Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer PVP Build

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Following a plenty of update of the Horns of the Reach DLC, several things become different in ESO. Weapon traits, mundus gemstones and much more, leading to new possibilities and make options. This build will concentrate on damage and sustain, also it already does a fantastic job although the update is yet to land. Before we talked about ESO Sorcerer PVE Builds. Lately some players have curiosity about Sorcerer Build. Now we'll share some good info about Sorcerer for every of skill. At the same time, you can purchase cheap elder scrolls online gold from us.

Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer PVP Build



This setup employs one bit of a monster set of your selection. I started with maximum magicka and so i got the infernal protector mind piece.


Armor and Weapons Selection

Armor and Weapons Selection

Alternatively, if you are a newbie I would suggest something that adds resistances (for example pirate skeleton or mighty chudan), or magicka recovery (shadowrend).


The very 1st set of this build employs should be the Shacklebreaker set.

Shacklebreaker Cuirass

This should be one of the greatest crafted takes hold Elder Scrolls Online, it's very easy to obtain, you are able to fully personalize its traits and elegance, in addition to armor and weapons generally.


It offers lots of maximum magicka & stamina, both mag & stam recoveries, and on the top - also spell damage.


I currently use this set focused on the below pieces:

Chest (infused, heavy).

Legs (infused, medium).

Shoulders (impenetrable, light).

Feet (impenetrable, light).

Destruction Fire Staff (nirnhoned, increase weapon & spell damage glyph).

Restoration Staff (protecting, deal magic damage & absorb magicka glyph).


The 2nd set that i'm employing with may be the Bloodthorn's Touch set.

Bloodthorn Sash

Bloodthorn is definitely an awesome magicka build set that offers you with all crucial bonuses for example magicka recovery, maximum magicka and spell damage. The final effect offers you with more sustain, both magicka & stamina, on the 5 second cooldown.


It's a fantastic option to amberplasm, especially since amberplasm requires much more farming and it is getting nerfed around the next update. Bloodthorn isn't.


This should be a PVE overland set that drops in Glenumbra, meaning that exist their hands on it easily, as well as purchase it within the guild stores, like Used to do.


I currently use this set focused on the below pieces:

Waist (impenetrable, light).

Hands (impenetrable, light).

Necklace (arcane, spell damage glyph).

2 Rings (arcane, spell damage glyphs).


All gears must have maximum magicka enchantments and you'll be hitting 6% undaunted stats with this particular setup.


Loadout and Skills:

My Destruction Staff bar has got the following skills:

Elemental Drain, morph of Weakness to Elements from the Destruction Staff skill tree.

Degeneration, morph of Entropy in the Mages Guild skill tree.

Very Fragments, morph of Very Shard in the Dark Magic skill tree.

Haunting Curse, morph of Daedric Curse in the Daedric Summoning skill tree.

Pressure Pulse, morph of Pressure Shock in the Destruction Staff skill tree.

Shooting Star ultimate, morph of Meteor in the Mages Guild skill tree.

Elemental Drain Iv

Shooting Star is definitely an awesome pvp ultimate, particularly if you land it on multiple targets at the same time.


It'll regenerate 12 ultimate per initial hit and permit you to charge not just itself faster, however your defensive ultimate too.


On the top, additionally, it provides for us 2% more magicka and magicka recovery through the magicka controller passive.


And it is flame damage, therefore it can definitely hurt vampires. The AOE after-effect is very strong too.


Elemental Drain raise our overall damage because it reduces enemy spell resistance, it's liberated to cast which last for any lengthy time.


Additionally, it gives us 300 magicka on the second cooldown when damaging opponents (also it helps our allies too).


Therefore it complements our sustain and increases our damage, perfect combo.


Degeneration does a little bit of damage after some time, with an opportunity to heal yourself on light and high attacks for that damage done (and more), it provides us additional 2% maximum magicka and recovery through the magicka controller passive.


It gives us the main sorcery buff that increases our spell damage by 20%. Essential and helpful in pvp.


Crystal Fragments is our primary dps skill, just go ahead to use it once the effect is prepared and could be instantly cast. Players will dodge it frequently, however when it lands, it'll really hurt them.


Haunting Curse gives additional damage, it can't be blocked or dodged, and in addition it pulls players from stealth or cloak. It is an Essential skill.


Force Pulse is a superb filler dps skill that may frequently cause different status effects. Additionally, it deals decent damage and doesnt cost an excessive amount of, essential for any destruction staff build.


My Restoration Staff bar has already got the following skills:


Hardened Ward, morph of Conjured Ward in the Daedric Summoning skill tree.

Streak, morph of Secure Avoid the Storm Calling skill tree.

Never-ending Storm, morph of Lightning Form in the Storm Calling skill tree.

Harness Magicka, morph of Annulment in the Light Armor skill tree.

Healing Ward, morph of Steadfast Ward in the Restoration Staff skill tree.

Light's Champion ultimate, morph of Cure all in the Restoration Staff skill tree.

Light'S Champion Iv

Light's Champion is definitely an awesome healing ultimate which will virtually almost cause your  indestructible's duration.


It provides a big damage boost, as well as the protection, causing you to take 30% less damage (which pertains to your shields too) for ten seconds totally.


Hardened Ward is our primary defensive shield, with almost 40.000 maximum magicka on the off-bar, it features a very decent tooltip.


Streak is one of the mobility skills, it must be included for any magician in pvp. It will cause a bit of damage after some time, stuns for any short duration and may also disintegrate low health targets.


Boundless Storm offers additional resistances and mobility, it will cause a bit of damage after some time and generally is a great complementary skill with streak, to improve overall mobility around the battlefield.


Harness Magicka is actually a secondary shield which should simply be used when you are fighting with other magicka opponents, or you would like to maintain stocks of shield strength if you are expecting some hard hits coming the right path soon.


Healing Ward is our primary healing skill which shields us as well, it's necessary that you allow it to expire to get the entire heal. Safeguard it along with other shields.


Mundus and Consumables:


Witchmother's Potent Brew offers maximum health & magicka, but additionally an enormous 320 extra magicka recovery boost, that is nice.

Witchmother'S Potent Brew

The Atronach mundus stone can be used to enhance our magicka sustain, in Horns of the Reach this is bumped as well.


Classic tri-stat potions are utilized to increase all 3 stat recoveries, in addition to offer an infusion of stats if needed.


Passives and Race:


I'm a High Elf but all other magicka race is going to do, for example Breton or Dark Elf.


You don't have to be a vampire, but you will be extremely appreciated be if you like to be.


Champion Points:

The Tower:

Siphoner: 36 points.

Warlord: 51 points.


The Lover:

Arcanist: 43 points.

Mooncalf: 43 points.


The Cisco Kid:

Tumbling: 37 points.


The Apprentice:

Elemental Expert: 75 points.


The Atronach:

Shattering Blows: 51 points.

Staff Expert: 12 points.

Master-at-Arms: 72 points.


The Steed:

Ironclad: 72 points.


The Woman:

Sturdy: 19 points.

Elemental Defender: 19 points.

Thick Skinned: 28 points.



Bastion: 72 points.



This build was created for those Sorcerer PVP DPS. It's working fine, but because of the updates of the game, it should take some tweaking. I've all Elder Scrolls Online builds so make sure to try them out. A number of these are awesome and will help you to have an enjoyable experience. Lets find cheap eso gold and achieve the greatest degree of an art to savor Magician PVP Build at this time.

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