Path to Exile 3.1 Champion Duelist Builds

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Path to Exile 3.1 Champion Duelist Builds

These POE 3.1 Champion Duelist Builds are going to be insane and very fierce. You will get cheap poe orbs from us. The Champion is really a defensive/support class that may behave as a fish tank for his or her party by taunting opponents, buffing their allies by having an aura, or intimidating opponents to lower their defenses. They likewise have use of passives that grant them offensive bonuses when they have Fortify and distinctively possess the opportunity to permanently Fortify themselves. The tree grants elevated armor and evasion rating overall to help bolster their survivability too. Thanks for visiting these War For The Atlas Champion Duelist Build, exiles!

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[Path to Exile 3.1] Viper Strike Champion - UberAtziri/Shaper/Guardians/Chayula/UberLab

Path to Exile 3.1 Champion Duelist Builds

Click on the poe skill tree image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! or Check this skill tree:


The concept:


It seems to be the new on-going Abyss league continues to be tweaked and updated by Grinding Gear Games,  so I made the decision to refresh this informative Path to Exile Duelist Builds guide because the new major patch appears to be granting this build with some quite good stuff that can help you out greatly. After looking at the most recent updates to Path Of Exile, I'm able to be certain that this build continues to be viable and there isn't any major rework whatsoever to tinker around with. The good thing is this build could easily get even more powerful because of Witchfire Brew's change in addition to a new unique flask known as Coralito's Signature which reinforces the poison duration as much as 75% and grants Perfect Agony. Regrettably, I haven't got around to attempting to showcase this on the video the way it would stand during a battle from the Elder and Abyssal Lich, however, I assume they are not any larger than Shaper's health points because of the DPS benchmark so it is best we do not worry about that.


Pros and Cons of the Champion Duelist Builds



+ Fairly good speed for mapping (because of Melee Splash Support   Abysall Cry and fast mobility from Whirling Blades)

+ Quite tanky with Iron Reflex Perma Fortify rich in converted Evasion to Armor rating from Elegance, Champion's nodes, flasks, and gears

+ Excellent sustained single-target DPS with poison scaling and chaos damage for melting Bosses

+ Able to perform all map mods (including physical damage reflection and 60% opportunity to miss poison etc on hit)

+ Good starter which you can develop on a budget, but it does tend to be considerably better should you take the currencies on upgrading gears etc

+ Just require 2 jewels, one threshold jewel for that Viper Strike and yet another is your choice (preferably  7% Maximum Existence, Attack Speed or anything you like)



- Is going to be outclassed at mapping by dedicated clear speeds.

- Being a pure melee character requires good positioning skills and game mechanics especially against endgame Bosses

- Needs a 6L so that you can result in the DPS do its job correctly


Find this builds here:


[Path Of Exile 3.1] Champion Flicker Strike (Golden Rule-Red Trail Combo) - [Game play Video added]


Check this skill tree:


The concept:


Flickerstrike build while using Golden Rule-Red Trail Combo to create craze charges. Selected pure elemental damage (cold) as going physical in my opinion isn't feasible because the reflected bleed will wreck you (even with conversion, the bleed damage continues to be difficult to handle)


Pros and Cons Champion Duelist Builds:



+ Perma Fortify (Onslaught if using Perseverance Belt)

+ Opponents are Perma Chill/Blind/Maimed/Intimidated

+ Fast Obviously

+ Very Good Single Target (600k Shaper Dps to 1M Minmax)

+ Quite Tanky (5.5k HP 50/40 Dodge/Kintsugi 20%less/fortify

+ Stun Immune (according to my setup)



- Needs specific uniques/equipment's to operate

- Evasion based

Find this builds here:




When it comes to bleed, it has got no coping with self cause bleed, for bleeds from an enemy hit I've not really got that or I simply have the ability to outleech or out regen this too, but simply if you get into this situation, acquiring a staunching flask for you would be good.


[Path Of Exile 3.1] The Dancing Ancestral Fister - Doryani's Fist/The Dancing Dervish/Rampage/Ancestral Totems (4)



The concept:


This build involves the Duelist's Champion Ascendancy with its Taunting Nodes which makes it pretty safe and taking advantage of "The Dancing Dervish" (TDD) in its manifested form as statistics making them unarmed and thusly able to utilize Doryani's Fist to its full potential. Why don't you Marauder and Facebreaker you may well ask? Well, let me just say, it is not my kind of thing! To maximize an actual build you would need to stack a lot of physical damage on gear and also, since I am using Soul Mantle wonderful them curses, I depend on 2 Kikazaru rings which reduce curse's effects on me by 80% that also means I cannot use any physical damage rings and I am restricted along with other slots since I need resistances.


Pros and Cons of the Champion Duelist builds:



+ Rampage.

+ Fairly Cheap.

+ Fun to play with.

+ Makeshift Decoy Totem with the Conqueror Notable.

+ Virtually curse immune because of two Kikazaru Rings.

+ The satisfying visual of the excellent Cycloning Sword.



- You lose defenses as you cannot put on a shield. You have Taunting Totems but stray attacks might hit you.

- If you can't begin a rampage, you're missing lots of damage and clear speed.

- Build simply starts at level 63 since you can only then equip Doryani's Fist.


Find this builds here:




Nice Duelist Builds! I usually thought TDD builds were quite interesting. I would give these a try for your next build as they are a lot of fun to play with. Anticipate encountering Champion Duelist Builds with cheap path of exile chaos/exalted orbs provided by us. And much more information concerning the Duelist Builds is going to be revealed on a regular basis going forward.

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