Path Of Exile 3.0.2 Update Highlights

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He guys, we have been meaning to talk about this for a while, but a few days ago over at the Path Of Exile forums, GGG made a post about the next update that is just a couple of weeks away and we wanted to share with you a few of the highlights. For Path Of Exile 3.0 - Fall Of Oriath Update Highlights, you can check this.

Path Of Exile 3.0.2 Update Highlights

More Languages


To start with, Path Of Exile is now going to support French, German and Spanish which is great for people who speak those languages who have been waiting to play the game.


Two New Uniques


Grinding Gear Games Have not said what these two new uniques are going to be. Only that they are coming and that they will do a big reveal later this week.


New Xbox One Micro Transactions


While some people are split on the Xbox One version of POE. GGG is really sticking with it and they are offering some cool new stuff. Included with this is three new armor sets. Demon Kind Armor Set, Purple Necrotic Armor Set, and Arcane Lightning Armor. All three look pretty damn cool so check them out.


Plenty Of Bug Fixes


Of course as is the case with any update. Many little and big bugs are going to be taken care of. There is a couple of fixes relating to Crimson Dance and there are also some fixes for a few animations that have a tendency to go a little bit haywire. One of the most interesting fixes is one that is going to stop the cemetery maps would generate inside out! We did not even know this was a think and we kind of wish we saw it. It is a rare bug, but it makes the terrain so you cannot even walk on it. 


So that is it for this latest Path Of Exile update. Thanks for reading and be sure to score all the POE Orbs you need from our Path Of Exile Hot Sale!

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