Runescape 2007 Mobile Recipe for Disaster Quest Guides

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At the dawn of time within the RuneScape 2007 Mobile realm, the chef of Lumbridge Castle was in chaos. It was the Duke's birthday, and he didn't have the ingredients for a birthday cake! The cook asked every single passing player, to help him in gathering the components for the birthday cake, many of who obliged. The chef has asked for little aid because then. However, the time has now come; RuneScape's one-hundredth quest! The RuneScape development team claim this is one of several most extended, most difficult Quests to full.

By fully, we mean: finishing the introduction quest, and the nine sub-quests associated together with the Chef. Beneath the introduction towards the Quest, you will find a table displaying the sub-quests, with quick-links for the guides. In this Post, R4PG OSRS Mobile Team Will share Runescape 2007 Mobile Recipe for Disaster Quest Guides For you

Assisting the Cook

Items required: two Lemons, 1 Pineapple, 1 Orange, Ashes, Cocktail shaker, Cocktail glass, A rotten tomato, A single Greenman's ale, A single eye of newt
Speak towards the cook in Lumbridge and obtain another errand.
Get a list of ingredients.
Gather the components.
Return to Lumbridge and give them towards the cook.
Get an invitation to join a spectacular feast

After you have received your reward, you could enter the dining room; triggering a cut-scene. You will be introduced to each one of the members present (Picture) by Duke Horacio, who will then leave unexpectedly. Quickly following he goes, the Culinaromancer appears and attacks absolutely everyone. Fortunately, the Varrock Gypsy arrives and stops time within the dining room. Ask her about the Culinaromancer, and she will tell you that he made use of to be a cook in Lumbridge Castle a hundred years ago (Picture). He utilized the meals to experiment with his powers; when this was found, he was banished to a further dimension. The generating on the same feast a hundred years later permitted him to return. Apparently, this fiasco was all of your faults, as you helped the Cook make this meal, by collecting the components (Picture), the gypsy asks you to assist rescue the members of the group, and kill the Culinaromancer when and for all - to put a cease to his evil magic.

Quest: Fishing Contest.
Item: Egg, Bucket of Milk, Pot of Flour, Bowl of Water, ~1,000GP, 4-5 Asgarnian Ales (obtained in Falador), Gloves.

Item: Teleport Runes, Ice Gloves (replaces Gloves).

Sub-Quest 1: Dwarf

Items required: Egg, Bucket of milk, Pot of flour, Bowl of water, 1,000 gold coins, 4-5 Asgarnian ales (obtained in Falador), Gloves
Examine the Dwarf within the Dining area.
Speak to Rohak underneath White wolf mountain.
Give Rohak some beers with coins in return for the recipe.
Make the rock cake, then cool it down.
Return to Lumbridge to revive the Dwarf

Quest: Goblin Diplomacy.
Item: Charcoal, Loaf of bread, Bucket/Jug of water, Spice (might be obtained from Ardougne Spice Stall or Lumbridge Castle basement), Fishing Bait, Sliced Orange (use Knife on an Orange), Blue, Purple or Green Dye.

Item: Teleport Runes, take two Woad leaves and 5GP to Aggie in Draynor Village for Blue Dye.

Sub-Quest 2: Goblin

Items necessary: Charcoal, Loaf of bread, Bucket/Jug of water, Spice, Fishing bait, Sliced orange (use knife on an orange), Blue, Purple, or Green Dye
Inspect the Goblin, then visit Goblin Village.
Speak with the Goblin cook and give him Charcoal.
Acquire a list of items in the goblin Cook.
Give the Goblin cook the items.
Take the Slop of Compromise and revive the Goblin generals.

Talent: 31 Cooking.
Item: Pestle and Mortar, Codfish (use Large Net), Loaf of Bread, Knife, Fishbowl (empty), Needle, 3 Rolls of Bronze Wire.

Talent: 35 Combat, 42 Crafting.

Sub-Quest 3: Pirate Pete

Inspect Pirate Pete, then speak with the Lumbridge cook for the recipe.
Obtain the ingredients.
Go to Murphy and get Diving gear.
Dive down and gather some Mudskipper hides for Nung.
Collect some crab meat.
Make the fish cake, then revive the Pirate.

Inspect Pirate Pete. His preferred food is fishcakes. The gypsy tells you to speak with the Lumbridge Cook to locate the recipe. He says you the four principal ingredients are (Bear in mind to choose just about every choice before producing the materials below):

The recipe is:
Ground Codfish
Ground Kelp
Ground Giant Crab Meat
Mix and cook in a variety.
It is possible to burn the fishcakes so it would be advisable to acquire more ingredients than essential.

