique.


Dark Lord: It was Dark Lord who I actually spent the most time with. Think of him as the tank of the bunch. He can protect and boost allies and he can do quite a lot of damage all the while having a lot of health. I went for the shirtless Fabio kind of look for mine, but the armor looks cool as well.


Blader: Not to be confused with Bladder which is where your pee is kept! The Blader is the kind of character you will want to pick if you want up close and fast melee style combat. Next time I get to play this game I will be picking him as I love the style and think he will do some serious damage. Plus if you buy MU Legend Zen then I am sure he will have some great costumes.


War Mage: The War Mage has a really cool look, even in his most basic and default form. This is not a character for beginners as he has a very low health. But he can also dish out some truly devastating area attacks that will come in handy when situations start to get a little overwhelming.


Whisperer: This is the default sexy character of the bunch and no doubt people will be looking for fast MU Legend Zen to get her in even more revealing outfits! This as you will be able to tell right away is an archer style character so perfect for those looking to do damage at a distance.


Emphasizer: Nope she does not just yell really loud! The Emphasizer is one of the coolest looking characters. I did not play as this, but from the sounds of it this is a character that can manipulate weapons and then use them for ranged attacks which does sound like it would be a lot of fun once you mastered it.

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