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What is going on guys? Tomcat here in. Today we are back in forts of Forza Motorsport 7 and we are going to be trying out another credit exploit on the Dubai circuit with the Acura NSX Forza Edition. Now we're gonna go ahead and go straight into free play mode and from there we're gonna head to set up race setup. And we'll scroll to...oh, there it is Dubai.

there it is Dubai

And we will change it to a timed race, bring it down to 30 seconds and 0 Drivatar's. You can set everything else up however you want just make sure you're out 30 seconds, zero Drivatar's, game type, timed race at Dubai then when you go to set up your car.

bring it down to 30 seconds

Where's oh I was like excuse me where's Acura, there it is. The NSX Forza Edition. Now the NSX fourth edition, if you go back and verify it's plus 20 thousand credits at Dubai. Which means that this if all goes well this should work. This is my very first time trying this out. So, I'm not sure as long as it works the same exact way as all the other ones that have in the past. Then we should be good to go, should be totally fine and this would mean I mean if you're getting twenty thousand credits per 30 seconds you do this. And if you can you count a little bit of time in between like the menus and stuff like that. That's well over a hundred-credit hour 100 credits. That's well over like a hundred thousand credits in a couple of like a few minutes like that's. That's pretty substantial. So, let's see how this goes. And again, if it works just like all the other tracks then it should go just fine.

NSX fourth edition

20 thousand credits at Dubai

Let's find out. That wing is crazy. Let's just see actually how far we can get within 30 seconds. I mean you can park and just let the timer run down or you can drive, you can really do whatever you want it's kind of up to you. But yeah, I mean that's kind of that's all personal preference at that point. So really just do whatever you want until the timer runs out. And then once the timer runs out we should have our results. 

wing is crazy

Oh man! I kind of want to take this thing through the mountain circuit just to see what happens you know. But all right. So that will be it. We go to next race and then that should take us to the finishing screen present us with our first place. Oh yeah, you won the track day because it wasn't really competitive because nobody else was there. But there's no big deal. Forza Edition credits twenty thousand earned 21 thousand credits, okay. So, with that being said now you don't get very much XP for this. So, if you want to do XP you still have to do the Acura. 

through the mountain circuit

you won the track day

earned 21 thousand credits

Well it doesn't matter we can just back out from here. If you want to do the XP method that's gonna be the Ram runner Forza audition at test track airfield. But this really all this is it this one is just four credits. So, if you want to do it again you just have to go back to Dubai, if we can find Dubai come on where are you at bro, where you at?  Did I miss it? There it is. 30 seconds time to race for GT yep, accept changes and reload. We should be good to go stick in the same car just wait for to load and you run it again.

run it again

So ,if you think about this here 30 seconds per 20 thousand credits. That's 60 thousand credits every minute. We start not sixty thousand crap Wow where has my math gone today that is 40 thousand credits. And technically if you count the credits you earn for the race it's like 42 but we're not gonna count that. So that's 40 thousand credits every minute. And if that's 40 thousand credits every minute then three minutes is like 120 thousand credits. That's not bad at all. That's not bad and I do apologize for my math.  It's still slightly early in the moral of sort of not really but I don't know. I woke up recently and mind is not mathing totally properly yet. But it's all good. Let's go to actual.


Let's go to some third person view and see if we can drift this thing a little bit within this 30 seconds. Oh wow! It actually does it better than I thought it would. No way, look at that I'm impressed. I'm impressed look at that. That's actually really awesome. Dude I'm all about that okay sweet.

third person view

So again, we go next race. It'll load up the next raise and that's fine, to load up our winning screen that's fine, brings us right here. And gets us our 20,000 credits again which is again that this now it's like just under 21. So, it's gonna be right at 20 each time on the road Atlantis suit. I am so getting that when I am when I get to the next level because that's my home track.

gets us our 20,000 credits again

But hope you guys did enjoy this quick little exploit article on Forza Motorsport 7. If you did don't leave it a like. Tell us in the comment section down below. Thought of it and if you're new to the channel don't forget to buy more Forza Motorsport 7 Credits and I'll see you all next time.

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