Ability: 40 Cooking.
Quest: Significant Chompy Bird Hunting, Biohazard, Demon Slayer, Murder Mystery, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost, Witch's Residence.
Item: (All may be gotten from Culinaromancer's Chest) Egg, Bucket of Milk, Pot of Flour, Cake Tin.

Sub-Quest 4: Lumbridge Guide

Items required: Egg, Bucket of milk, Pot of flour, Cake tin
Inspect the Lumbridge Guide, and find out in regards to the Cake for guidance.
Speak with Wizard Traiborn in Draynor about producing the cake.
Answer a series of concerns to enchant the ingredients.
After the Ingredients are enchanted, Use the ingredients on every single other.
Bake the cake on a range, then revive the Lumbridge guide.

Talent: 25 Cooking.
Quest: Gertrude's Cat, Shadow on the Storm.
Item: Kitten, Cat OR Wiley cat & at least 10 Stews.

Talent: A decent Cooking Level (to avoid burning Stews), 31 Magic (Lumbridge Teleport, optional).
Item: Amulet of Glory (optional), Woodcutting Axe (to make a Canoe).

Sub-Quest 5: Evil Dave

Items are necessary: Kitten, Cat OR Wiley cat & at least 10 Stews.
Inspect Evil Dave.
Go to Draynor and visit Evil Dave's basement.
Ask him regarding the Stew he ate at the feast.
Kill Hell rats using your cat.
Make use of the spices on the stew until you get the right combination.
Return to Lumbridge to free Evil Dave.

Talent: 41 Cooking, 20 Firemaking.
Quest: Significant Chompy Bird Hunting.
Item: Woodcutting Axe (any kind), Tinderbox, Log (any kind), Pickaxe, Iron Spit, Raw Chompy (may need far more than one in case it burns), Ogre Bellows, Ogre Bow, Ogre Arrows (~40-50), Ball of Wool.

Talent: 58 Magic for Watchtower Teleporting, 10 Mining to mine rock.
Item: Amulet of Glory(four), Teleport Runes

Sub-Quest 6: Skrach Uglogwee

Inspect Skrach Uglogwee, and learn about cooked Jubbly.
Speak to Rantz, and make a boat.
Hunt a Chompy, and take the raw meat.
Cook the Chompy in Karama.
Talk to Rantz.
Make a balloon frog, then drop it where permitted.
Hunt the Jubbly that seems, the cook it.
Return to Lumbridge and revive Skrach.

The gypsy says that the trapped Ogre likes Jubbly. She says he is within the Feldip Hills. Head to eastern Feldip hills and speak with Rantz, he will let you know to meet him south-east of there by the water. Go South-East talk with him, and he will inform you that he wants to visit Karamja first and that you need to help him get there, you will recommend making a boat, and he will knock down a tree and says that he needs assistance. Use your hatchet using the fallen tree. 

Quest: Lost City, Legends Quest.
Item: Pot, 2x Bucket of Milk or a Pot of Cream, Raw Sweetcorn, Dramen Tree Branch, Pestle and Mortar, Raw Chicken, Woodcutting Axe, Machete, Ice Gloves.
Other: Ability to defeat a Black Dragon (Level-227).

Talent: High Magic Level for Teleporting is an advantage, 80 Combat, 43 Prayer (optional, but recommended).
Item: Teleport Jewelry, Meals, Anti-Fire Potion (optional), Prayer Potion (optional, but recommended), Teleport Runes to as several locations as possible.

Sub-Quest 7: Sir Amik Varze

inspect Sir Amik Varze.
Speak with the cook in Lumbridge for the recipe.
Visit Draynor Village and ask the Wise Old Man about the Evil chicken.
Visit Zanaris and enter the Chicken shrine.
Kill a Black Dragon (Level-227) and pick up the Token.
Kill the Evil chicken and take its egg.
Visit the Kharazi Jungle in southern Karamja for the Vanilla pod.
Go to Entrana, chop a Dramen branch, then use a Pestle and Mortar to acquire Cinnamon.
Mix up the components.
Put on Ice gloves, then rub the Token.
The Fairy Dragon will Flamb the Creme Brulee.
Return to Lumbridge and revive Sir Amik Varze

Inspect Sir Amik. The gypsy will let you know that you are to make a Crème Br?lée supreme. She also says you to speak with the Cook in Lumbridge Castle for far more assistance. Talk to him, and even though you haven't saved Sir Amik yet, the Cook thinks you've got completed the quest because of the time dilation effect. Ask him about how you kept Sir Amik, and he will let you know regarding the recipe.

The recipe (summarized) is:
Blend some milk and cream in a pot (Picture).
Add cornflour to the mixture (use Raw sweetcorn in a mill - Image).
Add a Vanilla Stick for the mixture (Kharazi Jungle - Picture).
Add an egg to the Evil Chicken (Picture).
Make some cinnamon and sprinkled it on top of the Crème Br?lée (Picture).
The Crème Br?lée has to become Flambéed by the heat of dragon breath (Dragon Fairy - Picture).

