Top 10 Things You Should Know About Warmane

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Hello, guy. Welcome to the top 10 things a player should know about Warmane. I know this isn't usually what I do, but I have been planning on making this article for a while. It aims to help people who are new into Warmane, or just new to private servers in general. Some of these will only apply to Warmane, but many of them can help give you an idea of the key differences between private servers and Blizzard servers. Please learn them and you can always get cheap warmane gold from us. So, without further ado, let's kick it off.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Warmane

1. XP gain are much higher

XP gain is greatly increased. Unless you are playing on Warmane server, Lordaeron, all XP gain is greatly increased. And in case of Warmanes' Wrath of the Lich King servers, which are the most popular servers, the XP multiplier is times seven. This means that a player will gain seven times more experience than they would if they played back in the retail version of the expansion you are playing. This greatly changes the dynamic of the game and how leveling is approach. But I will address some of those differences later in the article.


As a side note, gold dropped from mobs is also five times greater than retail. And skills gained from professions give you five points per crafted gathered item, rather than one point. This difference doesn't affect the economy too much, as the auction house simply adjusts to the inflation. A couple of differences you will notice is that you level up professions easier, and more expensive NPC items become easier to obtain, such as Artisan Flying, due to the fact that vendor prices do to inflate at the 5 times level.


2. Random Dungeon Finder aren't worth it

Random Dungeon Finder

Coming in at number to, the Random Dungeon Finder is hardly ever used, especially during the leveling process. Because of the XP multiplier, questing is a much faster way to level up than doing Random Dungeon Finder, the Random Dungeon Finder. In retail, Random Dungeon Finder was perhaps the most popular way to level up. But because of the multiplier, this is no longer the case. You'll be frustrated if you queue up for it whilst leveling and expect it to pop, because chances are, no one else is doing it. Save yourself the trouble and do some quests. You will find you will level out of areas very quickly. At level cap, the Random Dungeon Finder Queue works a bit better, but it's still much slower than grouping up with other players manually. I'm not entirely sure why this is, but most likely, it has to do with the fact that a lot of players on Warmane are very picky about having competent players in dungeons and want the chance to check you out prior entering the dungeon together.


3. Global Chat Is Your Friend

Global Chat

At number three, Global Chat is your friend. In Warmane there is a default channel called Global. It is similar to the trade chat that is used extensively in retail, but you can be joined to it all the time, not just when you are in the city. This channel is the life blood of the server, and nearly all players look for groups or people to add to groups through global. It is trade chat on steroids. You will easily be able to find raids and dungeon groups through global. It is also a good idea to post goods you want to sell manually into global, instead of trade chat. Though I recommend you post to both, as some people, who are automatically in trade chat, may not be in global, since global tends to flood your chat box quickly. Global must be manually joined, and you can do so by typing /join global. And you can leave by typing /leave global in your chat box.


4. Level Up Professions As You Level

At number four, level up professions as you level. Specifically, level up a profession that is appropriate for the gear your class would wear. So, for example, if you have a mage, you should level up Tailoring; if you have a Druid, you should level up leather working, and if you have a warrior, you should level up Blacksmithing. This goes for all the other classes and their respective gear types as well.


You also should have your second profession be a gathering one that complements your crafting profession. For tailoring, it shouldn't matter, since you gather cloth naturally by killing humanoids; but for leather working, you should pick up skinning, and Blacksmithing, you should take on mining. The reason doing this is so important in Warmane as opposed to retail is because of the XP modifier. Because you level up so quickly, and because dungeon finders are pretty much obsolete, you won't pick up much gear as you level. This leads you to finding yourself too out leveled to gain XP from one area, but too under geared to efficiently kill mobs in the next area.


By crafting your own gear, you're able to stay ahead of that curve and avoid many painstaking hours of running back to your body, because you didn't listen to this video's advice and make your own gear. And in case you didn't already figure out, having the gathering profession that complements your crafting profession makes creating your gear much cheaper.


