Talk about battle Path Of Exile Royale

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Yo! What is up, guys? R4PG here. So, this article is going to be about battle Royale at the new mode that just came out for POE for April Fool's. Except it's not too much of a joke because it's amazing. So, I wanted to just go on a bit of detail about this, and then we'll go straight back to other articles. Let's figure out and buy cheap poe orbs from

Talk about battle Path Of Exile Royale

So, to start off with, what is this mode? Basically, you're stuck in an island with 100 other people, and it's cut-throat league. Which means, whenever you kill someone, they drop all their gear and you get some of their experience. So, it's pretty cool. There's a bunch of loot boxes and crates all around the island that you'll put on and you can loot those for rare and magic items and you can gear yourself up that way. The ticker here is you can also get unique items, which we all know are very powerful. Stuff like the Quill Rain Bow, and some specific quivers might a little bit too strong.

drop all their gear

Quill Rain Bow

So basically, you're pitted against 100 other players in a free-for-all death match, and the last man standing wins. So it's pretty damn fun, I won a few games myself, and I highly recommend checking it out if you can. It's very much the most fun, really, I've had in PVP in POE. It's really, really amazing. So, that's kind of what the mode is, and I wanted to go to a little bit of what I think about it. So right now, there's a few skills that are extremely overpowered, and some of the things about POE don't really make too much sense in the context for PVP game. 

Like, the skill tree for example, you don't get enough points to move around the skill tree, so what's the point of it, right? Another thing is leveling up and stuff like that doesn't feel great currently. Like, skills at the start like frost bow and freeze pulse feel very strong, but them leveling them up doesn't scale them enough. And certainly, splitting out with iron rings or frost blade with iron rings just becomes so dominant, because it doesn't rely on those skill levels that the spells do.

skill tree for example

those skill levels

So it's a little bit unfortunate. Everything else about it feels really great, apart from skill balance or maybe we want a few more skills. And I'd love more skill gems to drop at the start from the crates, to make it a little more consistent. Because if you've got a certain build in mind, like, you want to play splitter. But you can't get the gems too many at a time at the start in the game unless you're banned from winning, and I'd like to see more consistency on which skill gems you can get at the start, so you can kind of pick up your own player.

skill gems

So yeah, it's really, really amazing, really fun. Just a few things I could tweak, mainly the skill tree, skill balance, and being able to choose the skill you actually want at the start. So yeah, that's pretty fun, it's pretty amazing, and I really, really have enjoyed it. I think I have 14 Rhoa dinners. I won 19 games, for some reason I lost 5, I don't know where they went.


So, what is the best way to win? So, if you won that sick Rhoa dinner in your hideout and you want to have some fun with that, then the best way to win this right now is to play splitter and try to get uniques faster than anybody else. So, all the games I won, I think a few of them were with splitter and the bow Quill Rain.


Once you get these two things going with a few levels and decent gear, so I'm talking about a resistance on your gear, then you're pretty much an unstoppable juggernaut, and then you just start killing people and stealing all their uniques. And then you gear up even more, and no one else has any chance, right? Like, if you get the Quill Rain plus the quiver Craghead, which gives you increased stun chance, basically, the first time you shoot anyone, they're permanently stunned, because you just keep barging them with a volley of arrows.


So that's how I won most of my games. How do you get uniques? What I did was, at the beach, as soon as you get any usable skill gems, so either shrapnel shot of splitter, I usually stray off the beach into the forest, at power forming levels, and then I go straight into the middle of the map, and there's things called war chests, and I believe, troves. These have 100% chance to drop at least one unique, and you just go around and get them while everyone else is still on the beach, because you've power farmed levels and you can get in there.


You need to be about level 5 or 6 to be able to kill stuff in there, but that was my strategy and it worked out pretty well. I got Quill Rain, a lot of games, and I got the quiver a lot of games as well. And you also get some nice stuff like Tabula Rasa, and a Thousand Ribbons is actually insane in this as well, because it gives you a lot of flat damage, so it's really crazy.

nice stuff

To pair with that, you want to be blowing up all these red barrels you saw in the background there. They drop iron rings. Iron rings are the most burning thing in this game, they make your damage go from like, nothing to an extreme amount. As you can see, I just killed that guy, that poor soul. Yeah, iron rings are worth. Try out your iron rings, if you get alchemy, that will be really good for you. And you should be able to get a few Rhoa dinners, at least-- hopefully.


