Old School Runescape Mobile Legends Quest Guide

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The OsRs Mobile Legends' Guild will be the second most exclusive of all quest-based guilds in RuneScape (with all the Myth's Guild becoming the first). It really is located towards the northeast of East Ardougne, east of Hemenster and the south of Seers' Village. To enter the grounds of your Legends' Guild, players must have started the Legends' Quest. Nevertheless, to enter the actual building, players must have completed the complete quest. Radimus Erkle would be the headmaster of the guild, and he is also the beginning point on the Legends' Quest.

Old School Runescape Mobile Legends Quest Guide

- 4 Quest Points.
- 7,650 XP in 4 skills of your choice.
- Ability to wield Dragon Square Shield and Legends' Cape.
- Access to the Legends' Guild.

Start PointStart Point
Talk to Legends' Guild Guards located north-east of Ardougne.

Skill: 50 Woodcutting, 50 Crafting, 50 Agility, 50 Smithing, 42 Prayer, 50 Thieving, 52 Mining, 50 Strength, 45 Herblore (or 44 with a Greenman's Ale), 56 Magic.
Quest: 107 Quest points, Heroes Quest, Family Crest, Underground Pass, Waterfall Quest, Shilo Village.
Item: Rune Hatchet, Charcoal, 3 Papyrus, 2 Gold Bars, Hammer, Water, Earth and Body Runes - Enough to cast a few Weaken Spells, Rope, A few Lockpicks, Pickaxe, Water-Filled Vial, Soul, Mind, Earth and 2 Law Runes (Remember S.M.E.L.L.), Cut Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Jade, Opal and Red Topaz, Runes to cast any Charge Orb Spell, an Orb.
Other: Ability to defeat Nezikchened (Level-187).

Skill: 60 Attack, 60 Strength, 43 Prayer.
Item: Dragon Long/Dragon Scimitar/Whip/Barrows, Monk Robes, Amulet of Glory(4) (or Glory Amulet on the wall of your House), Prayer Potion - 30 should be good, Food - Sharks are the best, Gauntlets/Ice Gloves, Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, Super Energy Potions, etc), Stat Restore Potions, Ardougne Teleport Runes, Extra Gold Bars, Extra Charcoal, Extra Papyrus, Extra Uncharged Orbs, Extra Orb Charging Runes, Extra Rope.

Part 1: Starting and Mapping

Step 1
Enter the Legends Guild.
Talk to Sir Radimus Erkle.
Receive your Mission Briefing.

Step 2
Head to the Jungle in Southern Karamja.
Enter the Kharazi Jungle.
Map each of the three regions.
Exit the Jungle and receive a Bullroarer from the Forester.

Part 2: Getting Yommi Seeds

Step 3
Spin the Bullroarer to summon Gujuo.
Learn about the Totem pole.
Enter the cave nearby.
Talk to Ungadulu, and find out about the Holy water.
Talk to Gujuo and find out about the Golden bowl.
Make a Golden bowl.

Step 4
Enter the Kharazi Jungle again.
Bless the Golden Bowl.
Cut a hollow reed and use it to fill the Bowl with water.
Get inside the Star-shaped area.
Get the Shaman Tome from Ungadulu's desk.
Enter the tunnel through the bookcase.
Penetrate deep into the Tunnel.

Step 5
Force the Ancient gate open.
Search the marked wall and use the SMELL runes one them.
Place the gems on the appropriate carved rocks.
Receive the Book of Binding.
Get the Yommi seeds from Ungadulu.
Release Nezikchened by using the Book on Ungadulu, then defeat it.

Part 3: Yommi Seeds and Totem Poll

Step 6
Attempt to siphon more Holy water, but the pool has dried up
Try to plant the seeds, but it requires water for growing.
Try to siphon more water, but the pool is still dried up.
Gujuo tells you to go deeper into the Cavern and tells you to make a Bravery Potion.
Get some Snakeweed and Ardrigal, then mix them for the Potion.

Step 7
Enter the Jungle, then go to the Cavern with the Carved Rocks.
Cast "Charge Orb" and go through the gate.
Drink the Bravery potion, then climb down the Winch using a rope.
Climb down the rocky ledges to the floor below.
Slay the Spiritual warriors, then take the piece of Crystal from each.
Use the Crystals on the furnace to receive Crystal's heart.
Place the Heart on the Mossy rock resembling the "Eye of the Dragon."

Step 8
Use the glowing heart on a Recess near the shimmering field, then enter.
Arrive at the alternate Holy water source.
Push a Large boulder and Echned Zekin appears, giving you a Dark dagger to kill Viyeldi.
You have two options, Kill Viyeldi or not.
If you used Option B, use the Holy force spell and Nezikchened will attack you again; Defeat it.

Step 9
Push the boulder, then fill your bowl with Holy water.
Germinate the Yommi seeds, then Plant them in a patch of fertile soil.
When the tree is a baby, water it.
Water it again as a Sapling, then when it becomes an adult tree, chop it with the AXE.
Trim the Yommi tree, then cut it into a totem pole by using the Axe each time.
Lift the Totem pole.

Part 4: The Final Showdown

Step 10
Replace the old Totem pole with the new; Nezikchened appears.
Defeat Nezikchened.
If you killed Viyeldi, slay the three spiritual warriors.

Step 11
Swing the Bullroarer, and Gujuo thanks you.
Go to the Legends Guild, then talk to Radimus Erkle.
Enter the Legends Guild and talk to Radimus Erkle to receive the reward


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