Madden 18 First Impressions

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We are getting real close to the release of Madden 18 and we are very excited about that. We are already coming up with ways that will enable us to offer you Madden 18 Coins at the lowest price possible!


As you probably know it was E3 recently and EA Sports had their very own event and one of the main games that they were showing off was, of course, this year’s Madden, Madden 18. While us poor folks at were not lucky enough to be able to go to this event and check out Madden 18 first hand. We have this awesome video from Sports Gamers Online who are one of the number one YouTube channels when it comes to sports video games.

We really enjoyed this video and a couple of good points the host makes are just how good the new graphics are. EA have been making great use of the Frostbite engine. As well as talking about the graphics. He makes mention of the new playbooks and how there is plenty of new formations and plays to have a mess around with which is going to be great for those of us who love to really micromanage and play the role of coach.


While it is cool to see a video that EA Sports themselves upload. We like how channels like Sports Gamers Online are able to get their hands on it and give us an honest opinion on how the game is shaping up. After watching this video, we must say that we are even more excited for Madden 18.


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