Make Money In Icecrown 3.3.5(Warmane)

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For those of you who are playing Warmane and are on the Icecrown server, we have a pretty easy way that you can make 2-4 K gold per hour! So keep on reading and see what you need to do.

Make Money In Icecrown 3.3.5(Warmane)

Requirements: Enchanting at 310


Location: The place you want to be going is, Aldur'thar: The Desolation Gate.


Kill Mobs: The mobs you want to look for and kill are Void Walkers as these guys drop a lot of Green Items which is what we will be disenchanting. Just get as many as you can, the Void Walkers here drop loads of them so take advantage.


Disenchant Your Items: When you disenchant your items, you will get a large amount of Infinite Dust. Infinite Dust is quite the popular thing on the AH and you can easily flip it and make a nice amount of money. It is a very quick and easy way to earn yourself a little bit of money and to be honest with you, it is quite fun as well. You may get other things as well as Infinite Dust so feel free to sell those as well.


So there is you have it. It could not be any easier to make a little extra money in Icecrown. Of course, it all depends on how many Void Walkers you manage to kill at any one time, but keep coming back time and time again to take advantage of this. If you are looking for Cheap Warmane Gold get in touch with us and we will hook you up.

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