Top 3 Path Of Exile 3.1 Gladiator Duelist Builds

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Top 3 Path Of Exile 3.1 Gladiator Duelist Builds

The Gladiator utilizes dual wielding a treadmill-handed weapon (including wands) and shield combinations to great effect. The tree offers possibilities to create a build around applying bleed and increasing the player's blocking. It appears as though nothing within the patch notes effected these types if builds whatsoever.. R4PG knows that there will be a lot of updates coming in 2018. Where we will be able to learn a lot more about Duelist Builds. From the Path of Exile 3.1 Slayer Duelist Builds article on Dec 20. There are enough poe currency and items for sale here.

You will be able to learn a lot more about POE 3.1 Duelist Builds:

Slayer Duelist Builds

Champion Duelist Builds


[Path Of Exile 3.1] The INVINCIBLE Sunder/Cleave Glad: Safe/Cheap (~10c), do all content, and map fast. HC Viable.

Ranked third POE 3.1 Gladiator Duelist Builds

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or Check this skill tree:


The concept:


I simply desired to share with you guys some helpful information for any brutality/phys based sunder/cleave gladiators. It has been probably the most fun I have had with a build in Path Of Exile. We use sunder for mapping/clearing base content, and transition to cleave and to deal with tougher boss encounters through the use of permanent fortify using the Overwhelming Odds jewel. This POE 3.1 Gladiator Duelist Builds shines at mapping and farming lab. It's fast, very tanky, and safe. Basically, we are designed for all guardians with few issues (Barring some absurd mods), it is not well suited for farming guardians due to how much time it requires. You are best at farming maps/lab with builds like this. This Gladiator build is excellent, like an Abyss League starter, or like a character that may scale to accomplish all content generally. It is extremely flexible and that is what makes it so great. Some minor buffs were put on the shield nodes based on patch notes, and VP was moved nearer to the tree, but VP isn't needed nor great for this build because losing your regen is terrible and also you already rarely get hit because of the block possibility of the Gladiator Duelist Build so do not worry about it.


Benefits and drawbacks of the Gladiator Duelist Builds



+Very tanky with 74-78% spell/attack block. Running at ~15k armor with no flasks. ~35k with 1 jade flask of reflexes or granite flask of iron skin.

+Great league starter/currency player for maps/lab.

+Safe and flexible build that you rarely end up feeling near to dying

+Inexpensive build uses Bringer of Rain so no requirement for chest armor. (Beginning gear is ~10c)

+90% phys minimization is fully flasked, ~80% running only basalt or granite flask. Laugh at something that does physical damage.

+Insane damage reduction (Enfeeble to lessen enemy damage by 21-25%, Fortify to help reduce by another 20%, and 5-6 endurance charges for an additional 20-24% phys minimization stacking on the top of armor basalt pantheon arctic armor).

+5 endurance charges (6 if you choose to purchase a corrupted belt).

+Extremely fast map (Less quick as vaal power siphon, although not restricted by map layouts like VPS and WAY tankier).

+Easy lab 

+Hardcore viable



-Can be a slow boss killer, reduced ceiling for DPS when compared with another builds, but nonetheless safe.

-Not ideal for shaper or uber atziri, especially shaper. Uber atziri is doable however a huge challenge for your mechanics.

-Low chaos resistance. I ran my character through everything with -60 chaos resistance. This isn't as big of the deal as you may think as long as you are conscious and do not stand it caustic clouds and browse Identification strongboxes.

-Cannot take big elemental hits due to low HP (Things like phoenix's explosion or dominus' donkey punch).

-Have to be a lot more careful on phys map bosses folded with double ele mods i.e. extra damage as lightning extra damage as fire.


Find this builds here:




This is an extremely nice build and one that is a lot of fun. When I just started playing poe, I imagined just high DPS, but after a number of deaths, I realized I needed a build to go through every map with no great difficulties and that I thought a build like this would do the job. Hope lots of people love this particular Gladiator Duelist build and have as much fun with it as I did. The survivability is fairly legit too which is always nice.


[Path of Exile 3.1] Bobby's Lacerate Bleed Gladiator (Budget Friendly)



The concept:


Hi, everyone, here I have a fantastic builds guide for Lacerate Bleed Gladiator. This is a phenomenal league-starter character, and it is presently running T14-15 rare corrupted maps without any issues whatsoever. I have really made the decision against posting leveling trees here since it really depends upon how early you decide to put on a shield/if you opt for swords or axes. When you ascend, begin taking your opportunity to Bleed nodes and you will be all set.


Strengths and Weaknesses of the Gladiator Duelist Builds:



+Fast trash obvious speed because of bleed explosions.

+Safe trash clearing, as Lacerate has enough range mounted on it.

+Doesn't need any costly products to begin.

+Sword & Board for added tankiness.

+No auras are actually necessary, we simply operate a Blasphemy setup.

+Basically reflect-proof, as our damage is back loaded. We are able to even run Bleed Avoidance maps.

+Completely obliterates Blue packs, Rare’s, Abyss, & Bloodlines packs.

+No worries about the Vaal Pact nerf whatsoever.

+Can run EVERY map mod. I do not even ID rare maps anymore!

+Mind over Matter, a 5.4K existence pool, a shield, a Rumi's, and also the Gladiator spell block causes us to be incredibly tanky.

+Nobody plays Lacerate so you will be a unique snowflake and feel really special (read: hipster).



- Not the fastest build. It is not slow, it simply is not top-tier when it comes to speed.

- From time to time boss fights could be slow (based on map mods and just what boss it's).

- That's honestly about all I'm able to think of when it comes to weaknesses.


Find this builds here:


[Path of Exile 3.1] HC RT Sunder Gladiator League Starter

Ranked First POE 3.1 Gladiator Duelist Build

Click on the poe skill tree image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!

or Check this skill tree:

The concept:


Concerning the 'nerf' that we all know about, Sunder continues to be an unbelievably effective skill to get right into a new league with. Still, it clears well. While good it is not the best for boss killing. Nothing altered. Since the AoE nerfs to Earthquake there appears to be an insufficient easy and reliable melee league starter build guides located around the forums. This is exactly why I have made the decision on creating a guide on which I made use of as a starter in Abyss League.


Strengths and Weaknesses of the Gladiator Duelist Builds:



+ Easily handles all content leveling up to yellow maps on the 4-link

+ Simple to gear out

+ Tanky, once we are stacking existence around the tree and equipment in addition to many forms of free minimization, causing this to be build difficult to die while using.

+ Reliable

+ Foolproof



- It isn't very flashy and there won't be any shattering opponents.

- Although it can perform high tier maps along with other endgame content, provided you invest into proper gear, you are most likely best just beginning your second character and expending accrued wealth with that.


Find this builds here:




Hey, this Gladiator Duelist Build certainly looks very interesting and I am certainly likely to be trying it out! Again, I chose to make this build just for fun and that I never intended it to get super deep into end game content. Enjoy your Christmas holiday with our free poe orbs/currency/items and then take a brief preview of POE 3.1 Slayer Duelist Builds on Dec 20.

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