MU Legend Glacier Waterfall Cave Dungeon Farming Guide

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We have had a lot of fun with MU Legend and that is why offering you a place to buy Cheap MU Legend Zen at a low price is something we love to do. But we also love to share hints and tips such as this one today where if you are lucky, you can get an infinite amount of materials to craft set accessories!



You need to be level 47 and you must NOT have completed the Marongo's Whereabouts quest.




Litenberg in Kanturu Musai region. It is located in Western Town Command Centre. You are looking for the Glacier Waterfall Dungeon which is located north west of the Western Town Command Centre.


What To Do


The key is to ignore most of the mobs and just head straight to the Gate Keeper. Kill him, then run to the next one and kill him, avoiding other mobs as you make your way to him. The 2nd gate keeper can sometimes drop good loot so keep an eye out for that.


Once you have killed the second one, head North and go into the boss room. Dio Commander is the boss and he drops rare, set or legendary as well as a ton of other crafting items.!

MU Legend Glacier Waterfall Cave Dungeon Farming Guide

Kill the boss and collect your loot. DO NOT do anything else once you have done this. Click exit dungeon and you can do this again and again and again. As you are not completing the quest you can keep coming back here to farm! Once you have actually completed the quest this exploit can no longer be done. Thanks for reading and be sure to come to us if you want the best deal on MU Legend Zen.

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