How To Get Money Fast in Forza Motorsport 7?

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So, as some of you guys may know ever since I got my hands-on forts of Motorsport 7. I've been writing articles for R4PG. And in today's life dream I was doing my normal thing and then I got this comment from a viewer." if you want money drive the RAM truck for Issachar, go to free play menu, choose timed race instead of circuit race and set it to zero 30. And after the race instead of next race. Choose restart and then you get 8000 XP Fe 30 sec". Whoa okay that's a good way of doing it. Yeah that is a very good way of doing it. So, I decided to test this and see what the results were. And I was literally amazed by this. I should say this isn't a glitch or a hack or anything like that. This is just a good old-fashioned money grind where you go in do it again and again and again until you get bored of doing it or you've got enough money. So, anyways here's what you want to do.

How To Get Money Fast in Forza Motorsport 7?

Go into free play and copy these settings that I have here time to race 30 seconds zero Drivatar and then go jump in a Dodge Ram runner Forza Edition.

Dodge Ram runner Forza Edition

If you're a VIP you've been gifted this thing straight away. So, if you've got it props to you you're good already. If you're not a VIP you can get this thing either by opening prize crates I believe or you can get on the auction house when that eventually comes out. Anyways after that I'm actually ready no mods fitness and running no driver tars. You can probably get some extra XP or some extra money just by chucking on some driver tires. But then if you check on extra driver tires I would probably recommend just driving around with them and actually winning the race. My method here is completely like away from keyboard I guess you could say. You do have quickly a button every 30 seconds but it's not that bad.


Anyway So, once you eventually load up into the game you just start up the race and then you don't click anything for real. I mean I just drove around here because I wanted to drive around just because I did. And you can just sit there. Once the 30 seconds are up you're gonna be given 7500 XP for 30 seconds of work. Anyway So, I've decided to go in and you smash then figure out how much money you could actually make from this.

start up the race

So, here's what I've discovered. This takes approximately 45 seconds to do each single race. I mean you can obviously make it faster to click a button faster but I said 45 seconds. If you do speed it up a bit you can probably do it a hundred times in an hour. Which is pretty crazy. So, if you do it a hundred times in an hour and you're earning 7500 XP every single time you doing it. That means in an hour you're gonna be earning seven750,000 XP in this game. Which is actually quite a lot. Because in Forza Motorsport 7 when you're leveling up your Drivatar or your driver, the amount of XP you need to level up doesn't change regardless of whether you're level 1 or level 100. It doesn't change. You always need 25,000 XP to level up.

credits rewards

25,000 XP to level up

So, based on that 750,000 XP you can level up 30 times which is pretty good if you ask me. If you do it 30 times and you take the money every single time and you're obviously earning 50,000 for leveling up if your tier three or higher car collections here. You're gonna be getting 1.5 million credits an hour which is a lot. Here's what I would suggest though. I wouldn't actually recommend taking the money every single time. Because when your tier level three you're gonna be getting a discount of a hundred K on the car choice. Now sometimes that's worth it. If you know you're either gonna one you're gonna drive that car you want that car. Or if the card collection score is really high. I would recommend going and do it because I've got all the way from tier level 3 using this. All the way up to tier level 5. Now that means I get better rewards when I level up.


So, for example when you level up and you're tier level three you got a discount of a hundred K on the car option. But if you're tier level 5 you get 150 K discount. Which is just insane. So, that means a lot of the top cars are gonna be either free or really, really cheap for you. Which is awesome. Or I mean you can always go in and take some driver gear as well if that is more your thing. So, yeah anyways that's about it. It's a really, really simple method plays around with it. And see if we can do something online that's maybe a little bit more fun than just pressing a button every 30 seconds. I remember the old one in 4 to 5 was like drive around the Indianapolis track, in the indycars and that was really awesome. Because you could do it with your friends and stuff like that. That method isn't in this game but if anyone finds like a more fun method than this that would be awesome.


Anyways guys enjoy grinding it out in Forza Motorsport 7 for a bunch of cash. I hope you guys enjoyed this guide. I hope it helped you in some way. I also wanted to remind you can check out our cheap Forza Motorsport 7 Credits.

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