5. Join A Guild On Your Own Terms

Warmane Guild

And at number five, find a guild on your own terms. When you join Warmane, it is probable that you will have a guild invite sometime in your first few hours of playing. As tempting as it may be, you should never join a guild that send you an unsolicited invite. These guilds will be filled with many people who are just trolling, spamming, talking about the most random, weird, and disturbing things, and who are all doing their own thing. It will feel less like a family and more like you just received another global chat in green letters. You should focus first and foremost on yourself. And then, as you continue and meet people you enjoy grouping with, ask to join their guild. The nice thing about having a close and tightened guild is that once you hit level cap, gearing up will be much easier.


6. Gearscore Is Stressed A Lot

At number six, Gearscore is stressed way too much. Gearscore is something that also would be used in retail. The Warmane takes it to a whole new level. Almost every time someone is looking to make a group in global, they will post the minimum Gearscore they will accept. You cannot tell your Gearscore unless you have your add-on to do so. If you don't want to go through the trouble of getting the Gearscore add-on, you can always ask someone to check for you. What you will frustratingly find is that the Gearscore typically required to do a set raid or dungeon, would require you to already have the gear that the raider dungeon drops in the first place. So, what are you to do when this conundrum happens?


There are two things that can be done. The first is to join a guild that will help you out; they will typically take players with much lower gear scores and allow them to tag along and get loot. Honestly, this is the most effective way to get geared, and it's why I emphasize waiting to join a decent guild, rather than just the first one that offers to have you. The second thing you can do is argue your case with the group that is requiring a higher Gearscore level than you have. Most of the time, this won't work. But if you are having difficulty finding a decent guild to join, which shouldn't be too hard, this is an option.


As a side note, those crafting professions will come in handy at max level too, for this very reason. And you should build the best gear you possibly can before going into raids.


7. Low Level Boe's Sell On Warmane


And in at number seven. Greens actually sell at the auction house. Remember when you used to vendor your greens if you couldn't wear them? Especially lower level greens? Well, in Warmane, because of the severe gear problem I mentioned earlier, due to rapid XP gains, greens are back in demand. Don't vendor greens anymore; instead, post them on the auction house. If you can't find the item you have on the auction house to base your price on, you should post it for a "reasonable" amount. Again, I cannot stress enough how worth it is to sell your bind greens you get. People are hurting for gear. And if they're not crafting their own gear, which a surprising amount of people do not do, then they don't mind spending some gold to make their grind a little bit easier. Even if they won't level that item in an hour.


8. Tanks>Healers>DPS

Warmane Tanks

And at number eight, Tanks are greater than Healers, that are greater than DPS. This always seemed to be the norm, but I thought I would add this in. As you consider what class and role you want to have in Warmane, Tanks are the number one sought after role, followed by Healers, that are fairly close second. DPS are always in demand, but also fill up the quickest. You'll be surprised at how fast you can find something in global if you roll a tank or a healer. That being said, you should obviously go with whatever you like the most, just keep this point in mind when you do so.


9. Raidcall Is The Most Popular Voice Chat Used


At number nine, Raidcall is the most commonly used form of voice chat for raids. Because Warmane is based in Europe, the most popular form of voice chat is Raidcall. It's not that this program is hard to use or anything, it's just that if you are from the USA like me, you probably weren't expecting this. Event Team Speak, or sometimes even Skype, would be less surprising for those of you who are American. So, I thought I would add this in to help you prepare for this. Raidcall is actually a thing, and it's not just some weird virus other people are trying to put on your computer.


10. Warmane Is Casual Friendly

And finally, at number 10. Warmane favors the casual player. I don't mean that the staff developed the game in order to make it more appealing to the casual player. If anything, Warmane is much more difficult than retail is right now. What I mean is that, as a player, you do not have to worry about being behind the eight-ball if you have to leave the game for a while. Because the private server never goes to another expansion, you'll always be as competitive as you were the last time you logged on. If you are geared to the teeth when you leave, and come back several months later, you will still be considered geared to the teeth. And this way, it makes playing Warmane a much easier thing to do as a busy working individual, which is a big reason why many prefer it over retail. That goes for any private server, too.


Thank you everyone, for reading. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends, it really helps. Let's expect the Warmane while training ourselves with cheap warmane lordaeron gold. Until next time.

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