POE 3.2 Chieftain or Juggernaut Starter Build Guide

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What's up? this is my started for the POE 3.2 Bestiary League build guide. I will be playing the league from the start. Of course, I do every league, I'll go for my challenges, playing Pokémon, catching as many as I can. You know, that style of stuff. But my started will be a Chieftain, and as of right now, it looks like we're going to go ice crash, because they haven't given us enough information on this rectangle yet, also known as tectonic strike. They have shown it in the trailer, which it looks like right here. However, please learn the details first with poe currency for sale here.

That, that right there, that's tectonic strike. Looks like a mixture between sunder and like, ground slam? It looks like it has some fizz to fire conversion on it, right? So, that's like, what we're basing the build guide on, but I'm also basing this off of the ice crash sheet and build that I did with full fire conversion a couple of weeks ago. I kind of improved the build since then, but you want to use the new chieftain, and this skill, hopefully, if it comes out in time. But if not, we'll just use ice cash. The skill is effectively the same, so it's fine.


We've passed the building did now and we have all of the new stats from chieftain actually on an item of ours. Which is going to look really weird. But the concept is fairly simple. You are a fire-based attack character, and you can use axes, maces, or swords with this character, because ice crash works with all three of those, and also staves and unarmed. But I went for axes as the first one, because they have like, better base DPS than maces or swords, and it might be easier to find.


The skill tree looks fairly simple. each head out into these life nodes, grabbed some two-handed nodes, and I'll probably head up in Templar to grab the life nodes, weapon elemental damage, elemental damage resist, attack damage, all that stuff. And we can grab Resolute Technique, and then we can go down to the axe nodes, get a bunch more life. Stretch way down here for some more life, some fire damage with attack skills, fire pen, damage attack skills, you know. Some more two-handed nodes, some attack and life leech, some more life nodes, some more two-handed nodes, life nodes, attack speed, you know.


And then we head way up here to grab more life and avatar of fire, which will convert the rest of our non converted damage into fire damage. That is the skill tree.

That is the skill tree

The gear, I'm wearing really, really basic gear. So, I have a Hezmana's five-link axe. I have a life resist intelligence helmet, life resist strength chest, some life Dexterity, attack speed gloves; some really, really bad boots, a terrible amulet. A pyre to convert 40% of our cold to fire damage, so that will convert-- with ice crash, I'm using the ice crash right now, so that converts 50% of this to cold. This converts 40% of that cold to fire, and then the rest we will convert with the avatar fire thing, to be 100% fire damage on our ice crash.

Hezmana's five-link axe

Then we have some life fire-- this is a really bad ring. This gear will probably cost you a couple cast, max, per slot. I guess the most expensive one would be a filing chest, but you can just draw the last link for a four link. And then I'm using a bunch of like, basic-- we have a shock flask, bleed flask. This is actually where all of our ascendancy nodes are, so the all of the Chieftain know and nodes that we're gonna take, which is this side, and then this side, I think. No, sorry, seven first. Yeah, you go for seven, and then five, and then three, and then one. So, normal, cruel, or uber.

seven first

We basically get a ton of-- like, we get 50% physical to fire, we get damage penetrates 10% fire resistance. Every 10 seconds, gain 70% of physical as extra fire damage for 3 second, so it's like a rotating burst of damage, which is really, really cool for like, killing rares, and boss fighting, and whatnot. You can avoid damage until the burst comes on, and then you kill them really quick.


And then five gives us fire damage leeched, increase strength, damage is leeched to you as life, and then we have 10% chance to cover rare or unique enemies in Ash for 10 seconds on hit. Enemies covered in Ash have 20% less movement speed and 20% increased fire damage taken. So, this is a huge multiplier, along with the penetration here, and other increased extra damage here. It's a lot of damage for those first four points.


And then three, you get a bunch of life regen per endurance charge. Endurance charge generation, fire damage per endurance charge. And then Ramako, Sun's Light gives us a bunch of life regen, physical damage taken as fire damage versus a physical mitigation thing. It's usually have 75% fire as, that effectively means you get 7.5% physical mitigation from hits. And you get 2% of life regenerated per second if you get fire damage from a hit recently. So, it makes you take fire damage, from any physical damage that you take as a hit, right? And that gives you regen and response. It's pretty cool.


So we just kind of typed down all the stats that give us damage, so you can kind of see the roles there, and this is what it would give us. We did test without this flask, so this is without an ascendancy at all, and some really, really budget gear. Like, a mediocre Hezmana's, and some garbage gears as a set-up. Really, really, bad jewels. And we still have 250k DPS right? And then the actual ascendancy on our flask gives us an additional 70k.


So, we're at 320k DPS on a five-link, with garbage gear, we have 6k life, 700 regen, 1.4k life leech per second. That's pretty good for a started character. It scales really well, and then again, we have 209% life, that should allow us to achieve 7, 7 and a half thousand lives with no cams. With a belly, we might push past 8k with really good life strength gear, we might push past 9k, with a belly or rare chest. Like, there's a lot of options for this character.

Click on the image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab!


I'll talk about the links real quick. Ice crash links, we have ice crash, elemental damage and attacks, conc. effect, added fire, melee physical, elemental focus. Oh, that was actually six links, my bad. Here is the five-link. Ok , one, two, three, four, five. Yeah, there's still five links up there. So, it's 220k, it's still really good. And six puts you at 320.


