Old School Runescape Mobile Grim Tales Quest Guide

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Old School Runescape Mobile Grim Tales is a master quest that revolves around collecting a couple of uncommon items for Sylas, a peculiar collector. It consists of several references to several real-life fairy tales.
"Once upon a time in a land far, far away." Sylas, a collector of items each fantastic and unusual, seek out the most recent additions to his trove having a somewhat unique prize for the finder.
Terrors and towers await; fierce battles with giant beasts; striding boldly to rescue a dwarf in distress! Not a quest for the meek or faint-hearted, prepare your self for any feast of fairy-tale enjoyable with rewards a-plenty! In this Post, R4PG OSRS Mobile Will share the Old School Runescape Mobile Grim Tales Quest Step for you


Old School Runescape Mobile Grim Tales Quest Guide

Part 1: The Wondrous Artefacts
Speak to Sylas.
Collect Griffin feather.
Find out regarding the Dwarf's helm

Speak to Sylas in Taverley. Following a long talk about beans Sylas will tell you to acquire a Griffin feather from a griffin named Grimgnash on White Wolf mountain. Head for the north-east portion of White Wolf Mountain and speak to Grimgnash. Be careful not to anger Grimgnash as it will hit you and deal lots of harm. Inform Grimgnash about death and destruction, An insane Skeleton, leaving a dwarf to die, plus the dwarf burying bones.

Once Grimgnash is asleep go ahead and grab a feather in the pile (Image). Now return to Sylas, and he will take the feather and tell you to have Rupert the Beard's Helmet. Ask concerning the helmet and Sylas will say to you that Rupert lives within a home in between Goblin Village and Ice Mountain.

Once you get there, climb more than the small wall and talk using the drain pipe. Rupert will speak back. Speak once again, and Rupert will inform you to climb up. Now climb up on the beard towards the top floor. Speak to Rupert once more, and he will tell you to speak with the princess.

Go down to the north side of the constructing and speak to Miarzrqa. Say "Second cousin twice removed" to acquire the conversation going. She will ask you to buy her pendant, and will also provide you with a key.

Part 2: Hunt for the Pendant
Enter the Witches House.
Make two "Shrink-me-quick" potions.
Retrieve the Pendant.
Items needed: 2 Tarromin, 2 Water-Filled Vials.

Head for the Witch's house back in Taverley. Enter and go down towards the basement. Then go through the gate along with your leather gloves on (Picture). Search the music stand to obtain the music sheet (Image). Play the notes from the layer around the piano plus the compartment will open (Image). The signs are E-F-E-D-C-A-E-G-A. Don't forget to play upper and decrease notes.

Once you search it, you will get a "Shrinking recipe" (Picture), a "To-do list" (Picture), and two "Shrunk Ogleroots," Make two "Shrink-me-quick" potions by following the directions from the "Shrinking recipe." Go to the mouse hole and drink a "Shrink-me-quick" potion (Image). You can instantaneously undergo the hole. Comply with the path and just before the finish go up the nails.

Go south-west and climb up these nails also. Turn around and go up to other pins. Now comply with the path north-east and climb up some much more nails. Go north a bit and down these nails (Picture) and take the pendant. Now head back to the Miarzrqa and return the necklace. The princess will release Rupert who will provide you with the helmet (Picture). Now head back to Sylas.

Element 3: The Beanstalk and the Golden Goblin
Plant a Beanstalk.
Defeat Glod and retrieve the Golden Goblin.
Give the Golden Goblin to Sylas.
Chop down the Beanstalk
Items needed: Armour, high healing Food, 1-2 Prayer potion, and also a Super Set.

Sylas requires the helmet offers you some magic beans. Following a speak, Sylas wants you to have a golden goblin, go south-east towards the magic bean patch and plant them (Image). Soon after you water the beans, a beanstalk will seem (Image).

Climb up the beanstalk and kill Glod (Level-138). Beware, even so, as Glod can drain your prayer. Just after you kill Glod, it'll drop two large bones, an uncut ruby, an uncut sapphire, a watering can (4) in addition to a golden goblin. Take the fairy back to Sylas who tells you to cut down the beanstalk.

Go back to the beanstalk and make use of the "Shrink-me-quick" potion on it (Image). Use your Axe to cut down the beanstalk; it is possible to use an Axeman's Folly to boost your woodcutting by one particular level if require be. Go back to Sylas one additional time to acquire your reward.

- 1 Quest Points.
- four,000 Farming XP, 5000 Herblore XP, five,000 Hitpoints XP, six,000 Agility XP, and 6,000 Thieving XP, 14,000 Woodcutting XP.
- Dwarven Helm.

Talent: 45 Farming, 52 Herblore, 58 Thieving, 59 Agility, 71 Woodcutting.
Quest: Witch's Residence.
Item: 2 Tarromin, two Water-Filled Vials, Seed Dibber, Watering Can, Leather Gloves, Any Woodcutting Axe.
Other: Capability to defeat Glod (Level-138).

Item: Armour, Meals, 1-2 Prayer Potions.
Other: Suggested to make use of an agility pot, or possibly a summer pie to increase your necessary agility levels.

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