Why Do You Play MU Legend?

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We have covered MU Legend for a while here on R4PG.com and we even offer people the best place to buy MU Legend Zen yet for some reason the game has not caught on quite like we thought it would.


Now to be fair part of this reason may be because the open beta has been pushed back a couple of times, but as of November 7th the open beta is live and we highly recommend that you try it out. Far too many people are sleeping on this game and we feel it could be just what you need.

Why Do You Play MU Legend?

The reason we say this is ease of access. MU Legend is an action RPG. Its top down, hack and slash style really does feel a little different. It in a way feels much more like a console game than a standard MMO. But the action oriented gameplay and the easy way that you control your character make it so much fun. While the actual gameplay is very easy to get to grips with, the character creation is very in depth and that is something that we are sure people will have a lot of fun with. There is a nice amount of skills and each skill has their own slots, so you can get really in depth with the kind of character that you create.


While hack and slash style MMO games are not new, we do think that MU Legend has the makings of something that could be huge, we just hope that the delay in getting to the open beta has not made to many people lose interest. To be fair, November is a very busy month for games, not just for PC, but console as well so perhaps that is why some people are not jumping on the MU Legend train just yet.


We highly recommend you give the open beta a try, even if you just quickly create your character, you will have a lot of fun with the hack and slash action it offers.

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