So, it's pretty interesting, this whole debate, because obviously, I watched the interview with Chris Wilson, and he said it costs about $10,000 a day to keep these servers up. And I would really doubt whether or not this could generate $10,000 or more in sales or anything like that, I have no idea if that's possible. But for me, at least, it did bring a lot of new players into the game. People who traditionally don't play POE with me were playing because of this mode.


The best example is my programmer, who works on the site. He likes to play Fortnite, that's his favorite game. And when I mentioned battle Royale in POE he was like, "Oh, damn!" And he got on that and he played all day long with me. And surprisingly, he's not like, the best at POE, but he actually did get I think 5 or 6 Rhoa dinners as well, just because he plays battle Royale and he knows what to look for.


And I think the really important thing here is that he doesn't know too much about the game, in terms of mechanics and stuff, but after today, he does. Like, he knows what marauder is and stuff like that. It's pretty crazy.  And I think it's very good for actually teaching players how to play the game, to be honest, because it actually forces people into using like, a two-league instead of a six-league, and needing to understand, "Ok, this gem is pretty cool in this situation. Maybe I want to put some bear traps on this door so I don't get killed by the frost blade guy running at me."

this gem is pretty cool

So it's pretty cool. I really liked it. It makes you use some interesting skills. Obviously, splitters are dominant, but we can take that away and that will really make people use some interesting ones. And I think what's really, really cool about this mode is that I felt like I was actually able to use my skill a little bit. Like, there was skill involved, obviously.


So, eye shot is better than splitter if you're very good at aiming and leading targets and stuff with it. So, the reason that is, is because eye shot freezes and it has a higher single target damage. Meaning you'll stun more people with the eye shot. Which is very good, because if you're visiting someone with a splitter and you've got eye shot and you shoot them, and you hit them once, you basically kill them. It's like a long-rage frost blade, because you're stunning them. And that's pretty much-- you're like a sniper, you're assassinating them. But it takes a little bit of accuracy and kind of pinpoint aiming to be able to actually hit them with that.


So, that's pretty cool. I really do enjoy the skill aspect of it, that's what I'm saying here, and there's a lot of really cool things you can do. Like, I've been told about three times, about people using magma or just because they hit two bounces on me, and not one shot see if you don't have fire resistance. So it's really, really interesting.


So, just to circle back around to the question, should this mode go core? So, to make it go purely, 10% core, I don't think it should be always on, no. I think that it will die down in popularity, and it will get a little bit-- you'll start seeing lobbies without like, too many people in them. I think that's going to be a problem. Let's get in there, let's battle Royale, let's go."


Because you really need big lobbies, you really want everyone on at the same time, you don't want it all spread out, like 20 people in a lobby and stuff like that, it's not good. So I recommend there should be set times that this is activated, and when it's activated, everyone gets hyped and it's like, oh yeah! Hell yeah, let's go battle Royale! So, that's kind of my opinion.


So yeah, I think that it shouldn't necessarily go core right now, I think it has a lot of improvement needs. I'd like to see a lot of things change. Obviously, the meta is a little bit broken right now, I'd like to see more skill gems, more consistent skill gems, and yeah, I think that would be good. Maybe some powerful uniques taken out. Obviously, Quill Rain is broken, so get rid of that. But yeah, give it to us every now and then, and I think everyone will be really happy. So this is kind of my little rant about-- not even rant. Discussion a little bit about the battle Royale.

a lot of improvement needs

I really, really enjoyed it, I hope we see more of this kind of stuff, it's really, really fun, and hopefully, we will see GGG added to core in some capacity. That's a very cool hideout decoration. Yeah, I really want more of this kind of stuff, just even this every so often, it would be nice.

GGG added to core in some capacity

So here we go, look at how elaborate it is. It's pretty damn cool. Nice hideout. So yeah, stay tuned for article. This is just going to be a little quick one that I did so that I can kind of touch on this. But I most likely got another filter update, because people wanted that, and I want to talk a little bit more about permanent mapping and choosing any map you want for permanent kind of sustain. So I look forward to that, I'll see you guys on the next one. Cheers! Enjoy the Path Of Exile Royale. And don't forget to buy cheap poe items and orbs on

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