Encountering Jerks In Warmane

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Here at R4PG.com, we like to keep an eye on things and make sure that we are offering fellow Warmane players the best and lowest priced Warmane Outland Gold! Which leads us to check out the Warmane forums quite often to see what is going on. Well, we came across a very interesting post by one Warmane player who said he was always getting harassed by jerks while playing Warmane.


Here are just a few of the things he mentioned had happened to him while playing Warmane lately. People coming and stealing his kills, stealing what he is mining and in general just being pretty darn rude to him. While this sucks that this player was driven to the point of frustration so much that he had to vent on the Warmane forums. It is almost a case of "well, that is the joy of the internet" to it. We are not putting down this guy's complaints at all as we have all encountered some kind of jerk while gaming online.

Encountering Jerks In Warmane

But it got us thinking that this is not really something we have heard a lot from the Warmane community. But clearly it is there and it got us thinking that as cheesy as it sounds "can't we all just get along?" Seriously video games are supposed to be fun and no one deserves to be harassed or made to feel like they are being messed around with. At the same time of this in a PVP game, could you argue that it is dog eat dog? We are not saying that people can trash talk and be offensive. But in a PVP environment where it is every man for himself should people still have some kind of etiquette?


Do any of you Warmane players get annoyed with jerks that you encounter online? And what is the worst game you have played when it comes to the community associated with it?

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