Skill: 70 Cooking, 48 Agility.
Quest: Monkey Madness.
Item: Around 1,000GP, Rope, Pestle and Mortar, Knife, Ninja Monkey Greegree, Gorilla Monkey Greegree, Zombie Monkey Greegree, M'speak Amulet.

Item: Teleport Runes, Energy Enhancing Items (Boots of Lightness, Spotted/Spottier Cape, Energy Potions, etc.), Cooking Gauntlets.

Sub-Quest 8: Awowogei

Take note that the Snakes are level 84 so if you are a low combat level, come prepared. If you are a small cooking level, get much more than one snake corpse as you may burn them.

Inspect Awowogei.
Speak with the three Monkeys and find out what he likes.
Kill a Snake and get its corpse.
Get a Red banana, then complete the Agility course for Tchiki Nuts.
Follow the steps expected to make it, then cook it inside the Temple.
Return to Lumbridge and revive Awowogei.

Quest: 175 Quest Points, Must have completed all Sub-Quests listed above, Desert Treasure, Horror from the Deep.
Other: Ability to defeat Dessourt (Level 121), Gelatinnoth Mother (Level 130), Caramel (Level 136), Agrith-Na-Na (Level 146), Flambeed (Level 149).

Ability: 70+ Ranged, 85+ Combat.
Item: Sharks, Restore Potions, Super Sets, Dragon Dagger, Full Rune Armour or better, Full Black Dragonhide, Whip, Dragon Longsword or Dragon Scimitar, Crystal Bow, Karil's Crossbow or Magic Shortbow, Runes for 25 casts of every type of Bolt or Blast Spell.

Sub-Quest 9: The Culinaromancer

The final challenge in the quest is to defeat several NPC's in combat without using prayer. It is possible to bank in between foes though and not have to restart the series of enemies. It can be suggested you do a bank run right after every NPC to restock your supplies.

Final Battle 1: Agrith-Na-Na (Level 146) - Easily dies with stab attacks. Inventory suggested: Super Set, Sharks.

Final Battle 2: Flambeed (Level 149) - Wear Ice Gloves. Otherwise, you won't be able to hold your weapon. Inventory suggested: Super Set, Sharks, Dragon Dagger (p++). Alternatively, you can vary it; it moves slowly, so if you run to a corner, you'll be able to shoot it a few times ahead of you may catch up. You may even be able to trap it near a portal, where you'll take no damage at all; however, you should not try too hard to do this, because you might do a lot of damage if you mess up.

Final Battle 3: Karamel (Level 136) - Bring Restore or Super Restore Potions (3-4). He uses a freezing spell and lowers all of your stats. I found DD(p++) on stab to work best here. Inventory Suggested: 3-4 Restore Potions, Dragon Dagger (p++) rotated with Whip, a Super Set, Sharks and black dragonhide.

One more tactic if you use ancient magicks, take enough spells for 50-100 ice bursts on him, you should not take too much damage if you keep far away from him and keep freezing him.

Final Battle 4: Dessert (Level 121) - Watch your health during this battle; he can hit hard very quickly. His mage hits twice and can hit double 18's (caught me a couple of times). Inventory suggested: Super Set, Full Sharks, Dragon Dagger (p++).

Final Battle five: Gelatinnoth Mother (Level 130) 275 hp - This is among the hardest monsters. It changes colors and weaknesses like the Dagannoth in Horror in the Deep. I found it's fragile to melee on Orange, for the variety of Green, and to fire spells on red. When it is red/blue/white/brown, it can only be damaged by fire/water/air/earth spells. Be prepared to range in your rune; otherwise, it will hit hard. Inventory Suggested: Dragon Dagger (p++), Magic Bow (Might be replaced by Crystal Bow or Karil's X-bow), Rune Arrows (Replaced with extra food/pot for Crystal Bow, and ammo for X-bow), Sharks and the required runes for the elemental spells.

The beneath spells are color-coded to show which period you should use according to the color with the Mother.
Air Spell
Water Spell
Earth Spell
Fire Spell
Final Battle 6: Culinaromancer (Level 75) 150 hp - Hits often, including lots of 22's, so watch your HP. Inventory suggested: Dragon Dagger (p++), Whip, Sharks.

Commonly, they are not worth the trouble for reasons that are enough inside the extended run. Though they are beneficial for players who may possibly know nothing in regards to the game. For one of the most portion, they may be learning tools for novices to ease them into the game. For additional Runescape Guides, it is possible to go to Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code at no cost from the reps in the event you Purchase OSRS Mobile Gold Or Runescape Mobile gold from this article.

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