But yeah, this is really good DPS. I mean, you can swap this up for increased a we for clear, and then put it back to the conc. effect for boss fighting. It's kind of up to you. Yeah, that's a lot of DPS for a level 90 character with garbage gear.


And then, other links we have are hatred, herald of ash, and blood rage. Hatred gets a bunch of cold damage, which can be converted into fire damage, because that's what our avatar of fire is doing. We have a herald of ash, which gives us additional fire damage, and then the enemies that we kill, all the overkill damage will ignite the enemies around them, which means that we get the burning damage here. Whenever you or your totem kill a burning enemy, 20% chance for you to get an endurance charge. So, you get endurance generation from herald of ash.


Then we have blood rage, which gives us some attack speed and some frenzy charge generation, which is really good. And of course, we have our Leap Slam skill here. We have leap slam, faster attacks, fortify, blood magic. We actually don't need blood magic with has Manos, but I kind of plan around using any of the one handed-- sorry, two-handed unique in-game starter weapons.

Leap Slam skill here

So, you have Hesmana's bloodlust, Kongor's Undying Rage. I'm sure there's other ones I'm forgetting. Novice Flame-- it would be pretty expensive. But the other ones will probably be, like, probably 5, 10, 20k max. And that will carry you through the entire rest of the game, so. If you can get those started weapons. And like, after, I don't know. Probably a couple of days in the league, this will drop down to a couple of chaos, max.


Let's see what are the options here. Cauterizer would be pretty good. Chober Chaber. Dancing Dervish, is the other sword I forgot. Doomsower. Enmity Divine is pretty good, actually. You have a lot of options. You basically just pick a two-headed unique weapon-type, and whatever one that you happen to find or buy, you just allocate these nodes to be that damage type, right?

you just allocate these nodes

So we take these out-- these are axe nodes, because I was using an axe, obviously. If you find a good mace, use the mace nodes. If you find-- sorry. Use the mace nodes. If you find a good sword, use the sword nodes. If you can't find either, don't use any of them. Or if you can't find a specific type, just don't use any of these for a while. You can get these last on your tree, is fine. Because these are all generic damage, fire damage, generic two-handed damage, generic weapon elemental damage, elemental damage, area damage, attack damage. Like, you don't have to specialize until later.

axe nodes

But when you do find a weapon type that you want to specialize in, you just go ahead and grab those. Yeah, this character should be able to run labs very comfortably. We have a good amount of mitigation, because we have, I think, four endurance. We have-- yeah, four endurance charges, which is 16% phase mitigation. We have fortify, which is another 20% less damage taken from hits.


And then, for our flask, we have a Basalt flask, a Granite flask, that give us another 15%, plus like, 3 to 5k armor or something. So we should be fairly tanky against physical damage, which is what lab requires. We also have a lot of passive life regen, so you can ignore the traps. Not ignore, but we can like, regen after we go through the traps, or whatever.

poe skill tree

Click on the poe skill tree image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! or Check this skill tree: https://goo.gl/m2iQBY


But yeah, I'm pretty happy with the way the character turned out with this level of budget gear. Like, if you actually max it, which would be, like, for axes you'd go for Disfavor, you probably want the guide, you want a belly, or a account or something. Insanity gloves, some-- probably one elder amulet, so you can get physical extra fire, physical damage attacks, life away, all that sort of stuff. And then, eventually, you'll drop the pyre. Actually, you could goes off split as well, for that.


There's a lot of options, like, your rings. You probably don't want tab opals or seal rings with like, life wed, fire damage attacks, physical damage attacks, that sort of stuff. Resist, of course. Unique flask. You can go for taste of hate, lion's roar, wise oak. Make sure you max your fire resistance, which shouldn't be that hard, because of this ascendancy node, which gives you 100% fire res.


This is not immunity, just so you guys know. It's just 100% resistance, like, if you had 100% resistance in a piece of gear. It's a lot of resistance. And then, what else do we want? You probably want a life pod.


As for the jewel sockets, you've got a lot of options here. Things that scale ice crash or tectonic strike would be like, melee damage, physical damage, area damage, damage with whatever your weapon type is. If it's axes, maces, or swords. Attack speed with those weapon types. Damage with two-handed weapons, attack speed with two-handed weapons, generic attack speed, attack and cast speed. Generic damage, life is always good, of course.


If you need resistances or stats, whatever, you can always get those in your jewels as well. But yeah, the build has a lot of room to scale in the end game, and this is just like, budget gear, gets an end game just fine.


I should honestly be able to do up to probably 1815 maps with this level of DPS. The boss fighting must be a little bit slow, but once we max our gear a little bit, then it will be a lot better. except the Hezmana's, we go up to 3030k, if I go to a six-link setup. 500k DPS, just on a different weapon. On a six-link, we can grab a six-link setup that DPS fairly easily. And since we're wearing so many different rares, it's very easy to get resistance cats and all the stats that you need, so.


And I'm pretty happy with it. But yeah, this would be my starter build. If you play this build, or if you play any of my other builds, click aside. I updated the majority of my site guides to 3.2. you just have to choose the correct ascendancies to go with whatever you want to play. Please log into path of exile to test all these changes thoroughly. And the R4PG team is expecting your useful feedback. At the same time, there is path of exile items for sale on our site.


But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed the article. If you did, leave a like, leave a comment about what you want to play on the next league. Is there anything else I need to say? No. I think you guys should have a good time in Bestiary League.

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